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Season 2

24 May 2005
La Lanterna
The venue for tonight's first programme is La Lanterna in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Twenty-eight-year-old owner and head chef Alex offers modern Italian cuisine, a taste of Little Italy in England's first garden city, and the restaurant is run by his best mate maitre d' Gavin, helped by his ex-air hostess girlfriend Emily. But Alex has no customers, cookers that don't work and an expensive menu that's about as authentically Italian as a spag bol. He re-mortgaged his house to buy the business, it's losing £1,000 a week, he hasn't slept for months but still runs round...
31 May 2005
The venue for tonight's second programme is D-Place in Chelmsford, Essex run by Mexican-born Israel and his English partner Tara. They've sunk £150,000 of their own money into their trendy café bar which offers a vast selection of fusion cuisine. In charge is Executive Chef Philippe, producing everything from all-day breakfasts to hoi sin noodles with an astounding lack of flair; the plastic food is dire and boomerangs back from the dining room as soon as it's cooked. Restaurant manager, spunky Essex boy Dave, loathes his chef, and their mutual hatred spills over into...
7 Jun. 2005
Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack
The venue for tonight's third programme is Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack, an intimate forty-seater a stone's throw from Brighton's sea front. Big soul momma, owner CHARITA JONES, produces a menu of irresistibly unique classics from the Deep South. The food's hard to fault but the punters are nowhere to be seen, Head Chef Brian and a rag-tag collection of part-timers are taking the mickey - and despite working a seven-day week Charita's got an empty restaurant and a £65,000 debt. If ever there was a case of too many cooks, this is it. Charita's a natural, but she's ...
14 Jun. 2005
La Riviera
The venue for tonight's fourth programme is La Riviera, a fine dining restaurant in Inverness. Owned by multi-millionaire BARRY LARSON and costing £8000 a week to run, the place boasts top French chef LOIC LEFEBVRE and an impeccably-trained kitchen staff with Michelin star-studded backgrounds. Loic is on a mission, to bring sophisticated French cooking to the home of haggis, tatties and deep-fried Mars bars. But though he's hungry for success he's French, he's arrogant and the food's pretentious. The locals aren't biting and the restaurant's empty most nights. There's...
21 May 2005
The Glass House Revisited
Saturday night at The Glass House Restaurant in Ambleside was a disaster. Orders in the kitchen were mixed up, the food wasn't cooked properly and the customers were complaining. Not only was the chef in tears, but the owners were on the brink of bankruptcy. A few months on, there have been some departures from the Glass House. Who is in charge of the kitchen now? And, more importantly, is Ramsay's Caesar salad still on the menu?
28 May 2005
The Walnut Tree Inn Revisited
The Walnut Tree Inn was in big trouble ... there was no head chef, the customers had dwindled, and the owner had been forced to sell the family home to keep the business afloat.Set in beautiful Welsh countryside, The Walnut Tree Inn was a successful business for 37 years and became a national institution. But when Francesco bought the place 3 years ago he made the mistake of turning the warm and welcoming country inn into a cold and stark London-style restaurant. And when things went wrong he tried to run the kitchen as well as the front of house.With its Michelin ...
5 Jul. 2005
Moore Place Revisited
Nick and Richard are self-confessed restaurant virgins. They've both had successful careers in the brewery business so when they bought Moore Place they believed they could make it an instant success. What they hadn't realized was just how difficult it would be to fill the 90-seater oak-paneled restaurant and how hard it would be to find a chef who could cook decent food. Has Ramsay's fast-track guide to restaurant success helped these brewery whiz-kids transform their failing ex-Berni Inn into a profitable business? And is the building still painted that disgusting ...
12 Jul. 2005
Bonaparte's Restaurant Revisited
The episode that has gone down in TV history. Tim Gray was the 21 year-old Head Chef at Bonaparte's in Silsden, West Yorkshire. Claiming to specialise in 'fine dining', he had ambitions to be a TV chef and dreamed of opening restaurants in London, Paris and New York. Unfortunately, Tim couldn't even cook an omelette and his trademark scallops made Ramsay throw up. A true kitchen nightmare if ever there was one. With no customers and a fridge full of fancy ingredients, Bonaparte's was losing money fast. Ramsay soon established that what the people of Silsden really ...

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