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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Naked

20 August 2003
Mark finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact his girlfriend is a Naturist. At Byrony's parent's Wedding Anniversary Party, Mark finds himself in a difficult situation when he finds out everyone there is naked.
Ben Sutherland ... Mark
Sarah Niven ... Bryony
Lucia Cox ... Claire
Adam Day ... Shane
Erin Geraghty ... Mum
Peter Lochburn ... Dad
Mark Bailey ... Tom (as Mark Le Bailey)

Mark Forester Evans ... Policeman (as Mark Forester)
Adrian Hume Robinson ... Partygoer (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: Fierce

27 August 2003

Fraser Ayres ... Stan (as Fraser Ayers)

Ben Bishop ... Meadows
Charlotte McDonagh ... Kirsty

Season 1, Episode 3: Re-ignited

3 September 2003
All Nige wants is to be a father. Unfortunately his girlfriend is not ready, so she breaks up with him. Not one to dwell on lost love, Nige uses Friends Reunited to track down an old flame who was extremely broody when he was going out with her.
David Armand ... Dave

Anil Desai ... Jit

Kirsty Dillon ... Katie
Danielle Tarento ... Sara
Rainer Wiseman ... Nigel

Season 1, Episode 4: Sick

17 September 2003
Every week Neil visits the hospital or doctor's, with a different set of symptoms each time. Is he really ill or a hypochondriac?
Janet Bamford ... Stella
Peter Kin Elly ... Neil
Victoria Lennox ... Sonia
Jermal Lynch ... Jonno
Rosie Morris ... Carol

Season 1, Episode 5: Victoria

24 September 2003
A chance encounter with an old schoolmate in London is far from an emotional reunion for Raff. Although they were far from friends at school, the encounter forces Raff and his girlfriend Rachel to re-evaluate their relationship. In the end however, Raff soon realizes, that time doesn't always change people
Huss Garbiya ... Raff

Ashley Jensen ... Rachel
Dominic McHale ... Alan

Season 1, Episode 6: Money Can Buy You Love

1 October 2003

Sophia Myles ... Nina
Danny Nussbaum ... Sam
Louise Page ... Charlotte

Season 1, Episode 7: Loveless

8 October 2003

Enzo Cilenti ... Tommy
Clare Francis ... Becky

Alec Newman ... Marc
Christine Tremarco ... Rachel

Season 1, Episode 8: Bed Bugs

9 October 2003
A young man runs away from his pregnant fiancée. He meets and falls in love Max. will he tell his girlfriend and come to terms with his homosexuality?

Amber Sealey ... Kate

Dominic Carter ... Jamie
Ben Homewood ... Max
Tim Smith ... Ian

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Baader Meinhoff Gang Show

13 October 2004
Johnny suffers from ME and is prone to sudden tiredness and depression even when he looks in good health he can only be a few minutes away from being totally out of it. During a hospital visit he meets Martin, who is in a wheelchair and is angry and aggressive towards everyone else in the world. A minor scuffle between the two takes Johnny back to Martin's flat where he discovers that his new friend is angry at the world to the point where he is preparing a terrorist strike in his local bank to protest against society's views of those with illnesses.

Ewen Bremner ... Johnny

Amelia Bullmore ... Psychiatrist

Olivia Colman ... Receptionist

Eddie Marsan ... Martin

Season 2, Episode 2: Take My Heart

10 November 2004
Story of an unlikely friendship between teenage boys.

Season 2, Episode 3: Tame

1 December 2004
A man plans to murder his brother, taking him on a walk through the woods whilst planning on shooting him in the head.

Sorcha Cusack ... Mum
Juliette Kaplan ... Nanna (as Juliet Kaplan)

Andy Nyman ... Leon
Billy Seymour ... Aggressive teenager

Cristian Solimeno ... Saul
Caroline Trowbridge ... Sophie

Season 2, Episode 4: Repeat After Me

27 October 2004
A shy man yearns to be king of the jungle in his workplace, with the help of his female friend he learns some techniques to improve himself.

Season 2, Episode 5: Snowman

24 November 2004
Teenager Snowman gets in trouble after owing money to a local hardman.

Season 2, Episode 6: Cuckoos

3 November 2004
Troubled eighteen year old, Sean, breaks into a house and holds its owners hostage. However, he ends up being held there himself.

