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Thomas Beckett "One in a Million" and Quan Kick Some Tail
The Sniper series is just as good as any action movie that you'd see at a movie theater. Unbeknownst to the neophyte, these Sniper movies are really spy movies and damn good ones, I might add. The series is well produced, adequately funded and high tech. You won't see any bad acting or hear any lame jokes here. Instead, you get evenly distributed bang for your buck.

In the cloak and dagger realm of Sniper 3, you are taken on a mission to modern day Ho Chi Minh, previously called Saigon. The NSA (National Security Agency) has reactivated a former Marine sniper, Tom Beckett, so as to hunt down and neutralize a target, which is connected to a high level mole in the Washington political arena. Has Colonel Dan McKenna, NSA military intelligence, positioned in Washington D.C., picked the right man for this assignment? Also, can we count on William Avery, Deputy Director of NSA, to oversee the operation through to completion? We have our fingers crossed. Beware the Cobra—revere the Mongoose! and learn about an ancient Vietnamese folktale, as your life will depend on it.

The Sniper 3 soundtrack is upbeat and will delight more than a handful of Ravers. Vietnam in the twenty-first century sure ain't what it used to be, and offers a new light juxtaposed with the age-old, dark world of espionage.

Make sure you check out the other Sniper installments, as they are equally worthy.
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A Really Good "B" Action Movie
gazebo16 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, I know. Tom Berenger should be in better movies. This movie is your typical "B" action movie but the acting is much, much better. This time, he has to go back to Vietnam to assassinate a friend who has turned evil. Problem is, Thomas Beckett is older and his sniper skills are not as good as before. Something goes wrong with the hit and Thomas is forced to run for his life. Will Thomas Beckett and the Vietnamese policeman be able to get out of this mess? I liked the scenes of Ho Chi Minh City. I thought the actor that played the good Vietnamese policeman who puts his life on the line to help Thomas was excellent. Tom Berenger, as usual, has a lot of charisma and his acting is very good. Just looking at him, you feel that he is a haunted man who probably feels extremely guilty for doing what he does so well, and that is, killing people with a gun.

This is a good movie to rent and watch if you're in the mood for a good action flick.

I enjoyed this movie very much. But as I said, Tom Berenger should really be in better movie vehicles.
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Finnegan's wake
movieman_kev27 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tom Berenger is once again back on hand as our favorite fictional super sniper, Tom Beckett. This time he's sent back to Vietnam to kill Paul Finnegan, a former soldier, thought dead but gone AWOL. But the government that sends him on the mission isn't really telling him the whole truth.He teams up with the son he never knew he had (it's never said out right, but it's pretty damn obvious) to finish his mission. This movie was actually a good step up from the second one, thanks to the locale, some rather good action, and a better plot overall. I have no clue if a fourth film is being thought up, but if this is the last Sniper film then I'm glad that the series ended on a high note.

My Grade: B+
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I thought it was fantastic.
CynthiaAlvarenga13 July 2004
I liked the casting choices. Of course Tom Berenger is the perfect actor but John Doman, Denis Arndt, William Duffy and especially Byron Mann were convincing in their characters. The Vietnamese cast and crew were phenomenal. I liked the very well-written story, no loose ends. All the information that was told in the story was used with it's conclusions. I like the location choices in Vietnam. I loved the music (WOW). There was a Southeast Asian theme but not over the top stereotypical. The music was hip and matched the screens of the movie. I like the cinematography. The lighting at the dock with Quan and the informant, spooky. Great job, really !!
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Good ending in a very decent trilogy
Bjorn (ODDBear)12 February 2006
Sniper was a solid and moody thriller boosted by some top notch action sequences. Sniper 2 proved to be a very solid sequel and not that far behind the original. Sniper 3 is every bit as good as, if not slightly better, than part 2 as it expands somewhat on Beckett and gives you more of an insight into this interesting character.

Retired Marine sniper Beckett, now teaching this profession, is given a one off assignment; track down an kill and old friend who's been supplying weapons to the enemy.

The action scenes are good, production values surprisingly good, the story is mostly well written and the film is fast paced. These are all qualities that make a decent film and Sniper 3 is definitely a very decent action/thriller. Tom Berenger adds more layers to Beckett's character and gives a very good performance.

