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From SLOW to Fast in 35 minutes!
yatri2524 July 2006
This is one of those movies that you watch waiting and hoping for it to get better. And the good news is Grilled gets better. The movie was s-l-o-w for first 35 minutes; and after that Grilled is fast, suspenseful, clever, and funny. Don't skip the slow part though or you'll be lost in the last half of the film. The actors excellent performances compensate for the bland story line.

This movie is like a bag of potato chips. Its junk food, not gourmet, but some times we all like a little junk food.

The movie's irregular pace explains why Grilled was released straight to DVD. Its a B movie worth a rent, but not worthy of any home shelf space.
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Decent movie with good characters and a weak plot
Potus41512 July 2006
When I first heard that Kevin James and Ray Romano were doing a movie together, I thought it was a great idea. Shortly after that, I learned that the movie was being re-tooled and would be headed straight to DVD. Obviously this curbed some of my enthusiasm.

However, after seeing the movie, I think it was good enough to be released in theaters. I have seen many theatrical releases that were worse than this.

Certainly there are problems, mostly with the plot (meat salesmen following leads?) and story lines left undeveloped (the relationship between Kevin James' character and his daughter). But the one redeeming quality that makes the movie worth watching is the characters. James and Romano both play their parts well. However, I will say that James is better suited for his loud mouth, slapstick-style humor that can be seen in King of Queens or the sweaty, nervous guy that he played in Hitch and his character in this movie could have used a little more of either. The supporting/cameo roles turned in by Burt Reynolds, Juliette Lewis, and Michael Rapaport along with a few other familiar faces are quite good.

All in all, this is an average movie. I'm a little surprised it went straight to DVD since I think it would have done alright in the theaters given its star power. I'm not saying it would have won any Oscars, but I'm sure people would have gone to see James, Romano, and Reynolds with the right kind of promotion. I'd recommend the DVD for fans of James and Romano, although it won't measure up to their respective sitcoms.
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The performances make it worth-watching.
Comeuppance Reviews8 July 2006
"Grilled" was a pretty funny and suspenseful dark comedy. Ray Romano and Kevin James play meat salesman who are in a slump. If they don't make at least two sales, they're going to be fired.

Ray Romano was really good in this. He doesn't have to wait for a laugh track this time. Kevin James is his usual bumbling self, but he showed that he can be serious also and he pulled it off. You care about their problems. Jon Polito, Juilette Lewis and Michael Rapaport put in funny performances. The two stand-outs are Burt Reynolds and Kim Coates. They take one-dimensional characters and make them interesting.

This is a pretty big straight to video release. It doesn't deserve a quick death. It's worth watching.

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Forget Everything You (think you) Know about Ray and Kevin
burnit21215 July 2006
If you're expecting Ray and Kevin to bring their TV personas to the big screen in this movie you will be very mistaken and disappointed. This is a dark cool road-like movie. This movie could've been an independent film if they had cast actors like steve buscemi and paul giamatti as the meat salesmen. Instead, for some reason, they went with Ray and Kevin and didn't tell anybody what they did. You can't put two comedians who live in a world of laugh tracks into this kind of movie without giving the audience a hand by getting them ready for what they're about to watch. It's not that kind of funny. It's uncomfortable funny. It's ruthless funny. And you have to be ready for it. If you are, you'll have a great time. There's amazing performances by Juliette Lewis and Kim Coates and everyone else. Ray and Kevin are believable and competent in their roles. It looks cool and hot and sweaty. It's not perfect, but it's also not what you're expecting. Turn the AC off, put this movie on, and forget everything you think you know about Ray Romano and Kevin James.
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Hmmm, Never made my mind up
joe_the_movie_goer23 July 2006
5 out of 10

That is because I just couldn't make up my mind if this movie was good or bad. It had a lot of classic humor. The problem was that while watching a movie which stars two of the biggest sitcom actors / comedians you expect BIG laughs. It doesn't have BIG laughs. It has "Hmm that's funny" laughs.

I reserve this film for the "if you have seen all the big hits" and just want something different, then this is for you.

It's a decent flick and I will leave it at that.

Enjoy the show.
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Deserved better
caa82118 December 2007
Ray Romano and Kevin James are certainly two of the top comic talents in the past several years. Ray, as the cornerstone of his series, and with reruns appearing frequently and in multiple airings - he has to be adding to the financial benefits from his creation - already well into 9 figures, and probably approaching 10.

