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Must see for Food Fanciers

Author: (lyon1) from Ohio, USA
28 December 2004

I'm tired of reality TV, I'm tired of Emeril, give us reality in our reality TV. This show delivers. This is not a show about some chef in a sanitized kitchen studio making meals he has prepared and rehearsed 10 times prior to airing, this is about a man who loves food and wants to see good food on your plate. The drama from the series comes from the people whose restaurants are failing and Gordon's expertise in rectifying their calamities. He addresses this in a direct assault the failings of the business end and back kitchen. More often then not, you find the star in the kitchen with his hands up to elbow in work ensuring his plan comes through. I find his hands on approach refreshing and exciting.

If you enjoy food programming this is a must, if you enjoy reality TV and can appreciate dialog then it is required viewing.

A reality TV show which delivers and rewards the viewer.

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The Scariest Chef In The World... EVER!

Author: James Barnes from Chesterfield, England
10 June 2004

Only weeks before the more mainstream 'Hell's Kitchen' came along, this one-hour, 4-part documentary series on Channel 4 was a real unexpected treat for viewers, particularly for jaded ones such as myself, tired at the whole cringe worthy "celebrity chef" genre.

Grizzly chef Gordon Ramsey travelled around Britain, each week visiting a different restaurant that was struggling to make money, serve decent food etc. In his now-famous way, Gordon would shout, swear & threaten the incompetent chefs at the restaurants, warn the restaurant owners that they will go out of business if they don't put their foot down & try & turn their fortunes around, help out in the kitchen, & promptly criticise anyone who had the guts to disagree with him on any sort of decision he made.

Seeing Mr. Ramsay tear into young upstarts, arrogant owners & generally anyone who got in his way, made for fascinating television, but it was also pleasant to see that, more often than not, the help Gordon had provided made a lot of difference, & that the restaurant began attracting more customers & serving better food.

No doubt there will be a second series of 'Hell's Kitchen' on ITV1 next year, but I would also like to see this show recommissioned as well. Not as glamorous as seeing celebrity chefs whinge at each other in a glorified TV studio, but 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' was the best cookery-related show to come out in a long, long time

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Good to watch if you work in the industry

Author: sardid007 from Melbourne, Australia
12 April 2005

Ramsay's kitchen nightmares is a British reality TV show that features chef Gordon Ramsay that attempts to save restaurants from going out of business because of poor teamwork, poor food quality, poor hygiene or Bad customer service. His rude personality is a laugh as he attempts to save the battling restaurants from closure. The show appears to be aimed at reality TV fans that may have an interest in food and beverage and the Hospitality Industry.

I think the show provides an interesting insight into what happens behind the scenes at restaurants including the stress on the staff and the common mistakes made by the kitchen staff particularly. I feel that the show expanded my knowledge by highlighting the importance of teamwork in a restaurant and what can happen if this is not done. Since a lot of the show is filmed during busy hours of the restaurant the viewer gets to see how the kitchen operates and how fast passed everything is.

We Lent about the importance of communication within the workplace in class and Ramsay's kitchen nightmares provided an educational link by showing students how any restaurant could be a disaster with out efficient communication. My conclusions of the show are very good. It's great to see a new type of TV chef that doesn't just stand in front of the camera cooking meals all the time. Gordon Ramsay has a very rude personality that is stereotypical or the "grumpy chef", but it makes for a very entertaining show.

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If You Can't Stand The Heat Get Ramsay In To The Kitchen

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
5 January 2014

This possibly the best , most watchable reality series that came out of Britain at the turn of the century . It came late to the party but actually brought a lot to television and one that has a high rewatchability . The premise is simple: a restaurant business is failing and Gordon Ramsay arrives as a troubleshooter and get the business back on its feet

I have some professional kitchen experience myself and the three golden rules to a successful kitchen are

1 ) Team work

2 ) Communication

3 ) No skiving

Obey these three golden rules and things should work out . Watching the series it becomes very clear that the problems of the failing business are often caused by a lack of team work and communication and an excess of skiving or lassie faire attitude by the management who leave everything to the head chef who is as passionate as a week old rice pudding

The very first episode sums this up with Tim a head chef who is 21 years old and in charge of Bonaparte's restaurant . " He's either a great chef or he's a bullsh*tter " and you don't need multiple choice to find out the answer . As someone who has worked in a kitchen I was actually shocked at the state of the kitchen with mouldy food clogging up the fridges

" What do you do with mouldy food ? " asks Ramsay

" Throw it in the bin ? "replies Tim nice but dim as if he's asked a question on quantum physics

Long pause from Ramsay " So you're going to put it back in the fridge for two days then throw it out ? Can you see the point I'm making "

Tim starts nodding as the penny finally drops " Yeah yeah "

Ramsay goes out of his way to get the business back on its feet and what the programme does very well is show how much dire straits the owner is in . If the business goes under that's it - they lose everything , their restaurant , their home and possibly their marriage which comes as a shock when Ramsay returns a few months later unannounced only to find things were as bad as they were mainly down to the manager not sacking the head chef and employing competent professionals who have a pride in their work and a loyalty to their employer

