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seveleniumus6 August 2010
There's nothing much to say about this one - no point, no reason, no entertainment. The premise is OK, but it gets boring after about the second deed and there is ten of them so do the math... All characters are very underdeveloped and you literally know nothing about them, you think that American pie knock-offs(and if you think it's not a knock off you seriously need to see a doctor, because it makes that crystal clear from the first minute of the movie) would get at least the basics right, but this one fails even at that. There's some weird thing going on with the nudity in this movie where in some parts it acts like it's PG-13 and in other ones - a big red R, I didn't get that at all, my guess is that something probably got mixed up during the editing... The message near the ending is horrible and idiotic too.

So skip this worthless mess of a film, go re-watch American pie, hell, re-watch Porkys while you at it, seriously, there's no comedy to be found in this one, guys, JUST SKIP IT.
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It's plain Refreshing
raven_simthos11 August 2006
Dirty Deed's It's a fun and cool movie, really exciting to watch, but I believe that overall this movie is just another Cliché High-school comedy, everything you'd expect from one of these movies, and what you see is what you get, but don't label this move for what it is, I think it's awesome and the best High School movie out there. Watch pretty boy Zach go over the most grotesque, weird and amazing deeds and have fun watching it. Don't believe all the Up-tights reviews and rates you see out there for this movie, I think that they are way to low for what this movie truly deserves, but you be the boss, I say you give this movie a chance.

I would have no problem watching this movie again and again, by myself or friends, If you ask me it's laugh out loud.
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Porkys meets American Pie meets Cant Hadly Waite etc
Richard Brown25 January 2006
It's end of High School year time and it's prank night!! Mix in porkys and all the other modern day high school movies and this is what you get.

It's about a guy who takes on the 10 dirty deeds, it hasn't been done for years and the last person to complete them all was about 13yrs ago and for the last bunch of years no one has tried and before that some only managed to do a few.

Has everything you expect, dorks, jocks, pot heads, white guys pretending to be black, house party thrown by a freshman trying to get in with the seniors, thick cops, boob shots, ditsy cheerleader types. and 10 pranks to be done by one guy All been done before and been done better, but still it's quite watchable.
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Great Concept = Horrible Outcome
thx270027 August 2005
SPOILERS!! Dirty Deeds is a mess of a movie. It strives to be like the great High School comedies of the past like American Pie, but in the end it falls flat on it's face without even starting. The jokes are far and few. And it seemed like the only people that would laugh at them are 12 year olds. But in a theater full of high school students not much comedy in the film is found amusing.

First off the movie deals with stereotypes that most high school don't have anymore. there are the villainous jocks, the wannabe gangstas, the goths that seem to always be on school grounds after dark, and there are the guys who want to prove to the jocks that they are not all that. The movie tries capture realistic high school but stereotypes stops that from ever happening. The first scene in the film made me lose all hope that this would be a somewhat good flick. A steroid infested jock drives on top of another person's car with his truck after having his parking stolen. Which is totally stupid and unbelievable.

The actors either overacted or did not act at all. The lead characters looked like they were reading from cue cards the entire time. And the secondary characters acted like they were in a lead role because the timing of their face reactions and emotions were way off. for instance the guy who hosted the party had his eyebrows move in all directions anytime the camera was on him, which again stole any realism from the film. Also there was the guy who was "suppose to" play a huge wrestling team captain, but his end result was the Incredible Hulk on crack.

To make matters worse the deeds themselves end up to be totally retarded. One of them is to steal a corpse from the morgue and put it in the middle of the field. Another was to steal an expensive car. What person in the right mind would do stupid things like this. Because in the end the cops are going to find out that he committed these crimes for the sheer fact that you name is going to be plastered everywhere around the school the next day. The movie leaves you with more questions than answers. and believe me there are NO answers for this movie. The end is completely stupid for the fact that the mob "somehow" gets involved and blows the entire movie out of proportion.

One ad campaign for this film read that it was "American Pie on Speed" Ans it is true it is American Pie on speed, crack and every other drug and the end result is one hangover of a film. The movie gets lost in it's own concept that I could find no one who enjoyed this movie.

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heavyd_dawg17 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is as funny as starring at a wall for several hours.The people who say this movie is funny were obviously stoned out of there mind to the point where making a dumb face or noise is funny.

The acting...well there's no word to describe how bad the acting is in this movie.It seemed as if everyone was just standing around reading their lines out of the script.It was so bad I was actually waiting for a scene where they could be seen holding the script.

