The Chumscrubber (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

pills chumscrubber
friend suburbia
school party
high school bedroom
drug dealer teenager
two engine p30 lightning fighter plane heating vent
threat to kill lawn sprinkler
mechanic missing
venetian blinds gardening
f 17 tiger shark jet shopping mall
spaced out bench
invitation goodbye
patio party key
suburb stereo
drug stash animated sequence
synchronicity conjurer
magic jumping into a pool with clothes on
alarm clock bowling ball bag
viloprex marching band
euphonium diarrhea
vitamin pills pill popping
mexican american topless female nudity
bare breasts female nudity
nudity fear of being like one's father
fear cul de sac
teenage crush hit on the head
prison trial
footprint drugs put into a casserole
casserole destroying a room
vandalism sheet music
ritalin dress shop
thirty something u.s. air force
mother daughter relationship detached head
wedding dress fellatio
vagina accident
punching bag exercise machine
exercise telephone call
parking ticket parking space
videotaping video camera
wine underwater scene
bikini ransom
death threat talking to the dead
dead body fight
unconsciousness knocked out
accidentally knocked out falling into a windshield
thrown into the air visual impairment
cut eye facial cut
attempted murder walking in paint
paint attempted strangulation
swimming interior designer
blackmail suv
locker cafeteria
switchblade photographer
guitarist guitar
rock band police car
hit by a police car ridicule
apology student
police policeman
brother brother relationship concert
breaking and entering memorial
photograph painting
painter drink
drinking wedding
denial paranoia
cigarette smoking violence
scandal california
watching tv underwear
peer pressure tears
crying teenage girl
drug deal drug use
family relationships mother son relationship
suicide of son suicide of friend
friendship stabbed in the stomach
black comedy writer
teenage boy teen suicide
knife hanged boy
funeral dead boy
blood attempted child strangulation
voice over narration kiss
hypocrisy bully
boxer shorts dolphin
wedding reception suicide by hanging
stabbed in the leg psychiatrist
police officer parental neglect
mistaken identity mayor
lack of responsibility hit by a car
hallucination effigy
author stabbed in the eye
tuba swimming pool
suicide kidnapping
father son relationship death of son
death of friend independent film

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