Season 2, Episode 7: Girls and Girls

1 December 2004

Florence Hoath ... Vicky
Christine Kavanagh ... Jan
Medhavi Patel ... Jinty
Samantha Whittaker ... Charlotte
Kirsty Wood ... Mary

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Loving Ludmilla

1 June 2005
As a favor to his east European girlfriend, Simon illegally smuggles her brother Arpoz into the country - but he's really her boyfriend.

Toby Jones ... Simon

Ania Sowinski ... Ludmilla
Dylan Charles ... Arpoz
Emil Marwa ... Barry

Season 3, Episode 2: Bird's Eye View

23 August 2005

Charles Mnene ... Ashley

Miranda Raison ... Katy

Season 3, Episode 3: Rockabye

25 August 2005
A young man turns up unannounced at a seemingly respectable family home. He has come with the news of the family's only son, Jack who went missing as a young teenager. Who is this stranger, how does he know Jack and what does he want? The mother has not seen Jack for over 10 years yet she seems unhappy about this man's intrusion. Why is she not more welcoming? The father longs to hear the news of Jack and invites the stranger to stay for dinner. Things begin to unravel when he is introduced to Amy, a subdued young girl who is Jack's illegitimate daughter and the reason we are told Jack ran away those years ago. But now even darker family secrets emerge about the real reason Jack left and as accusations start to fly the true identity of the young man comes clear... and why has he come back home. Does he have the strength to stop history repeating itself once more?

Tom Brooke ... Jack
Alan David ... Michael
Alice Knight ... Amy
Rosalind March ... Anne

Season 3, Episode 4: Pillow Talk

29 August 2005

Cavan Clerkin ... Chris

Daisy Donovan ... Jen

John Marquez ... Rick

Season 3, Episode 5: Karma Cowboys

29 August 2005
Dougie is a 46 year-old Glaswegian Debt Collector who's seen and done it all. Dougie is also a Buddhist committed not just to clearing up unpaid bills but spiritual debts too. Gabriel is a skinny, sallow 18 year-old that you would probably write off as a waster but really is a young man with unrecognised potential. Now he's got a job interview with Dougie and is given a day's trial to prove he can cut it..and see if Dougie thinks him a worthy apprentice. If your idea of a first day at work involves picking up dog shite; listening to Dougie's Buddhist theories on life and love; sharing an 'office' which turns out to be a cupboard in a pub, complete with carpet, kettle and a Buddhist shrine and being ordered to find a replacement kidney for Willy the gnarled old barman, then Gabriel's and Dougie's story will seem like your average cowboy adventure. An ice box, a Stanley knife, a wanking postman, and Gabriel's nifty footwork with a donor card later, and the young apprentice has got the job! Dougie thinks he could be the yin to his yang. The Karma Cowboys are born.
Sam Graham ... Dougie

Lee Ingleby ... Gabriel
Bob Kingdom ... Willy
Jessica Wear ... Steph

Season 3, Episode 6: Randomer

31 August 2005

Jemima Abey ... Hannah
William Hall ... Tony
Rachel Hudson ... Stella

Season 3, Episode 7: Viva Liberty!

22 April 2005
Paranoid British Muslim Woody Ali unwittingly winds up in America's notorious detention centre 'Camp Liberty'. Will the deranged Major Winchester force him to admit to a crime he didn't commit?

Samantha Coughlan ... Private Daisy

William Hope ... Major Winchester
Riz Meedin ... Woody
Anthony Oseyemi ... Jeffery

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Heavenly Father

30 August 2006
Dressed as an angel divorced father Steve stages a roof-top protest when his ex-wife Jill denies him contact with their daughter Kiera but he falls off and ends up in hospital apparently in a coma. However he can move around in total invisibility, except to Kiera, who is pleased to see him. Soon though it becomes apparent why he was denied access to Kiera as he is indeed no angel.

Shaun Dooley ... Steve
Mae Wright ... Kiera
Mali Harries ... Shelley
Stephanie Street ... Jill

Alexander Perkins ... Nurse

Season 4, Episode 2: Happy $lapz

31 August 2006
A group of youths hang out on the streets, 'happy slapping' passers-by and filming the results on a mobile phone. But gang member Danjah believes the leader Lethal has gone too far when he knocks a woman off her bike and when Lethal also goes for him and steals his phone Danjah decides to team up with rival gang leader Solid to teach Lethal a lesson.

