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Plot Keywords

vigilante conspiracy
investigation murder
soviet doomsday clock
retirement masked vigilante
usa killer
nuclear war doomsday
watch clock
black bra death of expectant mother
bare chested male kennedy assassination
explosion cult director
anti hero trenchcoat
hit in the crotch vegetarian
one eyed man manhattan new york city
attempted rape false promise of the american dream
alternative reality postmodern
breast flashing bully
1950s topless female nudity
man on top post modern
pregnant woman murdered cleavage
f word tragic hero
chest hair freak accident
flamethrower evil man
knife sociopath
new york city crystal palace
promiscuous mother secret identity
death face slap
severed limb person on fire
gash in the face sex with hologram
reporter kidnapped girl
flashing alternate history
1970s jumping through a window
famous line teleportation
falling from height domino mask
murder of lesbian couple news vendor
sex on couch compassion
shot multiple times dc comics
two man army man with glasses
time suicide pill
newscaster nihilism
afghanistan crime fighter
cult film fire rescue
blood spatter based on comic
super villain airship
dismemberment bully comeuppance
year 1969 rumor
dystopia laboratory
press conference pregnant from rape
nihilist misanthrope
masked man number in character's name
cruelty vietnam
shot in the leg male nudity
devastation alternative history
broken glass u.s. president
shot in the forehead pity sex
scantily clad female panties
inkblot epic
assassination of president gadget
lifting someone into the air lesbophobia
lesbian watching tv
defenestration 1940s
burned alive dark hero
cold war big man
conspiracy theory social commentary
black panties lesbianism
police detective american president
shot in the head year 1985
pregnancy burn victim
child murder dog
scar atheist
cartoon on tv water tank
slow motion scene american flag
mother son relationship fight
female hero assassination
friendship between men bare butt
partnership male full frontal nudity
vomit flag
outlaw based on graphic novel
tv anchorman lesbian kiss
astronaut reading newspaper
assassin date rape
existentialism falling to death
world trade center manhattan new york city saving the world
diner soviet american cooperation
superhero picture
friends falling out mars
black bra and panties love
detective bank robber
fake assassination nuclear holocaust
female nudity female rear nudity
sacrifice button
antarctica satire
masked superhero riot
human eaten by dog shot in the back
violence destroyed city
dead woman on bed love triangle
severed arm gatling gun
ruthlessness jail break
female frontal nudity anti villain
shot in the shoulder severed arms
cigarette smoking los angeles california
pregnant woman shot prison
scientist nudity
smiley shot to death
lesbian nurse dead woman with eyes open
floppy drive russia
abuse voice over narration
broken arm killing a dog
cemetery red square
ear bitten off death of superhero
american dream utopia
woman breaks man's neck right wing
evacuation prison riot
terrorism rooftop
release from jail paternity revealed
flashback mask
arm cut off framed for murder
hit in the groin melancholy
cyanide capsule shot in the chest
flying poison
vietnam war cigar smoking
building on fire protest
murderer military funeral
world war three happy face
mental illness rape
smartest person tycoon
super speed cynicism
rapist attempted murder
kent state brutality
swat team death of hero
police controversy
title appears in writing lifting person in air
surrealism megacorporation
tv news killer dog
virtual set street crime
molotov cocktail cancer
photograph friendship
1960s innocent person killed
stabbed in the head moon
based on comic book president
kiss double life
woman on top eccentric
diary intelligence
funeral earring
thrown from a building one word title
mother daughter relationship businessman
post coital scene dark comedy
1980s midget
spacecraft mass murder
bible comedian
moral ambiguity police raid
moral dilemma man on moon
female female kiss acquaintance rape
supernatural power based on novel
title spoken by character surprise ending

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