Some of the deeds concepts were very good and could of been very funny.However the acting was so bad and the actors seemed so uninspired that my face actually cringed several times when the movie attempted to be funny , and eventually got stuck like that for the entire movie.

Anyone who says this movie is funny should seek help or lay off the drugs.
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I really enjoyed it! I liked the idea of the ten deeds and thought Milo was pretty cool!
steve-207529 August 2005
Pretty good. I really liked the movie. I got involved in the first few minutes and it got better and better.

I'd call it a 9, not a 10 but definitely entertaining, witty and had a great soundtrack.

The cast was first rate, and I think I've seen them all before

I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a fun movie and likes to laugh a lot.

The deeds were all pretty cool, and it got better and better.

If you're looking for a date flick, then go see this one.

I was with 3 other people and we all laughed about it afterwards.

I think it'll do great nationally. And people that don't go to see it now, will all see it later.

It'll be a classic in a few years.
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Grade A Horse ****
John Russell26 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Save yourself the 2 hours (or however long it was, too long in my opinion) and watch something better than this trash. Dirty Deeds is called an "American Pie like comedy" but comes absolutely NOWHERE NEAR CLOSE to American Pie.

A bunch of high school seniors come together as one brave senior attempts to complete every "dirty deed" as per tradition requests. Some of which include ejaculating into bread, stealing a car (OMG these kids are bad to the bone), and finding the only other grad to complete the deeds. The film is revolved around this plot, and many, MANY unnecessary sub-plots which it could have easily gone without.

First off, the sub-plots are completely unnecessary and add absolutely nothing to the story. One of which involves a freshman wanting to get with an attractive senior girl, but fails, then (go figure) gets with her! Sweet lord I didn't think it would happen! No no no, in Dirty Deeds, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! EVEN STEALING A CAR WORTH MORE THAN $100,000 AND HAVING THE GUY WHO ACTUALLY OWNS IT NOT CARE THAT THE KID STOLE IT! The acting was horrible. Through another sub-plot we watch Zach try to get with Meg, and she keeps pushing him away because she wants to protect her brother who she thinks Zach is turning into a bad kid. Then at the end, we see Meg actually has feelings for Zach, WHAT A SURPRISE. Cliché love sub-plot in a teen "comedy"? Oh, you better believe it! What a joke. What a joke of a movie. I sat through this and couldn't wait for it to be over, I'd rather watch paint dry or snow melt. Anything is more entertaining than this garbage.

0/10. I wish IMDb had a lower rating system.
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Another Bad Teen Comedy
Nicolaas13 August 2007
I really wanted to like this movie, and I do believe that a can appreciate a movie for what it is - but this movie just stinks...

The script is lame and even the deeds are rather boring. The acting is terrible and the casting is even worse, like for example the Bad Jock who looks more than a make-up wearing drama student! All the typical stereotypes are in here, but they seem to know their stereotypes! I thought the concept was kinda interesting, but they didn't make it work, and then the movie is plagued by really unnecessary nudity (and for me to say nudity is unnecessary is a big shock!)

So, lets sum it up – its not funny, don't bother with this one!
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Great movie, underrated and over-critiqued.
Frank Varone1 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is great. I don't know what you think about high schools, but there has always been a generalization about them that is included in this movie. Have you not been to school, or are you just mentally retarded? These stereotypes do, in fact, exist to an extent. Wow, a movie exaggerates something, that's the first time that's ever happened! There are great parts within the movie that make you laugh, and although it isn't full of punchline type jokes the movie itself is funny. It is a great movie, full of suspense and situational humor.

In the main review of the page, it was written that the person hosting the party ruined it with his acting. His eyebrows were moving apparently. Have you ever seen someone getting their house trashed? I'd suspect that they would be nervous. And if you've ever seen someone who's nervous, they often twitch. WOW! His eyebrows twitched, why watch the rest of the movie? What's the point?!?! Someone's eyebrows twitched!

