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Plot Keywords

police undercover
state police criminal
mole informer
investigation irish american
double life arrest
boston police officer
undercover cop organized crime
danger irish mafia
mafia friend
mobster bloodbath
police cadet badge
restaurant leather jacket
torn shirt prescription
policeman uniform alleyway
psychiatrist gunfight
taiwan irish slur
text message prison
humiliation wind chime
photograph watching an opera
stabbed with an ice pick gas station
blood no title at beginning
sex in bed racial slur
dead man high heels
hands tied behind back main character shot
dark humor wiretapping
tattoo spy
robbery stabbed in the chest
psychoanalysis espionage
screaming flashback
ice cream parlor long take
ambush nudity
extramarital affair car accident
oxycontin parallel montage
racism one million dollars
abandoned building school bus
mercilessness drugs
murder witness housing project
self inflicted gunshot wound stabbing
tough guy running
drug trade car crash
chinatown boston apartment
swamp wound
bloody nose underwear
wedding ring theatre box
dinner date reference to william shakespeare
molotov cocktail falling from height
kiss cop killer
bitterness obscene finger gesture
ethnic hatred brunette
slap guilt
cult film gangster
warrant police car
flash camera black panties
eating pregnancy
mob violence remake
killing apartment building
drunkenness flowers
porno theater pakistani american
cranberry juice boat
spanking computer
thong racial prejudice
polish slur shot in the leg
bra irish gangster
reference to james joyce interview
food blowing smoke rings
deerfield massachusetts prologue
kitchen impotence
mob boss chinese american
dock rage
shot in the knee graveyard
counter espionage bleeding to death
shower state trooper
chinese mob pursuit
pills captain
chinese slur coffin
ambulance photography
nun homeland security
slide show irish mob
beeper watching tv
penitentiary brawl
confession criminal syndicate
self deception lawyer
reference to john lennon fire
liar beating
cleavage mentor
shootout prostitute
kicking knife in the chest
gun dealer ira
killed in an elevator handcuffs
street shootout montage
rain money
fondling home
news report golf club
asian gangster broken arm
strangulation triad
nasa deception
explosion scantily clad female
angel costume assault and battery
magnifying glass heroin
police surveillance mobile phone
pride hideout
blood spatter suicide thoughts
accidental killing opera
jail police station
shooting realtor
shot in the forehead punched in the face
infidelity pain
shot in the face fbi agent
cd killer
menstruation diner
van interrogation
lie sex scene
mob hit sonogram
doubt governor
thrown from a building silencer
beaten to death fight
telephone call ethnic slur
boyfriend girlfriend relationship massachusetts state trooper
torture shot in the chest
murder arson
tv monitor kneed in the crotch
car breaking down a door
job promotion comic book
vagina reference to knights of columbus
street gang severed hand
reference to abraham lincoln kissing while having sex
translator blood stain
rooftop ice pick
destruction dead woman on a beach
blood on shirt suffolk county massachusetts
informant product placement
mind game heart attack
no opening credits surveillance camera
flag draped coffin multiple murder
corruption blonde
waterfront black american
death of protagonist pool table
christian bar
cocaine gun
bridge begging to be killed
firefighter hospital
lingerie boston massachusetts
battering ram documentary footage
reference to jesus christ elevator
police corruption singing
city microchip
cemetery unsubtitled foreign language
opera house gay slur
baggage handler earphones
funeral police raid
crime epic baseball cap
water beacon hill boston
disfigurement gore
panties airport
uncle nephew relationship bag
head injury microphone
crying anger
criminal gang cell phone
burial military secret
friendship cd player
graffiti policeman
reference to sigmund freud shot on location
broken hand grave side ceremony
shot in the head pistol
remake of chinese film domestic violence
black humor hand bandage
brutality puerto rican american
car set on fire swimming pool
female nudity beating a hand with a shoe
love flashback within a flashback
head butt reference to bruce lee
convenience store old man
caller id exploding car
dying bloody violence
lost identity police internal affairs
social security number snitch
watching a movie drinking
chase execution
italian american two way mirror
bedroom patriot act
hitman chinese mafia
fistfight drug deal
beach bag of money
elite team bouncer
police funeral jealousy
subway standoff
fbi limousine
duffel bag falling in love with one's analyst
reference to macbeth abandoned warehouse
police badge target practice
broken glass irish accent
reference to nathaniel hawthorne revolver
thug garrote
rampage gloves
shot to death cigarette lighter
valium drawing on a table cloth
drug dealer african american
romantic triangle dead woman
detective cigarette smoking
police officer killed father figure
remake of asian film river
knife critically acclaimed
shotgun man with glasses
harvard university tunnel
main character dies violence
cafe golf
singer ethnic conflict
china surveillance
machine gun train
switchblade church
death iris shot
scream police academy
witness two word title
police staff sergeant police shootout
uzi gunshot wound
cop against cop hit over the head with a bottle
crime boss date
police sergeant infertility
mexican standoff insurance money
dunking face into a bowl of ice reference to notre dame university
indian american held at gunpoint
drawing corrupt cop
whistling double cross
betrayal police training
warehouse scottish accent
drug addict crime scene
death of friend death of mother
title spoken by character surprise ending

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