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21 Feb. 2006
Tonight's program sees Gordon Ramsay in Oscars in Nantwich. On the surface this place seems idyllic, an Irish family run restaurant in the heart of beautiful countryside. Owner MAURA runs the front of house and her son LENIN is the Head chef, but it's not 'happy families'. With her life savings on the line Maura is in big trouble. She constantly bickers with her son whilst the customers are forced to wait hours for their fluorescent crab stick paellas, and stodgy carbonaras from Oscars 'bit of everything' menu. The place is losing £2000 per week, but that isn't the ...
28 Feb. 2006
The Sandgate Hotel
In tonight's program Gordon Ramsay travels to the seaside to help ailing hotel and restaurant, THE SANDGATE. This is LOIS and PETER's first venture into the catering industry - the happily married couple used to enjoy eating in restaurants, so thought it might be fun to own one. 18months later their dream has turned into a nightmare and they're loosing £4,000 a month. In the kitchen their head chef, STUART is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. He's forced to cook for 4 restaurants including a fine dining upstairs, and a Japanese restaurant in the basement, but it's...
7 Mar. 2006
Clubway 41
The venue for tonight's program is Clubway 41, despite being voted Blackpool Tourist Board Restaurant of the year, the place is dire straits. It is the prime example of HOW NOT TO RUN A RESTAURANT. Owner DAVE is the flakey self-appointed head chef, who hasn't been in a kitchen for 30 years and can't cook. His partner DAWN invents bizarre dishes for the menu, ranging from 'tomato and cointreau soup' to 'pork with brie, nectarine and whiskey sauce'. Gordon faces a hellish week, Clubway 41 is breaking every rule in book, can he bring Dave, Dawn and their food back to ...
14 Mar. 2006
La Gondola
This week Gordon is at a god-awful Italian restaurant in Derby. La Gondola is stuck in a time-warp with naff Seventies cuisine, bad net curtains and no customers. New owner Daniela bought the place because she got married there back in the day but her sentimentality has blinded her to the fact that she's bagged a white elephant. Gordon's biggest problem is head chef Steve, one of the worst he's ever met, and one who'd rather open a tin of tuna or a packet of soup than create a proper meal. Can Gordon get the kitchen cooking again and save La Gondola from sinking?
14 Nov. 2006
La Parra de Burriana
Tonight, for the first time ever on Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon takes on a nightmare restaurant abroad. La Parra de Burriana is an ex-pat restaurant in Nerja on Spain's Costa del Sol. Nestling among the cafes lining the seafront offering all-day English breakfast and chips, La Parra is the brainchild of twenty-six-year-old ex-nightclub manager Laurence. He set himself up in business eighteen months ago with a loan from his dad and, although he's not an experienced chef, mans the kitchen on his own, determined to offer something better than chips to his largely British ...
21 Nov. 2006
The Fenwick Arms
In tonight's second programme Gordon tackles a pub for the first time, getting to grips with The Fenwick Arms in rural Lancashire. The pub is run by landlord BRIAN who, after thirty years in the business and a quadruple heart-bypass, still puts in 120 hours a week and insists on laying down the law in the kitchen. Despite their best endeavours Brian and his partner ELAINE are £250k in debt, losing £1500 a week and facing bankruptcy within three months unless there's a drastic reversal in their fortunes.
28 Nov. 2006
In tonight's programme Gordon finds a chef caught in a time warp when he tackles a picturesque but largely unfrequented upmarket restaurant in King's Lynn, a traditional market town on the Norfolk coast. For the last eighteen months ex Michelin-starred chef NICK has owned and run Rococo but his past success is now eluding him. The menu is past its sell-by date, the service is stuffy, the food is over-priced and the only thing being fed is his ego. Yet, despite debts of £100k and the prospect of putting his home at risk and his young family on the streets, Nick ...
5 Dec. 2006
In tonight's final programme of the series Gordon grapples with girl power when he takes on an intimate family-run restaurant in the heart of WAG territory near Liverpool. For the last three years Morgan's has been run by antiques dealer-turned-restaurateur SANDY and her two daughters HELEN and LAURA. The beautifully-designed dining room has a prime high street location and should be the perfect eatery for the trendy local clientele. But Head Chef Phil is grappling with an eclectic menu that includes mashed potato with apricots and his cooking's just not up to it. ...
12 Dec. 2006
La Riviera Revisited
In tonight's penultimate programme Gordon returns to La Riviera - now renamed Abstract - a fine dining restaurant in Inverness. Owned by multi-millionaire BARRY LARSON and costing £8000 a week to run, the place boasted top French chef LOIC LEFEBVRE and an impeccably-trained kitchen staff, all of them on a mission to bring sophisticated French cooking to the home of the haggis. But the locals weren't biting and the restaurant was empty most nights. Gordon's recipe for survival forced them to tone down their act and demystify the menu to get the punters in. Today the ...
19 Dec. 2006
Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack Revisited
In tonight's final programme Gordon returns to Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack, an intimate forty-seater in Brighton where he oversaw one of the most spectacular changes of fortune at a single venue. Owner CHARITA JONES was producing a menu of irresistible unique classics from the Deep South, but at the same facing financial disaster. The punters were missing, and so was her business acumen. But Gordon succeeded in shutting her out of the kitchen, getting the chef back on the boil and putting the soul back into the business. Today Charita is fully-booked round the ...

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