This movie was underrated, it was a great movie with a great plot and ending.
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Fantastic Movie
damnyouvilewoman1525 October 2007
This movie is so good. I don't know why i loved it so much. Milo Ventimiglia is fantastic. Lacey Chabert is awesome. and the rest are all GREAT!!!. this movie has everything from teen nudity to Geometry. it's a good atmospheric movie. Anyone who loves the show heroes should watch this because u see a different side of Milo Ventimiglia. A fun side and a happy side. the movie starts out good. all about these 10 dirty deeds u have to do before homecoming. pretty funny stuff. up to the scene where Milo is jacking off in the toilet cubicle. that was hilarious. now i must admit. the show is about one night. but in every scene... No place is closed. except for the morgue. even the hotel bar is open and people are flooding through. now at 4am.. Thats not very realistic. but aside from that it's a fun movie. a must see for any heroes fan and any Teen. 10 out of 10 IAB
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Not another teen movie
view_and_review1 March 2007
"Dirty Deeds" was a funny movie with teens doing what they do best: lust after girls, party, and get in trouble.

Zach Harper (Milo Ventimiglia) has agreed to do the notorious 'dirty deeds'. They are 10 dares to be done in 12 hours. The deeds get increasingly hard as he completes them, all the while every kid in the school is keeping track and rooting for or against him.

It's a typical senseless, check-your-brain-at-the-door, teenage comedy adventure. The movie is complete with every high school stereotype. There is some good comedy, a bit crude at times, but that is to be expected. It's nothing to go out of your way to see, but its cool for an uneventful night.
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Dirty Effort.....
kooleshwar24 June 2014
This could have been your standard adult-teen-rom-com.

But from the onset it reeks of indifference.

The entire team moves through the movie like zombies, as if all they could care about is the paycheck at the end.

Common how difficult is it to make a formulaic film and enjoy it???.

We the audience enjoy it, we know what were getting into when watching such movies and more often than not.... we enjoy ourselves.

But everyone in this movie comes across as bored but still trying to be cool.

The premise of the movie isn't bad, 10 dirty deeds is more than what some movies have been made on, but the potential has been squandered.

The stereotypes, which are critical for this genre, go through their roles with absolute lack of conviction.

The energy levels are very low starting with the Protagonist who acts like he couldn't give a f^&k.

The raunch levels are enough to get an R rating but not enough to being anywhere near gratifying. It doesn't help when all the wrong people are showing their boobs either.

The finale is absolutely pointless and makes us feel like losers by deriding the very foundation that adult teen comedies are based on (people do stupid things once in a while ...and its OK).

The only good thing going for this movie is that its short and you don't really ever get bored.

-s misguided attempt at epic scenes, abysmal energy levels, shoddy acting.

+/-s the protagonist is already the cool guy.

+s short and doesn't really get torturous or boring.

The ratings are more a function of the directors previous film which I consider one of the genre classics.

The studios have punished him for this effort and we can contribute too by putting this movie low on our watchlist.
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gavin69428 July 2013
An American Pie-like teen comedy in which a high school senior (Milo Ventimiglia) tries to become the first student in years to complete the Dirty Deeds, an outrageous series of challenges that must be completed by the Homecoming banquet at 9 a.m.

The best thing about this film is the inclusion of Bowling for Soup's song "Almost". The second best thing is having Lacey Chabert in a supporting role -- she deserves far more screen time than she gets.

Beyond that, it was hit and miss. Some have categorized it as a raunchy comedy in the vein of "American Pie", and I have to agree that this was probably the primary inspiration for such a film. However, I would say this one had a bit less raunch (despite the bread incident) and that gives it a bit more class in my book.
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Don't waste your time
snelson72 January 2006
After reading the comment by Frank Varone and steve-2075 It sounded like a movie i would probably like,"NOT" How Frank Varone and steve-2075 watched this movie and left that review is beyond me,i think they saw a different movie or made this movie,this movie is in my opinion a poor attempt at making a high school animal house, acting is terrible along with the plot,You have to wonder who would even fund a project like this? to read that script and say wow this is good.After the first five minutes your ready to scream at the scene it so stupid.Use the hour and half that you would waste on this movie doing something else.Like telling others to not see it..
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I thought the movie was cute
Full_Frontal_Nerdity5 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I disagree with the reviews of this movie for a number of reasons .I have seen movies with less of a plot line win awards. Maybe its because i am an 80s kid and always will be but I thought the movie was funny entertaining and reminded me of 80s high school movies . I realize that most of the movies from the 80s are not as sophisticated as the ones that are out now however that does not make them less credible.Basically what I am trying to say is that this movie is not for this generation but if you are around thirty or just turning thirty this movie will be entertaining .You must however take into consideration that it is not a high budget film.If you take this movie seriously then your not going to laugh just sit back and remember what it was like when high school was cliché
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plenty of films like this: even HEATHERS
dantonstl11 July 2016
poor me...I'm pretty bored in Provo. I had some bad interaction with new staff and a sweet potato retard that had existed previously... you see, I wanted entertainment since I knew I was going to be workin hard...as I always do when in Utah. so I surfed through interesting things revolving around who might be awesome...it took watching this to even give KNOCK KNOCK a chance starring Keanu Reeves. Its a movie just like all the other viewers have told you....its not meant to be a spoof LIKE The SUPERHERO MOVIE or any of those others like EPIC MOVIE and stuff...which are all pretty much lumped together as far as quality. I was pretty stunned to see the actor that ends up being with lacy chebert do so well.. hes' not the best actor but will get better...I'm sure with the right castmates hede be more versatile than Topher Grace with a gun in Double Jeopardy.
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Jeffrey Cheng24 May 2015
Worst movie hands down i have ever seen in my life.

