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How Ikea’s ‘Easy to Assemble’ Broke 1.9M Views (Without Cheating)

There's probably no bigger hot button issue right now in the web series world than view counts. After exposing MySpace's paid auto-plays (which were being reported as regular views) on their Bff series, we received numerous comments and emails on the subject. Emotions ran high on this as creators with decent views cried foul to cheaters trying to pass off paid impressions as actual intent-driven views. We listened to you and we're going to be taking a deeper look at the issue on Tubefilter News, including examples of those who are actually getting real viewers without cheating. Panelists on the gabby digital media conference circuit love to spew phrases like 'go to where your audience is', and even we have written on the benefits of finding your audience. There aren't however many examples to point to of those who have actually done that effectively. The Guild still stands as one
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Illeana Douglas Makes Web Shows Look ‘Easy to Assemble’

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Actor Illeana Douglas seems to have quite the knack for this web video thing. She proves to be a highly capable producer in squeezing ten, smart Easy to Assemble episodes out of a $50K allotment, provided to her by co-producers Ikea (one wonders whether a bigger budget was required - certainly no, or little actor pay was involved). And this program comes on the heels more or less of her sweet, similarly celebrity-studded online series IlleanaramaSupermarket of the Stars, which has a touch lower production value but a slightly sharper edge. Still, Easy to Assemble is deft in its own right. The branded entertainment for Sweden’s largest furniture manufacturer focuses on Douglas’ want to avoid the celebrity spotlight and her Hollywood friends want to shine it on themselves wherever they can, even if it’s inside a big box store. The series includes a slew of actor self-deprecations,
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