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7 Jan. 2005
Soldier's Ride
Frankie Jr. was a soldier in the Iraq war. He came home and started a father/son project with his dad, Frank Sr.: rebuilding a 1966 Chevelle. But after Dad and Mom Alma contacted Overhaulin', it quickly became a secret team project.
19 Jul. 2005
Wiley & the Road Runner
John the Joker, as his friends call him, has had a string of bad luck with his love for Mopars. His first Road Runner he totaled, the second he had to sell once they had children, and "his 3rd baby", a 69 Road Runner convertible, needs a new engine.
26 Jul. 2005
The Mad Kidney Donor
Jason was a stockbroker, but when 9/11 hit he lost his job. He's always made ends meet, but never had the money to make upgrades on his truck. Last fall, Jason gave a kidney to his long time buddy, William; William has been looking for a way to thank him
2 Aug. 2005
Bel Air BBQ
Tyson is a 100% all-American guy with only half of a cool car. The Bel Air he purchased two years ago is badly damaged in the rear, with grey primer, while the front has cool retro flames. He'd like to have the car looking sweet to drive to college.
9 Aug. 2005
Tuner Car
Chip Foose and his team create a '95 Honda Civic tuner car. Dylan loves tuner cars and dreams of having a fast, slick Honda with cool paint, a fast motor, racing seats and all the bells and whistles.
16 Aug. 2005
Illegal Fowl
The Overhaulin team steals a 1965 Ford Thunderbird from a Deputy Sheriff, with the help of his wife and his eight teenage children. The lawman is put to the test by the team's pranks, including a very tense moment at the junkyard with a car crusher.
23 Aug. 2005
Ugly Horse
Sixteen years ago an accident left Mike with a broken neck, back,and broken nose. But after rehab, his healthy lifestyle and exercise program impress everyone around him. Watch as his dream of owning a Mustang like "Gone in 60 Seconds" is brought to life
27 Sep. 2005
Ana has a Mustang she adores. Unfortunately, Ana is also dealing with Lupus. Richard, her husband, says that you wouldn't know she was sick because she's so cheery and vibrant and super-excitable; she would totally flip if her Mustang were overhauled!
4 Oct. 2005
Navy Seal
John is an ex-Navy Seal who regards his 1950 Ford truck as the soul of his late best friend, Mitch. His family, his career, and of course, money, always prevented him from working on the truck. His wife thinks it's time to get the gift he deserves.
11 Oct. 2005
Clean LeMans
Fredrick moves from New York to L.A. to find work as a freelance hairdresser, but is still trying to break into the entertainment hair business. His car has been in the garage waiting for some tender love, but financial issues have kept him from it.
18 Oct. 2005
Gabriel is a cheerful and funny guy who makes friends wherever he goes. After Gabriel's daily driver was stolen, his wife Christine would love to surprise him with a cool hot rod.
25 Oct. 2005
As a child, Martin secretly loved his dad's Impala and was crushed when it was sold. Martin's dad bought it back, and Martin still dreams of fixing it up and driving his family around in style.
8 Nov. 2005
Firey Brit
Andrew and Johanna met on vacation; at the time she only had three months to live. Now, years later, the two are happily married, and Andrew wants to make-over Johanna's beloved Magnum to celebrate her life and all of her accomplishments.
15 Nov. 2005
Biggest Beater
Our Overhaulin' judges will select the biggest beater in America and then ask viewers to submit suggestions online for how best to transform the vehicle. And voila! One lucky winner gets a Chip Foose custom car makeover.
29 Nov. 2005
Neighborhood Watching
When Dennis moved to LA 15 years ago, he bought his dream daily driver convertible with his last $4000. His girlfriend says that he's so attached, they will probably have to bury him with the car.
13 Dec. 2005
That '70s Van
Back in 1976, he bought his van brand new and adored it. Today, he focuses on family and friends and has put the van aside. He is always quick to help family and friends, so his daughter thinks it's about time that they did something special for him.
20 Dec. 2005
Leno's Heist
When Jay Leno found out that his part-time mechanic and friend, Dave Killackey and his 1956 Noman were in dire need of help - but couldn't afford the expense himself, he turned to the dynamic Overhaulin' team to make Dave's dream come true.
27 Dec. 2005
The SEMA Show
Daniel loves Mopars and bought a 1972 Dodge Challenger that he and his youngest son could work on as a "Father/Son" project. The car still needs a lot of work and some major new parts. Daniel imagines it in classic Mopar style: orange with stripes.
6 Dec. 2005
The Overhaulin' team has pulled off the ultimate prank: stealing Chip Foose's beloved '56 truck right out from under his nose and overhauled it over the course of four months! A new side of Chip is revealed as the prankster gets pranked!

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