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Absolutely superb

Author: fortean2
16 January 2008

I've only recently watched all five series of Murphy's Law - series 1 started off well but soon became mediocre. Series 2 was better but still not brilliant. All that was to change with series 3 when it all became much darker, grittier and with far superior story lines and scripts. Don't get me wrong, series 1 and 2 are still worth watching, but they are very inferior to series 3, 4 and 5.

James Nesbitt is utterly superb in the role of Murphy - he's totally believable and never lets the viewer down.

Fantastic. If I was only marking series 3 to 5 then I'd give this a 10/10, but it's only fair to judge all five series so far, in which case I reluctantly knock off one mark, so it's 9/10 overall.

Very highly recommended.

And if you want to see James Nesbitt in another excellent series, do give 'Jekyll' a go. It too is fantastic.

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Very gripping detective series with a brilliant James Nesbitt

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
21 April 2010

I wasn't sure whether I would love Murphy's Law, the fact is I do. It is gripping and very well structured, perhaps a little bleak at times, but hey Taggart is bleak as well, well sort of. One thing I like about Murphy's Law is how it is shot. The photography is very well done, and the scenery is atmospheric. The music also adds to the gritty and tense atmosphere that is evident in some episodes. And then all this is coupled with some brilliant writing that is gritty yet intelligent, taut direction and interesting and well structured story lines. But I can't write this review without mentioning James Nesbitt in the title role of Tommy Murphy, a great actor who gives a superb performance throughout, bitter and indifferent, yet we love him for those reasons. Some episodes are indeed stronger than others, but it is like that with almost every show ever in existence. 10/10 for a very gripping detective series, and well worth watching for Nesbitt especially. Bethany Cox

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James Nesbitt at his BEST!

Author: jfcthejock from United Kingdom
16 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Brilliant, what can I say! Fans of police or crime dramas will love this! Fans of Murphy's Law series one and two, will luv' this.

'contains spoiler' However for fans of the first and second series, be prepared for a change! Murphy stays in one role throughout the six-part series to catch gang boss Dave Calard unlike it's predecessors where he played a number of different roles in one series.

James Nesbitt excels as Thomas Murphy, a man distraught over a family bereavement who dosen't care about the risks of a case or role. By the way, there is a fourth series that is about in May 2007. Bring on a fifth series!

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First Season First

Author: Dr Jacques COULARDEAU from Olliergues, France
3 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That series works on a simple but extremely effective formula. The first characteristic is that there is only one plot going on, one investigation, as opposed to most American, and even French, detective series. That enables the episodes to go into detail a lot more and delve into intricate elements of psychology or economic interest, especially since the episodes are about one hour and thirty minutes, twice as long as standard episodes of detective series.. The second interest is that crime is always stated as being some kind of business. And that is fundamental. We think of crime as being asocial or antisocial. It is in a way, but not because it wants to disrupt and destroy society, but because it plays the rules of society in order to get an easy profit out of it. Easy? Way of speaking. Fast for sure. The pilot episode takes us into the business of undertaking and shows how that business can easily become a cover for another deadly and lethal business: heroin in exchange of diamonds, or vice versa if you prefer. "Electric Bill" is beautifully wrapped up so that the first suspect will be revealed as the culprit but after a long hesitating line of exploration and digging out. But this serial killer is only someone who is preparing the big case with little ones so that he is sure the target will pay because he will be frightened. Serial killing as an efficient business procedure. "Kiss and Tell" is funnier because a spa center is transformed into a hunting ground for a female serial killer who is only getting a lot of money out of some rich men who are looking for sexual variety and killing them when she gets the real prize. "Manic Munday" shows that sports, in that case snooker, are nothing but a business but with a lot of "agreements" and "contracts" that are little legal but much profitable for the manipulator. And you can always win when you use kidnapping and killing as a pressurizing argument. Finally "Reunion" shows how some of the clubbing and gambling business in Soho, London, are nothing but born bullies and that they are totally lost when some violence comes against them from an unknown source, when the bully becomes the prey of a vulture. Then you discover these bullies succeeded only because they killed or took advantage of the right person at the right moment in the right place to recuperate some business leverage. But when he is cornered, what's more in public he will only wet his pants, beg and cry. He will become what he always was: a capricious, whimsical child overcompensating some environmental problem by terrorizing his surroundings in order to avoid tears and wet under-wears, if not beds. But the best element of this series – and I will try to put my hand on the subsequent seasons – is that the main police investigator is systematically undercover among the criminals he is supposed to arrest sooner or later. That undercover element makes the dealing with the crime different, more interesting, more intimate even, and it is good to feel intimate with criminals: that may reassure you because criminals are just plain ordinary men and women who just want to make some dough fast. It is also true James Nesbitt is a hell of a cool investigator, as cold as an unmelting iceberg in the furnace of an incinerator.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, CEGID

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Nesbitt really does great role in this best crime TV series!!!

Author: Horrormoviefan-86 from Finland
28 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the best drama/crime television series thats on TV right now, well its taking break (or i hope so). Haven't seen the TV movie that was first made, but I really like the TV-series.

It has everything a good TV-program needs: great actor in lead role, plots are nice and it also has great tunes in it. Unfortunately it hasn't made a lot of awards like it should have, but its worth to even golden globe If you ask me. Never watched really cold feet, but i heard he was pretty good on that too. In this he really goes from nice to cold undercover cop with a nice touch of humor now and then.

Its on DVD so buy it! Its worth it!

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Not for me

Author: woody1950 from Decatur GA
26 July 2011

I'm a huge fan of UK/Irish crime dramas and mysteries, but this one did not work for me. The Murphy character is a cartoon Irishman, shallowly- drawn and made of cardboard. The plots are pretty unrealistic. Murphy is like a character in an Irish joke, a jerk who can out-drink, out-seduce, out-daredevil anybody.

This series is one step above reality TV. I found myself wondering why I should care about whether Murphy gets killed or not. He didn't seem much more likable than the thugs he was out to get.

In every episode, he should, by all rights, be killed, but of course, he squeaks by every time. This series is all bravado and no brains. If you want something with a tiny amount of intelligence and plausibility, look elsewhere. For an Irish drama that's worth watching, I recommend "Single-Handed".

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