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Entertainment Weekly
New-era losers (the cast is a cheery scrum of relaxed kids, led by genuine whiz pitcher Sammi Kane Kraft in the role created by Tatum O'Neal) now include a rotten kid in a wheelchair.
The new Bad News Bears has adopted a somewhat raunchier tone but delivers enough laughs to go the distance.
The A.V. Club
Does nothing to justify its own existence other than be consistently funny from start to finish.
L.A. Weekly
There may be no other actor (Thornton)working today (or as frequently) who is this good each and every time out.
Chicago Tribune
The new Bad News Bears may not make you cheer, but it should provide laughs and a good time. Isn't that what some movies are all about?
The coach is certainly an offensive goofball, and the Bears are certainly a pack of hard-to-handle whippersnappers. But the picture's point is that surfaces don't tell the whole story about people, about teams, or about anything.
Many moments of laugh-out-loud comedy. But somehow those moments never add up to a fully satisfying viewing experience.
You don't watch Bad News Bears for the action out on the diamond. You hang out with that hangdog coach so you can catch every slurry, sour-mouthed retort coming out of his mouth.
Dallas Observer
Linklater, whose intimate "Before Sunset" was an art-house wonder last year, proved he could make mainstream money with "School of Rock." With Bad News Bears, he proves he can waste it, too.
Charlotte Observer
The year's least necessary and most unimaginative remake slogs half-heartedly to its pre-destined conclusion without making a ripple.

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