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Big Girl in a Little Pond
jrboryk2119 April 2005
This is a wonderful family film that brings the not so distant family a little closer together. "Come Away Home" is a very heart felt comedy that will have you laughing one minute and sobbing the next. This film is a rendition of what families truly are in today's society. It was refreshing to see a film with truth and honesty in how relationships between family members truly exist. This movie also brings into light a beautiful location, that many know to be as beautiful as it was captured on the "big screen". From the young actors (Annie) to the young at heart (Grandpa), this movie will appeal to the inner-child in all of us. With witty dialect and a decent plot "Come Away Home" is a movie the entire family will enjoy watching.
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beautifully produced movie
edtgate1 July 2005
On May 11 I had the pleasure of taking my 12-year-old granddaughter and nine-year-old grandson to see the movie "Come Away Home." Initially, I wanted to take the children because I thought they might enjoy scenes from the Hilton Head Island area but didn't expect much more.

To our very pleasant surprise, "Come Away Home" is a beautifully produced movie with one of the most outstanding story lines I have seen in quite some time. The acting is top notch, including islander Gregg Russell, who did a wonderful job. The scenes from Hilton Head were enjoyable but I must say that this movie reaches far beyond Hilton Head. This is a movie for the world to see.

Word of caution: Grandpas should plan to bring a few tissues and hugging of the grandchildren will be in order on the way out of the theater.
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A wonderful film. Beautifully written, acted and directed.
clarkdiana17 August 2005
A wonderful family film. Beautifully written, acted and directed. The story was touching without being the least bit sappy. I am amazed by what can be done what a small amount of money and a great deal of talent. In an era of "over the top", big budget movies with little substance, this movie was a breadth of fresh air. The two main characters, Grandpa Donald played by Paul Dooley and Annie played by Jordan-Claire Green were particularly good. You got to know these people during the course of the film came to like them and were rooting for them to prevail. This was a truly delightful movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Fantastic family film
nicfrompgh29 April 2005
"Come Away Home" has finally given families what they have waited so long for...a movie that the entire family can enjoy every part of without one uncomfortable moment.

Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, "Come Away Home" is one of the best family films I have ever seen. The story really holds your attention and the little girl is a joy to watch.

Being a parent in this day and age, it is hard to find such a feel-good film that the whole family can watch together.

I don't know everywhere it is playing, but if you have a chance, you should make sure you see it. I hope it does very well...
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Home Grown
tookool10567 June 2005
Although this movie does not have the "Hollywood" flash; it does have a great story. Living on the island where this was filmed, does give a little added incentive to see, but I truly enjoyed this. The film does resemble a simpler 1980's movie. This is great for families. If you don't see it at the movies is is a definite rental. Enjoy! ONe user said that the film did not portray HHI, but the films intent was not to give a history lesson of the island, but to communicate the personal stories that effects three generations within one family. I agree Hilton Head has more to offer that the movie portrays, but enjoy it as it is.
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Great film for the entire family
kscovern17 August 2005
What a sweet film. I actually saw this film multiple times and it was better each time. This is one of those stories that you can see year after year and still relate to. A touching story that made you laugh and cry. The music was great and added to the overall great production. The movie was also visually beautiful with great cinematography. You left the theater uplifted. The young girl gave a heartfelt performance and the banter between the Grandfather and his best friend was hysterical. Everyone has probably had a person in their lives similar to the characters that make this a very real story. You hate the young girl in the beginning but truly grow to love her by the end of the film. You don't have to worry about the content of this film as it is appropriate for anyone. People of all ages and backgrounds can relate to it. Great film to see with your kids or grandparents. This is one of those films you will want to watch over and over.
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Fun Family Film!
ashnkat30 May 2005
My family migrates to Hilton Head Island, the setting for Come Away Home, every summer. My kids were very excited to see Come Away Home because their favorite entertainer, Gregg Russell stars in the film. My kids (ages 3, 9, and 11) loved this movie!!! It kept their attention from start to finish. We all enjoyed seeing Hilton Head landmarks on the big screen and the actors were perfectly cast. It was nice to see Leah Thompson on the big screen again. My kids have seen "Back to the Future" a million times and they recognized Leah right away. Overall, we all enjoyed this family movie and we will buy it when it comes out on DVD. Our family gives this movie 10 stars!!!
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great family movie
shelbell4430 May 2005
We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this film as a family, which is a rare thing in this day and age. The actors are perfectly cast and the story reveals such a believable scenario that anyone can relate to their own lives. There is so often little to no respect shown from younger generations to the older ones that I thought it was a perfect "life lesson" that should be seen more often. We all had some chuckles and fought back the tears in certain scenes, and would recommend it highly to anyone as a feel good movie!!!

