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The story is laid in a little western mining camp, Waycross Gulch, where, at the opening of the photoplay we find the widow, who at the death of her husband has been left with five children and a hitherto worthless claim, known as the little Family Mine. The widow's husband had had confidence in the ultimate worth of the mine, and his last request had been that the widow stick to the claim and work it. Among the denizens of the camp is Jack, a gambler, an unpolished diamond, who in his rough way has asked the widow to marry him. She, admitting that she cares, has refused him on the ground that he is a gambler. And now at last the claim pans out rich, and the news of the widow's good fortune leaks out. Two of the roughs of the camp decide to jump her claim, and with the assistance of a besotted "city clerk" draw up a paper purporting to show that her claim, through a re-survey, is a part of theirs. They are about to put their scheme into effect when Jack turns up opportunely and puts ...

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