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Season 1

22 Jun. 2004
Episode #1.1
Twelve spoiled-rotten luxury-addicted girls are told at an LA mansion the dream prince they'll rival for isn't there, but in Australia. After a flight to Sidney a small plane is to be boarded, and left by parachute. In a Western Australian bush camp they meet Outback Jack, a gentleman Tarzan. Marissa failed to follow his advice and is flown out with sunstroke. Jack gives safe, yet scary survival classes and charms them all, yet one decides to leave and one of the three eliminated airheads claims relief to be returned to city life.
29 Jun. 2004
Episode #1.2
Jack takes the remaining glamor girls canoeing, bumbling in pairs and scared of everything even before the water gets wild. He dives in to rescue them then walks "on point" through crocodile infested water. He shows the hens Sharon's 'chook farm'. Bare-hand fishing determines who dines with him and three others, the rest gut the fish. Marissa cheats, so despite loosing she gets a kiss too. After campfire interviews, only six may stay.
Episode #1.3
On a bush ride by 'bull-catcher' jeep, Jack presents the six remaining girls a dehydrated python 'puppy' (even stronger then himself) and his reptile-minded mate Philby. JD tells them they must vote one out behind Jack's back- Marissa knows that must mean her. She gets one way out: the aboriginal tribe Jack presents them to chooses a fit mate for him, which can't be voted out. She comes second there, but once off JD whispers she's not going 'home'.
Episode #1.4
To Jack and his selection's surprise, five athletic local 'Adventure Girls' arrive by parachute and abseiling. They get to challenge the US city team for a spot by an obstacle course race, which they win, albeit after a surprising effort. Jack has to let Mary go. He chooses to admit silent Mere-Di, who after a private dinner wins his sympathy. Then JD announces a luxury trip to Perth, with one drawback: Jack must send another girl home before suffering the fashionistas' dream-life.
Episode #1.5
Before Perth, Jack must eliminate - not newcomer Mer-Di, but, unromantic Adrienne. A limousine drives them to luxury hotel suites, the girls' heaven. For Jack a make-over is hell, especially when they drag him to the spa, only the painful waxing he takes without complaint. Maria sneaks into Jack's suite. Each girl gets a private date, some intimacy, Natalie even his trophy necklace. None of the four accepts a two weeks stay as step-out bonus, so Jack must eliminate again - exit Courtney. Back in bug camp, JD presents the boomerang: Marissa is back!
Episode #1.6
Jack brings the quartet to his mate Johnny's crocodile farm for scary, 'intimate' chores. Next they must track Jack, who's actually at a pub, in pairs in order to win a trio date by helicopter. Yet Jack must select one dinner partner - returnee Marissa, whose unladylike behavior provoked everyone. Next morning, elimination time again - exit Mere-Di.
Episode #1.7
Jack takes the trio on horseback to a luxury holiday resort run by his beloved and doting mother Lori, who interviews his prospective brides together. Then each dates Jack. JD brings videos from the girls' US families. Lori suggests 'ambitious aristocrat' Marissa may fit best. After interviews, Jack eliminates Maria, tearfully as never before.
Episode #1.8
Jack brings his finalists by balloon to the Indian Ocean coast. Each gets to play and dine him a day and evening while the other bites their nails. Cheeky Marissa he takes diving and flying over the coast, playful 'princess' Nathalie quad riding. After a last night and personal interviews, he makes his final choice, intended for life. He sails away into paired-up life with- Nathalie.

 Season 1 

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