Cowboys & Aliens Poster


Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture
Shawn Lane (stunt performer)

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2012

Saturn Award
Best Supporting Actor
Harrison Ford

Annie Awards 2012

Animated Effects in a Live Action Production
Gary Wu
Animated Effects in a Live Action Production
Lee Uren

Art Directors Guild 2012

Excellence in Production Design Award
Fantasy Film
Scott Chambliss (production designer)
Christopher Burian-Mohr (supervising art director)
Lauren E. Polizzi (art director)
Harry E. Otto (assistant art director)
Marisa Frantz (assistant art director)
Lorrie Campbell (set designer)
John Chichester (set designer)
Kevin Cross (set designer)
Mark Hitchler (set designer)
Tex Kadonaga (set designer)
Amahl Lovato (set designer)
Anne Porter (set designer)
Suzan Wexler (set designer)
Scott Schneider (set designer)
James Clyne (concept artist)
Phil Saunders (concept artist)
Christopher S. Ross (concept artist)
Ryan Meinerding (illustrator)
Andrea Dopaso (illustrator)
Richard K. Buoen (illustrator)
Tim Wilcox (illustrator)
David Lowery (storyboard artist)
John Mann (storyboard artist)
Ed Natividad (storyboard artist)
Mark Vena (storyboard artist)
Ryan Jeremy Woodward (storyboard artist)
Patrick J. Rodriguez (storyboard artist)
James Rothwell (storyboard artist)
Jeff Frost (modelmaker)
Jason Mahakian (modelmaker)
Clint Schultz (graphic designer)
Karen Manthey (set decorator)
Gabriella McKenna (sign writer)

Hollywood Film Festival 2011

Hollywood Movie Award

IGN Summer Movie Awards 2010

IGN Award
Best Poster
Best Trailer

Scream Awards 2011

Scream Award
Best Science Fiction Actor
Daniel Craig
Best Science Fiction Actor
Harrison Ford

Society of Camera Operators 2012

Camera Operator of the Year Award
Feature Film
Peter Rosenfeld

World Stunt Awards 2012

Taurus Award
Best Specialty Stunt
Brian Brown
Mike Watson
Stuntmen do 80' ratchets from moving horses

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