You are introduced to a bunch of mid twenty year olds trying to play it off as seniors, and expect to know them. Absolutely no character development and the entire plot was disorganized.

Stupid idea, just some punk doing deed after deed. Get's extremely boring considering there are ten of them.

The ending is worthless cheesy crap.Just save yourself and watch an at least decent movie. Heck go watch Hannah Montana for all i care, just don't watch this. Complete disgrace to all movies in the world, the director and actors should be banned from the industry for life.

I want 2 hours of my life back.
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Great Movie
Crazydog272723 August 2006
This Movie excellent i don't know why this person is saying the quality is poor i've seen this the movie and it is great to see if you are looking for something fun to watch. After saw i wanted to see it again now ithink i am going to buy it on DVD. Try to see this movie it is worth-seeing. 10 out of 10 and if you do a review on this movie that is saying it is bad your review is probably AB (IAB) If you haven't seen this movie then at least see it for yourself before reading a persons bad review on this page. A movie is only good as someone wants it to be. If it makes you glad at the end like this movie does, it is worth the time to sit down and watch it.
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Room Still Stinks from the Effluvia Emmited from this Turd
Fritz_Gerlich15 July 2006
The reviewers giving this movie decent or sublime reviews should be ashamed. They are trying to manipulate people. I usually only see that kind of garbage on download.com, but I guess marketing hacks are everywhere...

Watching this reminded me of rubber-necking at the seen of a car accident. Its sad and tragic to behold and you feel really bad for the people involved, but its hard to look away.

It's obvious this movie was sold and funded without anyone actually having read the script, if it even exists at the time. "Its porky's meets Amercian Pie meets Ferris Beuller...yeah that sounds sell-able, cut the check." The script is REALLY REALLY bad. It seems like the 'writers' weren't even trying. Giant plot holes, characters with zero humanity/depth, a complete lack humor, nothing novel/interesting, and perpetually cringe inducing dialog. They cant even get the clichéd character archetypes right.

Then there is the casting. I hate watching 30-somethings pretending to be teens (they don't 'act' like teens because these corpses cant act). Although, watching the lead struggle with his Bell's palsy (drooping mouth on one side of the face) is interesting. And speaking of droopy, there is 8 seconds of tit-tie shots in this movie.

The photography is just nasty. Ugly locations, p*ss-poor lighting, bad framing, inconsistent color palette, etc etc. The DoP should really hope no one notices his name or watches this on HD.

There are a couple of highlights on the DVD though. In the bonus features you get to see the actors lying through their teeth about how much they loved this project and you get to see Charles Durning explain why he took the role. "Why did I choose this role? Well, when I was younger I remember asking Henry Fonda how he chose his roles. He said 'I take whatever is offered and I don't ask questions'. Thats what I do." Hey, at least he is honest.

