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The movie begins with a scene showing a sleeping girl being menaced by a female vampire in her bedroom. The dream is abandoned when the sleeping girl wakes up screaming in the front seat of her father's forest green Jeep Cherokee. She then tells her father that she has had "the same dream again".

"Speeding Crash"

Jenny and her father, Travis, who is at the helm of their forest green Jeep Cherokee, are driving at a steady 5 miles per hour, to an undisclosed location. Suddenly there is an incident. Jenny yells out "DAD!" as the jeep proceeds to plow over a zombie dressed up like a roadside construction worker. The zombie's head goes flying skyward immediately following the impact, though its body still shows a head visibly attached. The audience is then treated to a techno rave ballad as the jeep fades from view, and the beginning credits roll.

"Zombie Hell"

A radio news reporter describes a recent and horrific epidemic of zombiedom that has swept the calm countryside of the once peaceful set of woods with one road and a gas station. The reports indicate that a symptom of said outbreak is "murder". They then pull up beside a stalled car with three occupants: an older woman and two younger women- one of whom is bound and gagged. Ignoring the bound and gagged girl, Travis gives the other girl a lift. This girl is a vampire named Carmilla, or possibly not. This is followed by a very long sequence at a roadside gas-station in which a strange woman in Gothic make-up (possibly a witch or sorceress) hands them a necklace.

"Checking into the Madhouse"

As the gas-station attendant (producer Rob Carpenter) gets sucked into an orgy of violence at the hands of vampires/zombies, Travis, his daughter Jenny, and Carmilla drive off, only to break down further down the road. They are stranded for hours until a guy in a Land Rover drives up. As the driver is turning into a vampire, Travis kills him and uses some of his supplies to fix the jeep. He lets Jenny and Carmilla steal the Land Rover. As Travis drives ahead in the jeep, Carmilla and Jenny indulge in lesbian sex in the commandeered Land Rover. The destination is the original crypt Carmilla had been buried in. Flashbacks of a madhouse emerge, where Carmilla is revealed to be a nurse, and Jenny her insane patient. Later, they make their way to the crypt, where they encounter more zombies/vampires. After the true reality of the situation is revealed, they check into a motel. Bright-red stage blood flows in these gory and surreal scenes, which could be delusional or possibly flash-backs. There is also a vampire-hunter known as 'The General' who may be pursuing them, or possibly, arranging a rendezvous, due to his daughter being kidnapped by a female colleague of Carmilla.

The film ends with a spinning book and the words, "The End".


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