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The Hollywood Reporter
That rare beast, a terrific movie that boasts intelligent wit, expert storytelling, delightful characters and grown-up dialogue plus suspense and a wicked surprise ending.
Chicago Tribune
For a film that points out so much wrong with German society and shows such dubious, dangerous behavior, it leaves the audience with high spirits and a sense of crazy exhilaration.
Entertainment Weekly
A fluid and gripping drama from Germany (it has the design of a thriller and the mood of a spontaneous, whirling-camera character study).
Wall Street Journal
Uncommonly smart and interesting.
There's an evenhanded humanism flowing through The Edukators that may strike doctrinaire viewers on either side of the divide as mushy, but it's tough enough for the rest of us to chew on for a long time.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's an action movie that's also an intellectual-action flick.
New York Post
You can sympathize with both sides in their ideological battle, which ends in a most unexpected way.
New York Daily News
The dialogue between the captive and the captors gets a little didactic, and the ending is as contrived as it is cynical. Weingartner obviously has more in common with the rich man than the kids.
Miami Herald
Unless you're the sort who has a Che Guevara T-shirt tucked away somewhere in your closet, the needlessly long The Edukators wears out its welcome.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Perhaps the harshest criticism of the new German film The Edukators is that it doesn't make you feel any better edukated.
It could have been something substantial.

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