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A movie that takes advantage of the great good nature and warmth of Queen Latifah, and uses it to transform a creaky old formula into a comedy that is just plain lovable.
Director Wayne Wang and his screenwriters sometimes ape ''Pretty Woman." But Latifah's obvious forebear is Pearl Bailey, who was just as regal and straight-up.
New York Daily News
It's too bad there's so little of LL Cool J as the secret object of Georgia's fantasies. He'd make a funny, nimble, sexy romantic lead with just a bit more screen time.
Chicago Tribune
We may know exactly where we're going, but the journey is so much fun, all but the most peevish audience members will find it impossible to complain.
The movie clichés are bearable mainly because the cast rises above the formulaic material. There are also some bona fide laughs to be had once the setting switches to a luxurious resort in the Czech Republic.
Miami Herald
Predictable but enjoyable comedy, which succeeds largely on the charm of its star.
There are a number of excruciating moments that are almost too silly to mention.
The Hollywood Reporter
Queen Latifah finally gets a vehicle that gives her formidable talents and expansive spirit plenty of blooming room.
Entertainment Weekly
A chaste and tepid remake of a 1950 British comedy.
This harmless bit of fluff lacks the element of surprise but is not without random charming moments supplied by its incandescent star.
Wall Street Journal
Once again, Queen Latifah survives some remarkably clumsy filmmaking. More than survives; she manages to prevail.

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