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Expanded by writer-director Randall Miller from a nostalgic half-hour short he made while a student at AFI, this well-intentioned film about loss, grief and new beginnings gets bogged down in syrupy cliches and blunt self-help dialogue.
The adults at the Hotchkiss reunion are played by an assortment of splendid actors.
Entertainment Weekly
Really, about all that unifies the movie is its inclination to turn little people's dreams into limply ''affectionate'' camp.
The story is corny and predictable, but Carlyle's subtle, nuanced performance saves the movie from drowning in sentimentality.
I wish I could say there is something pleasurable in watching John Goodman reminisce about the good old days while impaled on a steering wheel in the Volvo he's crashed on a California freeway, but I can't find what it is.
New York Daily News
The movie delivers the promised ballroom action, but not the charm. And if you think the title is endless, wait till you see Goodman's death scene.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film is an elegiac journey to a sweeter, more civilized place in the heart. Predictable and decidedly old-fashioned in its sensibility, the film is likely to win over audiences if not critics.
Chicago Tribune
Too cute, too transparent, too precious and ultimately too much.
New York Post
Overall it's got two left feet - and charm is in dangerously short supply.
Miami Herald
Amounts to Chicken Soup for the Soul-style torture -- unless you like that kind of thing.
An attempt at a beautiful film about renewal -- about past love, love lost, longing and rediscovery -- but it has no emotional truth.

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