The Sniper trilogy is well worth watching, every movie has something going for it.
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Sure it's low budget, but....
samurai_jazz30 April 2008
While this is certainly low budget, the producers and director did something special that set this one apart: they got a good script AND good actors. Tom Beringer and Byron Mann headed up a cast that took what little money was thrown into this movie and brought it up to the level of many films that have found their way into the local cinema. Even surpassed a lot of them. They took a very well written script and squeezed every drop out of it that they could and made a very enjoyable film to boot. Could it have been better? Sure. The production values could have been better if a few more bucks had come their way. But given the limitations: this movie rocked!
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Enjoyed the hell out of this sequel
dima-1218 October 2004
SNIPER 3 is pretty exciting and well-crafted B-flick, shot by promising once-indie filmmaker PJ Pesce who wound up nailing great direct-to-video sequels. The theatrical feature SNIPER opened the nineties and now it seems it was directed by the guy who is way inferior to the ones credited on the sequels. First off it was Craig Buxley who turned SNIPER 2 into a well-made inventive low-budgeteer. Here comes Pesce who adds vintage eighties muscle into the typical Cannon MISSING IN ACTION Vietnam setting. Pesce knows his pulp and is proud to show it. Berenger is experienced and he can do such roles in his sleep while Byron Mann remains one of the greatest underused martial arts heroes after Invincible and BELLY OF THE BEAST.

SNIPER 3 is more than a worth rental.

When it comes to owning it, I recommend buying it when the price drops. A definite VHS pick if you stumble upon it on cable.
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A bit better than Sniper 2 but still has bugs
Usually by the third installment of any franchise, the stories become bland, and the characters: carbon copies and the charm is lost. Sniper 2 (2002) was a mediocre sequel but it did have some things about it that made it enjoyable. I did not favor how the first Sniper (1993), which was a thriller, turned into an action film for the sequel. I did think it was an interesting take, but it wasn't executed properly. I also didn't appreciate the character that Bokeem Woodbine played. His role was more obnoxious than involving.

Here, Tom Berenger once again reprises his role as the callous marine scout sniper, Thomas Beckett. Berenger still has the character down like he did for the last two films but this time the writers address an issue with his health. J.S. Cardone and Ross Helford make it clear in this film that Beckett is no longer the soldier he once was. Because of the trauma that he suffered in the first film, he now suffers from mild muscle spasms in his hand.

This small subplot may upset some viewers because in a way, it's speaking to the audience saying, "this the last time Thomas Beckett will be on screen". It's visible too. Several times it seems like Berenger is making his character look worn and drained of energy to show that Thomas Beckett is getting too old for the career he tries to hold on to. But Beckett's drawn in one more time to execute his new "hit" that was a man he once called a friend. Too bad flashbacks and dream sequences had to be used when Beckett ever focused on these issues. It's not needed.

Co-starring Berenger is Byron Mann playing Quan, a police operative sent to assist Beckett in his assassination. Mann plays his character rather cool and intelligently. The writers even allowed Quan to make a personal connection with Beckett, being that his father was a scout sniper as well. This at least leads to a comparatively easy-going relationship between these two individuals. Its nothing like the stupid quibbles between Beckett and Cole from the previous film.

As for the rest of the film nothing has really changed. I've accepted the fact that no one's going to bother to try and make this a thriller again. There's still lots of things being blown up, several gunshots and the anticipation of the thriller aspect is unfortunately abandoned. However, the fight scene between Quan and one of the main villain's thugs entertained me. Hand-to-hand combat is always cool to watch no matter what.

Also, the location to where Beckett travels is at least a little more lively and it even allowed Tim Jones, the composer, to make his score slightly more engaging than Gary Chang's half-hearted version of the previous sequel. It's not as good as the first, but it seems to me that there was more effort put into the making of this sequel than that of Sniper 2 (2002). So although it didn't satisfy me much more than the last one, it definitely shows improvement.

The second sequel to Sniper (1993) still has the qualities of a bad action film and relies too much on Beckett's rising personal issues. But what makes this one different is its character development and better music.
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Happy Ending
Head_Cheese190329 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great way to end the trilogy. The Vietnam flashback was great, the kills were good, and the dialog wasn't boring. Just one big "oh what the hell that could NEVER happen" in there but it is made up for the sniper kills and nice handgun kills. The rifle he uses, the winchester m70 I think it was, was nice if you're a sniper fan. I really hope they make another sniper because there aren't enough good sniper movies out there, this is definitely one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone who likes sniping.

If you liked sniper 1 and 2 you have to see this one.

in fact I'm gonna go watch it again right now.
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a one in a million shot
disdressed1226 June 2010
while this final installment in the series isn't as good as the previous two,it's still not too's still very just takes much longer too get going and even when it does,it much slower than the other two.the character are not as interesting either.having said that,the movie still entertains.and that last shot has to be seen to be believed.i had to rewind to see it again.that was truly a one in a million shot.of course it wasn't real.but it was still something to see.without that particular scene,i would give this movie a rating of 6.but that one moment actually elevates the movie.for me,Sniper 3 is a 7/10
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