I don't know if Kevin had the equity in his program equivalent to Romano, but if he hasn't made as much, it's very considerable nonetheless.

Many big TV stars have had an overall rough time in gaining anything even close in translating their talents to the big screen. Sometimes the films seem to be bad choices - or just "bad."

Bill Cosby's TV show was top-rated, and I believe he led all entertainers in earnings at least one year, and was near the top during others - but what he provided on the big screen was neither memorable initially nor provided anything one would seek to view again.

Even where not only due to movie quality, it seems difficult for audiences to accept characterizations different from those which made their television programs so popular.

This movie wasn't of "blockbuster" proportions, but certainly worthy of better than direct-to-video release. The two leads have worked well together before - James regularly on "Raymond," and while I didn't and don't watch "King of Queens" a lot, I do recall seeing Romano at least once in a cameo-type appearance.

But this flick was humorous with a plot which balanced its humor and a modicum of believability and drama. I thought both leads did well, and the supporting cast, too..

Worth a viewing - and much better than, say, the Pesci/Glover offering, "Gone Fishin'," where even big-screen performers with successful track records can produce a real flop.

Again, this film seems to deserve better than it got.
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uneven, but it has it's moments
pheimill11 October 2006
first and third acts were pretty good. Uneven middle with some sequences that didn't add up. Especially something they tried to make you believe about Sofía Vergara's character. No one would buy it for one second.

But leads (Ray and Kevin) were very funny in spots, especially if you like dark comedy. These roles are a bit more serious than most people will be used to for these actors. But their characters seemed genuine, and provided laughs throughout. Smaller parts were made for laughs, but fell flat in places. One exception was Kim Coates, who was an over the top arms dealer in a brief but funny role. In total, I think it was worth seeing.
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not funny
gandalf_a_199916 December 2006
This is a movie without a single laugh.

Two meat salesman who have fallen into a slump are about to get fired unless they make some sales.

After many leads gets them nothing, they have a chance with an attractive woman who seems more interested in Romano. By this time the movie's thin plot is losing interest, and the only way to liven it come some hit men.

As a fan of Ray Ramano's and having enjoyed Welcome to Mooseport which had some laughs and of course his Raymond sitcom, this movie was disappointing.
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underachieved, but still enjoyable thanks to good acting
manicman8412 August 2006
"Grilled" depicts vicissitudes of two desperate door-to-door meat salesman who are attempting to sell the huge amount of beef at all costs. This farce idea of the film is maybe improbable, but quite original and triggers off some laughs. However, the film is not very intense and uses mostly situational humor. The real stress is put on the leading actors who managed quite well. In particular, Kevin James is hilarious and Juliette Lewis in a supporting role as a loony suicide is as always great. Nevertheless, I think that screenwriters really didn't properly make use of an enormous potential flowing from this project. Thus, the script seems half-baked. This black comedy should be funnier and contain more types of humor. All in all, "Grilled' is an average flick with not enough laughable scenes and good acting
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Great film (watch with a open mind)
neil-4245 November 2006
I liked this film, I really did! My girlfriend rented it one night (knowing that I am a big fan of 'King of Queens', with Kevin James, and 'Everbody Loves Raymond', with Ray Romano), and at first I was a little sceptical! From past experiences, straight to D.V.D releases have burned a hole in my eyes, with bad acting, bad direction etc, but this film had a certain charm to it! I must admit, the rebel in me loved hearing Kevin James curse like a angry hillbilly, and Ray Romano looked like a real bad ass with that beard (my girlfriends opinion), and Julliete Lewis done a great job as a crazy drunk bitch, I don't think she had to act much though;) Burt Renoylds, even though he was in a small part of the film oozed all the class, and coolness you would expect from him! Although you would expect it to be a comedy with two comedians playing the leading roles, it was more of a drama, with funny parts thrown in for good measure! Kevin James and Ray Romano actually 'act', instead of doing silly dances and complaining about their parents, they do a pretty good job at playing desperate salesmen (being in sales, I could relate to their predicament), I am not going to give away the plot/ending, because I didn't know anything about this movie before I watched it, and I really think you should watch with a open mind!! All in all, I would recommend this film to anybody who has nothing better to do than sit in with your girlfriend, drink beer and eat pizza...........what a perfect night!!!
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