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2 Jan. 2005
Christmas Is Ruined
A holiday visit by her family has Beth worried about how she will handle her mom's illness.
9 Jan. 2005
The Good Doctor
What starts out as an innocent lunch with a flirtatious drug company sales rep leaves Huff feeling guilty.
16 Jan. 2005
The Sample Closet
Already wrestling with his own infidelity, Huff suspects Beth and a handsome client of having an affair.
23 Jan. 2005
All the King's Horses
Following his outburst at the party, Beth learns that Huff's suspicions may have been warranted after all.
30 Jan. 2005
Crazy Nuts & All Fucked Up
While another late night attack lands Huff's psychotic ex-patient, Melody, in the hospital, the prospect of fatherhood forces Russell to face his own sordid past.

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