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Highly disappointing

Author: bmn-2 from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
5 June 2004

The Monday Night Wars video is not by any means bad or unentertaining but it could have been so much more. The actual "feature" is about 90 minutes but it could have (and should have) actually been twice that long. They also put too much focus on excerpts from the programs that can be found on other DVDs and videos instead of on the interviews which carry the story.

I also felt the producers went way too easy on BOTH WCW and WWF in terms of the lowball tactics the companies would pull (where was the fake Diesel/Ramon? The Million Dollar contest? Rena Mero's appearance on Nitro strictly as an "audience member"? The Pillman/Austin gun angle?).

The DVD is also a complete letdown as the extras are thoroughly disappointing, the "highlight" being the axing of the entrances from the Hogan-Goldberg match and dubbing in Goldberg's inferior WWE music at the end of the match. Some of the choices for extras are completely baffling as they choose matches that little impact on the "war." Why not show the Rock-Foley match in full? Show more of the nWo angle (instead of the lame "invading the production room" clip they chose)? And hey, how come this feature acts like Sting didn't exist?

And of course, the most annoying feature of the presentation is the WWE's continued insistence on referring to WCW as "Ted"-- as in Ted Turner, the corporate giant whose role in running Time Warner was DRASTICALLY reduced by the time WCW went under. The WWE did beat Turner the entity but Ted Turner the person barely figures into it post-1997. Ted barely mattered in the AOL-Time Warner picture by the time WCW finally capitulated. If anything, if Ted still had serious hand in AOL-TW affairs, WCW still would have been propped up for the sake of cable ratings. It's seriously time for Vince to forget about his long-gotten-old vendetta against Ted. It certainly tarnishes the perspective of this "documentary."

The real highlight of the presentation is the perceptive commentary of Jim Cornette and Mick Foley. Bischoff and McMahon's takes on the situation are also interesting but not because they perceptive. Contrarily, they are often downright laughable (Vince calling down WCW for predatory tactics while completely ignoring that that's how he put Jim Crockett out of business in the late 80s. Eric acting like he was still "making money" when he was fired ignoring that he was foolishly spending money on Master P and The Demon).

In all, the Monday Night Wars is an interesting tale of two companies in conflict but it doesn't capture the full spirit of the ratings war. I only wish that the WWE-owned footage could be used as public domain for an impartial and competent documentary filmmaker. It's a fascinating story that deserves justice.

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Good Wrestling DVD

Author: CandidlyCandid (ragingbull1@live.com.au) from uk
25 February 2009

This is a highly enjoyable wrestling documentary, of the days when WWE Monday Night Raw run by Vince McMahon would clash against WCW Nitro who was led by Eric Bischoff. The two would battle over of course of about five years to try and win the ratings battle each Monday night. This competitive ratings program brought the best out of both WCW and WWE to make and create some of the finest moments in wrestling history. You get to hear from WWE legends and icons, Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels, Cris Jericho and many more. A fairly good documentary, of strategy, performance and determination to win ratings and bound a new winner. Every wrestling fan should give it a watch.

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Tells a story, but not the whole story...

Author: radioannouncer from Charleston, SC
15 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Monday Night War" is a WWE-produced retrospect on the Monday night ratings "war" between the WWF and WCW.

"Raw" was the first wrestling show aired in prime-time, on cable, with a smaller venue, and more grit than the original main-event programming that the WWF had produced before. Before this, WWF was usually a draw at the bigger venues across the country.

WCW continued to produce their shows via the "house" show matches, in the old-style of the NWA...eventually Eric Bischoff came into a position of power, and changed things - making WCW leaner and meaner, for example, co-branding WCW with the MGM Studios Theme Park. "Nitro" was born after that, when the WCW decided to throw their hat into the prime-time television spotlight. WCW's move to compete with the WWF's product ignited a rivalry that actually brought out the best, and worst, in both companies.

"The Monday Night War" gives commentary by people who were there, and knew the inside stories that gave a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes actions that lead to the WWF almost closing shop, and the eventually implosion of the WCW. I enjoyed seeing the wrestlers weigh-in on Bischoff, Vince Russo, and the fiasco behind-the-scenes at WCW - as well as at the WWF camp...

After looking at this DVD, I felt that this story was very one-sided to the WWE's story...it totally vilified the WCW. Where was the footage of WWE's poor tactics, such as the fake Diesel and Razor Ramone? The WWE's wrestlers and others showing up at WCW tapings? IMHO the WWE was made to be the victim in the whole DVD. Truthfully, BOTH sides had dirty hands in the "War".

