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Season 1

16 Apr. 2005
The Big Bang (Pilot)
Character "Charlie Jade" is introduced as a missing persons detective, 01 Boxer as a rich sociopath kidnapper, Jasmine as Charlie's girl friend, and Karl as Charlie's only friend in a world he doesn't know.
After the explosion, Charlie awakes in a desert under the gaze of an unknown young girl. The girl takes him back to civilisation where he meets Karl who takes pity on him. Karl takes Charlie to Cape Town not Cape City as he expects and Charlie begins to explore. He goes to his apartment and discovers it is derelict and condemned. He tries to find his drug dealer but the people at his house have never heard of him. Eventually, after many hours of searching he sees Jasmine and follows her back to a bar where she works. Unfortunately, when he confronts her she does not ...
25 Jun. 2005
Choosing Sides
Charlie decides to find out how O1 Boxer travels between universes and see if he can take him back to the BetaVerse, but O1 gets taken in by the police first. So Charlie impersonates an FBI agent to take control of O1 as a terrorist. The police figure out that Charlie isn't a real FBI agent and are questioning him. Meanwhile Vex-Cor sends in people to take out O1 before he can talk with the police. In the melee that results Charlie takes O1 away for interrogation. After some extensive discussion Charlie seems to trust O1 and is willing to work with him for some reason...
1 Sep. 2008
Through a Mirror Darkly
Charlie and 01 Boxer have an extensive "discussion" before reaching an understanding. A new plot element is introduced that will have extensive implications in future episodes.
30 Jul. 2005
13 Aug. 2005
On the death of Brion Boxer a power struggle, for the control of Vex-Cor, develops between Essa Rompkin and 01 Boxer. Brion leaves his Vex-Cor shares to 01, his son, which gives him control of the company but Essa has him arrested for murder to stop him assuming control. Charlie Jade visits 01 in prison and they make a deal about the link and with the co-operation of Sew Sew Tukarrs, 01 escapes and Essa is arrested. Charlie and Jasmine have a heart-to-heart about their relationship and decide to part as both have moved on as a result of their separation. 01 with the ...

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