Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

sheriff posse
bar arrest
desert arizona
cowboy alien
showdown fight
outlaw gunslinger
spacecraft preacher
colonel fighting
spaceship horse
alien disguised as human humanoid alien
female humanoid alien subjective camera
killing an animal real life brothers playing brothers
real life father and son playing father and son lens flare
cigarette smoking spyglass
bow and arrow murder
corpse supernatural power
resurrection mexican standoff
world domination repressed memory
robbery burial
creature disfigurement
woods tracker
human experimentation probe
lobotomy cabin
vivisection cave
subterranean hostage
escape kidnapping
dark hero on the run
fugitive dog
electromagnetic pulse underwater scene
chase blood on shirt
bullet wound human alien
murder of a police officer church
cattle gash in the face
punched in the chest female warrior
laser explosive
tracking device crash landing
hologram gunfight
attack ufo
green blood death
stabbed in the neck held at gunpoint
rifle knocked out with a gun butt
beaten to death stabbed in the shoulder
severed head severed arm
decapitation rancher
campfire tribe
civil war veteran shot in the shoulder
stabbed in the heart gang
one man army loner
throat ripping eaten alive
piano violin
bartender drunkenness
exploding ship anti hero
hummingbird closing eyes of dead person
seeing a loved one killed implied nudity
woman disintegrated death of girlfriend
box office flop imax
blood splatter blood
scarred face character's point of view camera shot
flashback revelation
hand through chest stabbed to death
stabbed in the back stabbed in the chest
doctor target practice
hole in chest impalement
abandoned ship child in peril
thief wanted poster
dragged by a horse trail of blood
exploding building spit in the face
gold alien abduction
interracial marriage husband wife relationship
grandfather grandson relationship police station
shot in the arm father son relationship
spoiled son kicked in the crotch
punched in the face amnesia
shooting a police officer scene during opening credits
shot to death shot in the head
shot in the back shot in the stomach
shot in the chest stabbed in the leg
courage broken tooth
dynamite unsubtitled foreign language
translator back from the dead
suicide self sacrifice
bitten in the neck explosion
exploding body stray dog
death of loved one burned alive
rescue beating
bowie knife bar brawl
jail cell colt .45
mixed martial arts battlefield
frontier town combat
warrior drifter
sand western hero
laser cannon bare chested male
knife revolver
pistol western town
bar fight knocked out
action hero canyon
whiskey disarming someone
horse chase saloon
laser gun battle
violence spurs
cowboy boots cowboy hat
ambush winchester rifle
six shooter quick draw
martial arts karate
fistfight brawl
shootout tough guy
cult film alien invasion
19th century 1870s
small town based on graphic novel
based on comic based on comic book
native american alien contact
death of friend

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