The extras were good, but not complete...once again, it tilted towards the WWE. Thankfully, they gave us the "Return of Ric Flair" footage and confrontation with Bischoff. I would have liked to have seen the entire "Nitro" finale as an extra, but they only flashed back briefly on that historic episode.

If you are a WWE fan, and favored them during the "War", then you'll enjoy this DVD offering...WCW fans will feel slighted a bit by the portrayal of WCW, but you'll enjoy the comments of former WCW talent. If you were a avid wrestling fan during the "Monday Night War", all-in-all you'll enjoy the material offered up by this DVD. 7 out of 10.

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Raw Vs Nitro

Author: Terryfan from United States
16 March 2015

If you grew up a wrestling fan in the 90s then you know the shows on Monday nights made it Wrestling night.

You had the World Wrestling Federation Monday Night Raw that begin in 1993 on the USA Network then in 1995 World Championship Wrestling begin to air WCW Nitro on TNT leading to the greatest time to be a fan of Pro Wrestling.

The DVD itself to give the Monday Night War justice would have been better if it was a 3 disc set with the matches and promos that drew Nitro and Raw to high ratings.

The DVD has interviews with those who lived through the Monday Night Wars.

They went and interview Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Big Show, Chris Jericho and many others that lived and survived the Monday Night War it gives us an look at what it was like during the time of the biggest era of wrestling when Monday Nights became the day for Wrestling Fans.

And it's really cool to see early footage of the Original Raw and Nitro episodes and watching the footage of WWF and WCW made you feel like you were back in the day.

It just so cool to relive what is what made Wrestling a great time and to be a fan to boot.

The Monday Night War really does a good job for giving us some history into how the war begin plus hearing many interesting stories about both companies

This is a DVD that would make any fan of Wrestling proud.

I give The Monday Night War: WWE Raw vs WCW Nitro an 10 out of 10

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Good, but something's missing...

Author: mikalindg from Finland
17 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a good documentary about the rise of two wrestling companies... and how only one them got the win on Monday night wars. documentary told very specifically about the amazing rise of WCW and how it almost got WWE out of business. The storytelling was OK, but the biggest reason why WCW lost the battle haven't been told. And something else was missing too... Something that I just cant get my finger on. But however, the interviews of Bischoff and the other WCW AND WWE guys were just great. I wanna quote Bischoff now; It was a great example when something just works. Very ambitious documentary, but, I must say it again, there is something missing.

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Very Entertaining Documentary

Author: connor-macgregor from United Kingdom
17 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In my opinion i found this very entertaining.Telling the story about WCW's History and WWE's History.I found the entire story interesting to watch because the Monday Night Wars as we know it changed the face of Wrestling Forever.It missed a lot of things out like the Austin/Pillman Angle which was a very entertaining part of The Monday Night Wars.WCW were in the lead at the start but all they cared about were Ratings and even when they started to lose they still thought they were winning.Eric was selfish at the time and i was glad WCW ended in 2001 cause WWE was going strong at the time and won it after WCW went bust.Overall interesting documentary

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A Must For ALL Wrestling Fans

Author: gibranm
9 April 2005

I feel this is without a doubt the most comprehensive DVD covering a time when you were proud to be a wrestling fan. It was a time when you were actually spoiled for choice on which superstar was the best as both WWE and WCW had great superstars. Having grown up watching both shows I knew just about everything that was covered in this DVD but I never expected to see every significant moment in that time period covered in such great detail and in the order they happened in. As they say all good things must come to an end and I certainly miss flicking channels in between to see what was happening on the other show, therefore I'm grateful to get my hands on this DVD. If you're like me and miss the good old days of WWF Attitude, DX, NWO, Rocky Sucks, Goldberg's streak, Austin vs McMahon and the Montreal Screwjob to name a few, get your copy of this DVD NOW!

For all those who criticize this by saying it wasn't comprehensive enough, just be grateful a documentary about this rivalry was made at all. First of all, I'm sure it must have touched on old wounds for everyone involved (don't forget this was an actual ratings war) and secondly if they were to include EVERY significant moment that happened it would have probably ended up like the Kill Bill movies (which was divided into two movies because the final film was too long). With these two factors in mind I think WWE did a reasonable job capturing the rivalry in general. Don't forget the mark of a great film is it leaves you wanting more.

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