We as a family have never been to Hilton Head, but know many people from the Pittsburgh area that are regulars. I think it would be especially fun for them to see the area on screen and enjoy the music of the great singer-Gregg Russell. I have taken my great uncle-90 years old- to see this movie and he also enjoyed it thoroughly.
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A rare find- a clean family movie that you will really like!!
heatherfraraccio4 June 2005
I was a bit skeptical going in to see this movie, being that it has a G rating and was presented as a family movie genre film. That melted away in the first 15 minutes. What you have here is just a good movie for the sake of being good, with real characters and deluge. Annie is a very realistic girl for her age and her behavior isn't sugar coated. Grandpa Donald and Barney are people that you feel like you could have met or known at one time. Its just very easy to get caught up in the movie and be taken away for a bit, which is what I look for in a good movie. You can't help but be moved and in the end come away feeling good after this movie.
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Come Away Home
gregc27 August 2005
COME AWAY HOME is a surprising feel good movie for the whole family. It's a "PG" movie not just for kids. It was a pleasant night out with no violence, sex, or bad language but a movie that goes back to traditional values and a simpler life. And, yes, there are some "issues", such as rebellious teen, too busy parents, anger at the dad-grandfather character, but these represent things we can all relate to, and hopefully work out. Anyone who has ever visited Hilton Head, S.C. will recognize the scenery and location. While short-lived in theaters, it would be a great TV movie. I hope everyone will tune in! You won't be disappointed.
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Come Away Home
bsleps2730 June 2005
I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. It was not overdone and you walk away feeling better about yourself as you realize what is most important in life. The character development was pretty amazing and I thought the acting was good.

The movie makes us all look at the relationships we have in our own family and how different generations try to relate to one another. It tugs at your heart and is filmed in a great location.

It is a great movie to take the family to see and I have to say it is a movie that will surprise a lot of people. Kind of like "Life as a House" Loved it!
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best movie ever JC if you see this read it
cheerchamp12716 November 2005
My name is Madison and my dad was in this movie.

I got to watch them film it on Hilton Head in the summer from about 7:00 to 2:00 in the morning every day.

I was Jordan Claires stunt double and I became great friends with her we had lots of fun filming it and I hope you had fun watching it. LOts of love to you JC call me sometime hope your next interview goes well see you soon once again I thought the movie was great and it even won best family film of the year out of many of films that's impressive I hope you enjoyed it this is the best movie ever! look for other movies with these actors in it like Gregg Russell and Jordan Claire Green and Paul Dooley! THey're all great people I hope you liked the movie
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touching indie
smartyreviewer16 June 2005
I saw this film in the theater because I like to support independents, and I found it to be very well done. I typically prefer not to watch child actors, but the 12-year-old lead girl was excellent. The Grandpa, who played the Dad in Sixteen Candles, seemed so genuine in all of his scenes.

There was a fair bit of comedic moments... I longed for more actually because there were a couple of great comedy combinations with the actors. However, the overall acting, the unique backdrop of the locations, and the subtleties of the screen writing made this film enjoyable to watch... and very touching as well. I recommend it highly if you can find it.
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Nice family film.
blahblahblah1234513 May 2009
Overall this was a very enjoyable film. It has points of humor and tenderness. While it may be a bit boring for young ones, it is not at all inappropriate and something that the entire family can watch. It may be a bit of a "Hallmark moment", but it makes it more easy to relate to rather than cheesy and corny. My biggest criticism however would be with some of the acting and dialogue. For the most part, it was good enough, but there are a handful of scenes that were hard to watch. There are also several scenarios that were pretty hard to believe and seemed a bit forced. But still, that doesn't take away from the beautiful themes and overall morals of the story.
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Come Away Home - Wait to this one in your home where it's free!
jlpoticha11 May 2005
I found this movie, Come Away Home, terribly disappointing. Though there were a few highlights, mainly the young female lead, as a whole, I can't believe this movie has made it as far as the box office (even though it only had limited distribution). More like a made-for-TV-movie or an after-school special, it was painful to know we spent money seeing it. Hilton Head was not portrayed well; between the awful weather and grainy film, the South Carolina Film Commission must be very disappointed, as well. There are far superior films to see as a family and yours won't be missing a thing if you happen to wait for it to make it to TV (which is where it should have been all along).
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Just OK
toycti8 May 2005
I have a feeling that the 20 or so people who have rated this movie so high as of now are family/friends of the cast and crew. It was just OK. Some of the acting could have been better, not to mention the story line. But I think it is a good movie for families. Especially kids. Completely harmless but not a masterpiece worthy of such a high rating. But I did laugh a few times and a tear or two fell during some of the really "precious" moments. The little girl was very cute and thank God she didn't have a dog named Winn Dixie! All in all it wasn't a waste of time but I wish I had seen The Interpreter instead. My advice: Unless you have kids wait for the video. Or catch it on TV some rainy afternoon when you have nothing better to do. Better yet, if you want to see a good kid's movie, rent "Once in a Blue Moon" or "Harriet the Spy."
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A Wonderful Family Movie Experience
J92623 February 2006
I have seen this movie and can only give it my highest recommendation. Every once in a while it is important to go see a movie that actually makes you feel good when you leave the theater. Come Away Home provides such an experience and I would heartily recommend it for anyone who may be looking to go see a thoroughly enjoyable family movie that is free of violence, profanity or otherwise objectionable behavior. It's pleasant feeling envelopes the viewer and lingers long after the movie has ended. Wonderful scenery on Hilton Head Island is enhanced by heartwarming, humorous and meaningful performances by all of the main characters, including Paul Dooley and Martin Mull who hearken memories of Lemmon and Matthau, Thomas Gibson and Lea Thompson who enjoy a chemistry that has been honed as a result of their several past performances together, Jordan-Claire Green, a beautiful young lady whose screen presence plays far beyond her years and Gregg Russell who evokes many poignant emotions from viewers through his touching performance. This movie is a "hidden gem" and is a must see for all family moviegoers. You will surely enjoy the experience and will leave the theater smiling.
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