Battlestar Galactica (TV Series 2004–2009) Poster


Plot Keywords

cylon civilian fleet
guilt refugee
strong female character ancient astronaut
war against machines atheist
nuclear weapon humanoid
fictional war apocalypse
uxoricide murder of wife
cult tv space carrier
breast cancer alcohol
shipper man in uniform
real world metaphor meaning of life
destiny totalitarianism
prophecy nazi occupation
military fleet inhabitable planet
ancient ruins unfaithfulness
loss of child hybrid
reincarnation kidnapping
human robot hybrid spaceship name in title
polytheism menage a trois
outer space female protagonist
spacecraft space western
space opera rescue
planet good versus evil
faster than light explosion
dogfight dead son
dead brother battle
space battle robot as menace
moral choice on the run
loss of son loss of fiancé
loss of brother extinction
cliffhanger violence
vengeance torture
theology terrorist
terrorism survivor
survival space marine
soldier secret agent
resistance religious differences
religion radiation
quest pursuit
prisoner of war post apocalypse
passion paranoia
nuclear nuclear war
nuclear holocaust mysticism
morality moral ambiguity
mole mechanic
love lie
karma interrogation
insanity human android relationship
heroine genocide
fighting femme fatale
female prisoner female killer
female assassin father figure
evil robot escape
end of the world end of the world scenario
deception death
creator creation relationship chase
cancer betrayal
assassin armageddon
ambiguity action hero
action heroine diaspora
woman in uniform villainess
spaceship spaceship setting
space travel robot
remake military life
interracial relationship hallucination
fighter pilot female soldier
female president female pilot
father son relationship artificial intelligence
android alcoholic
aircraft carrier made for cable tv

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