There is a danger of the show becoming repetitive but a short season of four or five episodes is probably the most effective length and an angry Ramsay is always good television . Anyone with any military experience will recognise how similar Ramsay is to a sadistic drill instructor carrying out a kit inspection as tries to separate the men from the boys . It's also a superior show to the American spin off as the focus is very much on Ramsay rather than the slightly larger than life American managers

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Rinse and repeat

Author: nelly3 from Richmond, VA USA
3 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just as Ramsay gives restaurateurs a makeover, so too someone needs to give this series a makeover. Don't get me wrong. It is engaging and entertaining, but often in the typical reality show/disaster beside the road kind of way. Every episode I've ever seen unfolds in precisely the same way: Ramsay arrives and everything is a disaster; he screams and yells at the unbelievably inept owners who reluctantly give in to Ramsay's suggestions (usually, someone storms off - more reason for the f-word); their first attempt is always a disaster; Ramsay redoes the menu and refurbishes the decor and pushes the idea of fresh, local produce and a simpler menu; the grand reopening is a resplendent success. I could look at the clock during the show and tell when the next "act" was going to occur. And there's the issue. The show is too predictable. In reality, every restaurant won't be a success (actually, about half of those places Ramsay visited are closed) and every owner can't possibly be as mind-numbingly imbecilic as they initially appear here. I also find it bizarre that Ramsay remakes the decor of every restaurant he visits: how much does that cost? One other typical Ramsay-esque touch is his pervasive use of profanity (he even has a series called "The F-Word"). At some point, that really seems juvenile and unprofessional. I know it is done for ratings. A grizzled Brit barking obscenities at clueless morons! What a concept for a reality show! But, again, it's endless and becomes monotonous. As said at the outset, the show does manage to engage one a little, but the hook isn't in very deep. I have no doubt that Ramsay is an accomplished chief, and his suggestions (nay, ultimatums) are sound.* But it get's hard to believe that the same magical Ramsay touch would always work so predictably and so perfectly in every restaurant.

*Ramsay's insistence on fresh, local produce was cited by some of the closed restaurants as one of the reasons for their demise. Fresh and local tends to cost more and spoil quicker. Most of the restaurants visited were already at the limits of their finances and this change put them further in the red.

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A cooking reality show (or in fact a reality show) that's WATCHABLE?

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
28 May 2016

Usually I'm unbiased to as many genres of media as possible however reality TV Shows are probably the only ones that to me just say "Oh god no! Why watch this when there's so much better things on television", "it's obviously scripted" and other such things. Usually I can't stand shows like My Kitchen Rules, Masterchef, Come Dine With Me and... point is while I don't regularly watch them I can keep going with listing bad reality shows for really long... This on the other hand is probably the one I'd recommend.

The set-up has had inferior copies but I'll say it anyway. Gordon Ramsey looks around for restaurants that are failing and spends about a single week with them to turn their business around and correcting poor presentation, passion-less cooks, dirty storage, rude restaurant owners, bizarre design choices for the restaurant among many other things.

Okay, while I will say it's staged, sometimes very much so I'll say this is the first time I steered away from the thought of it being scripted the entire time and I'll say a large part of that is that it honestly DOESN'T feel scripted most of the time. I also think a large part of what makes this entertaining is Ramsay himself but here it serves him to be more entertaining than in Hell's Kitchen or something because here he's an adviser and it's actually pretty funny when a failing restaurant owner doesn't take advice and outright argues with Ramsay and understandable when he rants. I'd also say in Hell's Kitchen it's more of a boss acting terribly to his staff. I'm also going to say out of all the hosts for a reality show Ramsay is probably m,y favourite (I like him, so he wins by default).

I don't really know on what other merits to judge it. The lead is likable, the situations are entertaining even when it does feel scripted or planned and it is fun to watch. I wouldn't say this is for everyone but of all the cooking based reality shows, this and it's other counterpart also starring Ramsey are my favourites.

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Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
16 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I might have seen an episode or two when it first started, then a couple more the second series, and now I can't miss it, it is just as good as, in fact better, than The F Word. National Television Award nominated Gordon Ramsay every week basically visits a restaurant, pub or café business that is failing with customers, food quality and ideas, takings, attitude, financial difficulties (e.g. debts) and the business itself, and it is Ramsay's job to help as much as he can to make it a more profitable and improved business for the workers and customers together. As with his other shows, Ramsay's use of swearing, particularly "the f word" is key to some of the great laughs, and also how stupid or ridiculous some of the business bosses, employees or main staff members behave in the work environment that is meant to be cooperating. It is very good to see just how bad these eating places are working, but it is also nice in the end to see most of the businesses saved. It has been nominated the BAFTA for Best Features twice, it won the International Emmy for Non-Scripted Entertainment, and it was nominated the National Television Award for Most Popular Factual Programme. Gordon Ramsay was number 84 on The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols, and he was number 82 on The 100 Worst Britons (for his arrogance I guess), and the programme was number 35 on The 100 Greatest TV Treats 2004. Very good!

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