Anyway, the people who made this film should be unemployed. There are so many talented people and great projects desperately searching for funding its a travesty that this thing was give million(s) and found shelf space at my DVD shop.
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decent if Ur up late at night nothing better to watch
youngwoz2121 June 2007
it is solid with the dude from American pie band camp and Lacey Chabert who is just sexy. but what makes this movie decent isn't the scenes with Zach or lacy its the football players and the principal that made this movie and honestly i am an insomniac and i cant stand watching something thats not new when incant sleep thats the best tie for a flick like this no doubt low budget and poorly Written but the scenes with the football players are absolutely hilarious u will hopefully think the movie is OK with the lack of actual party and real suspense but hey what do u expect watching a movie called dirty deeds when i clicked on it i thought it was porn . i was surprised with the acting from some of these actors but you haver to be pleasantly surprised with this movie enjoy the flick and all that it comes with hopefully
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By the numbers teen flick...
ccmiller14924 April 2006
Dirty Deeds is a by the numbers (literally) teen flick. There are ten deeds to be done by the high school senior challenger (Ventimiglia)twelve hours before Homecoming. Milo Ventimiglia is a promising young actor who deserves better than this. I'd much rather see him in something about the Borgias or the Medicis. Failing that, a Shakespearean role, even Romeo. But this tired rehash of a teen flick does nothing to show his talent. Fortunately, it won't be long before he is too old to play this type of role and then finally viewers may get a chance to see him do something worthwhile. There is little to be said for this witless enterprise whose only redeeming feature is Mr. Ventimiglia's always striking presence wasted in a hackneyed role. I must admit, though, I got a laugh out of the DVD disc which showed a piece of whole wheat bread with a hole in the middle where the DVD hole is, reflecting the perfectly innocent loaf of bread that was sexually violated in the film!
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one word describes this movie-douchebag
wonka1116 December 2006
This movie premise is quite simple, one outcast kid is going to undertake a series of very difficult tasks to win the gorgeous girl. Many opportunities for comedy are present here, but unfortunately none are taken.

ahh, if only a 0 rating were possible. This movie is beyond terrible. I am one who will enjoy a garbage movie simply because it is funny how bad it is, but in this case... there is nothing to laugh about. I don't want to say this movie didn't have any effort put into it, because it quite obviously did. I can tell that many people did their best to see just how terrible of a movie they could air on public television. let me be the first to congratulate them, the hard work has paid off.

I am sorry, i don't mean to say that no comedy is in this movie, you just need to look for it during the serious parts of the movie, that is when the real comedy is to be had. My favorite part of the movie is when an explosion happens, if you watch carefully, you can see a fire start, then get completely put out by unknown forces, and explode into flames one more time. The most brilliant and deeply developed character in this film is the "Biff" like character, who has lines like "mmm, blood, i cant wait to taste his blood." , and "...please don't yell at me mommy." If you are looking for a movie to tell everyone not to watch, you have found it. it has even coaxed me into writing my first review to hopefully warn the masses.
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Cosmic sin
We_will_bury_you6 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There are people who gave this movie positive reviews. They are wrong. I'm not 30 minutes in, but short of the screen writer, director, DP,PAs, best boy and gaffer dying and being replaced by better people I see no sign of it improving. The actors are blameless because, though terrible, they needed the pay check. I started watching this movie not to see something mindless, but to see something bad. What i got surpassed my expectations of what bad could be. I'd rather watch a cherished family pet die slowly than watch this movie, but for science I will finish it. Please I am a hero, you are just a lowly civilian; do not try and do what I am doing. It will just end in tears.
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Worst Movie Ever!!!
jesustitstheoriginal21 June 2006
YUCK! I'm convinced that those writing in positive reviews for this movie are either in some way closely connected to the studio that produced it, or derive some sort of sadistic pleasure from torturing others. This movie is god awful. You have seen everything in this movie done before, but better. This movie is so bad I joined IMDb for the sole purpose of warning any and all, that this movie was a complete waste of time. It seems that the writers took a great deal of effort ensuring a complete void of suspense. This movie has a total lack of humor or any spark of imagination. This is not the kind of movie you rent to watch just because it's so bad, it's the kind that leaves you feeling with a sense of hollowness and causes you to fear for the future of mankind.
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In Heroes he has power....not so much in here
Paul Celano (chelano)3 August 2010
This was an OK movie. It had an interesting story none a less. The end of the school year is here and it is time for the 10 dirty deeds. 10 horrible pranks done every year. But only one man has made it through all 10 and has disappeared. But now it is time for Milo Ventimiglia to try. This movie to me seemed like a teen movie, but with a better story line. It didn't really have a lot of comedy, but it was interesting to watch. I do really wish that they showed more of the dirty deeds since that is what the movie was about. But they really rushed them. The last few more more in depth, but that was it. These types of movies are usually made for fun. They are not made to be best comedy of the year. They are just made for a certain audience and to try to make more money than it cost to make it. So the movie was OK and that is just about it.
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