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No wonder it only lasted a single season...

Author: TheTailorsDaughter from United States
13 August 2010

Ugh. This show was okay, and fun to see illustrated/animated versions of certain comedy bits, however, the babies were NOT funny. I don't know if they let those comedians write for themselves or what, but they were terrible. I always muted the t.v. when they were on. Most of the stand up bits were very well done but, again, there were issues with poop and genitalia or sexual connotations that the original comedian I'm sure didn't intend. They'd finish off a funny bit they had animated pretty well with some gross-out animated bit that had little or nothing to do with the actual stand up bit. Then they'd go to the stupid babies who would try "Mystery Science Theater-ing" the bit and fail miserably. I'm guessing it's hard to face listening to actually funny comedians when Patrice O'Neal and Nick DePaolo are so painfully unfunny themselves. I'm also glad Comedy Central dropped the "street/urban" feel by re-imaging to something a bit more modern and (hey, why not) funny. And we must thank them for bringing back Futurama.

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Great Idea and funny material!!

Author: zanderman15 from United States
21 January 2007

This show is perfect!! Every time you hear a stand-up comic say something funny you instantly try and visualize what they just said. This show does the exact thing...perfectly.

This show is great for introducing you to comics you might not have heard of and also uses one of the best parts of their routines and puts a picture in front of your face. From Dane Cook to John Pinette.

So basically this show is of 2 babies watching TV. What they see on TV is what the comics say. They only use maybe 1 minute or so with each comic before the station is changed and a new comic is introduced. Through this you witness what the situation might have been like and make it funnier with the artwork.

Definitely worth a try for anyone who loves comics or loves to laugh and always in the mood for a good joke. Not everyone will like this show however. Like some other guys posting comments about this show. The artwork isn't the best done and can get annoying some of the time but the comic material is what drives it home. Sadly however this show has been taken off the air and you'll have to wait for re-runs. Or look it up on tuber.

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funny gross-out stuff

Author: antifilmworks
24 January 2005

Being a fan of animated comedy I think this show is hilarious. The babies banter with the way they are drawn make great hosts to the show. And having them step out on adventures talking like jaded New Yorkers is great. Its like the South Park kids but babies and in New York with different names. Now, give the show some time and maybe the laugh factor will get up to the SP level but for now its funny.

The stand up bits are hit and miss but the animation that comes with it, at times, is laugh out loud funny. In all this a brilliant idea and but show is new and still working out the kinks so give it some time. But out of the gate its a hell of a lot better than most out there. Good job comedy central! Keep it up. But definitely get rid of Draw Together, that show sucks!

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Pathetic garbage.

Author: treehouse from New York, NY
4 June 2004

With the IMDb limitation of one thousand words it's hard to canonically list all the ways this show is a decent into contempt for the viewer and cynicism about what could possibly pass for "broadcast quality," but I'll try.

The "hosts," Nick DiPaulo and Patrice O'Neal were always at best third-rate talents even when their biggest challenge was to put together a 5-minute stand-up chunk. Stretch them to 30 minutes and you realize that they are the two guys who work in your office mailroom who think they're funny, the ones who you try to avoid at lunch hour.

Comedy Central adds the cynical part. Obviously the rational goes like this: "Look, we have a library of standup footage that we burned out in the early nineties, lets animate it and give the series a 'street-wise' and 'dope' name so it attracts the younger kids who weren't around when we were replaying Janeane Garofalo's 'Cake' bit every two hours for six months."

But I do have pity on the animator - he's a decent Flash guy, just not a funny person. So he could only find two angles: Either literally illustrate the stand-up routines and hope that's funny, or find a way to bring in poop or genitalia, which I'm sure the Comedy Central Employee Manual says is always funny.

Schindler's List was funnier than this show. Take it off the air now.

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Some ideas...

Author: Chromium_5 from Minnesota
10 September 2004

Here are my suggestions on how this show could be improved:

-Get rid of the babies. There is not one single molecule of humor in watching two animated babies talk about private parts.

-Get rid of the creepy animation. Who on earth wants to watch cartoon versions of standup routines?

-Get rid of whoever dreamed this up in the first place.


Thank you.

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