Daniel Anthony ... Danjah

Aml Ameen ... Solid

Josef Altin ... Swift (as Josef Atlin)

Kellie Shirley ... Lisa

Samuell Benta ... Tyrone (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 3: A Paradise Adventure

7 September 2006
Depressed after being dumped by his girlfriend, Robin applies to a company called Paradise Adventures - they offer assisted suicide. Robin changes his mind and finds he cannot back out of the contract.
Joseph Traynor ... Robin
Katy Carmichael ... Harris

Rick Warden ... Courier

Alice Lowe ... Young Wife

Damian Kell ... Young Husband

Season 4, Episode 4: Service

4 September 2006
Danny has started work at a motorway service station where he befriends shop assistant Dawn and they speculate on their colleagues. It is night-time and the place is virtually empty when Councillor Merriam arrives in his Rolls Royce. As he sits down he is accosted by a nervous man asking him to reconsider a bribe he rejected from a building contractor. When Merriam refuses the scene is set for violence and murder.

Matthew Marsh ... Merrion
Glenn Doherty ... Hoiles

Joe Armstrong ... Danny

Velibor Topic ... Ilya
Beverly Rudd ... Dawn
Dodger Phillips ... Adam
Neil Boorman ... Derek
Danny McAlinden ... Coach Driver
Annelly James ... Girlfriend

Season 4, Episode 5: The Window

29 August 2006
Moji dreams of being a window dresser but is suborned by her husband Samson and things start to look even worse for her when Samson's second wife arrives from Nigeria to live in their one-bedroomed Peckham flat with them. However the two women,rather than being rivals,form a bond and,after a public show-down at Samson's chieftancy ceremony,attain their independence,symbolised by Moji's display for the local charity shop window.

Rakie Ayola ... Mojisola
Israel Oyelumade ... Samson (as Israel Aduramo)
Gloria Onitiri ... Dotun
Leke Adebayo ... Lekan

Algina Lipskis ... Tanya
Andrew Casey ... Grungy Shop Assistant
Kolade Agboke ... Preacher

Season 4, Episode 6: The Trial

28 August 2006
Four convicted murderers agree to take part in a sinister experiment.

Lee Williams ... Clay

Anthony Flanagan ... Goose
Lars Rudolph ... Dyke
Ricky Fearon ... Thaw

Season 4, Episode 7: Stir It Up

6 September 2006
Sixteen-year old Carmel helps her recently widowed mother,glamorous Collette,run the family guest house and is appalled when the merry widow decides to holiday in Barbados without her and even more outraged when Collette returns with her toy boy Lenos,who is only three years older than Carmel herself. The girl decides to lay a honey trap to expose his fickleness to her mother but instead the youngsters find themselves falling for each other.
Fiona Mollison ... Collette

Jason Deer ... Lenos
Gemma Lawrence ... Carmel
Stephen Casey ... Mr. Eckersley

Season 4, Episode 8: The Animator

5 September 2006
Mondo is a talented artist and creator of a violent animation featuring assassin, Jack Savage. When Mondo's boss Vicky plans on canceling his animation to create more mainstream animations Mondo develops a split personality were Mondo and Jack Savage blend into one.
Stuart Laing ... Mondo
Mary Woodvine ... Vicky

Colin McFarlane ... Henry
Dustin Demri-Burns ... Writer 1
Seb Cardinal ... Writer 2

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: The Spastic King

16 November 2007
Fearful of losing their home, Toby decides not to tell the authorities that his mother has died.
Andrew Stafford ... Toby

Chloe Sirene ... Annie

Ruth Sheen ... Jane
Margaret Heery ... Mum
Jo Eastwood ... Sheila
Tim Lewis ... Peter

Ewan Bailey ... Steve
Peter Willcock ... Norman

Season 5, Episode 2: Scapegoat

14 December 2007
Well-off city girl Laura thinks she has it made, until her sister Carly asks for her help.

Caroline Hayes ... Laura

Antonia Campbell-Hughes ... Carly

David Sterne ... Voice of the Goat (voice)
Billy ... The Goat

Season 5, Episode 3: Imprints

A consultation takes place between a neurologist and an attractive young woman. She is trying to find out about her past, but the doctor has other intentions.

Neil Dudgeon ... Doctor

Neve McIntosh ... Woman
Sharon Bower ... Nurse

Season 5, Episode 4: 99, 100

Eoin and Aisling are best friends but they have become stuck in a rut. The discovery of an old ice cream van and its owner inside changes all that.

Charlene McKenna ... Aisling

Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Eoin (as Aaron Johnson)
Simon Wolfe ... Jackie
Marianne March ... Estelle
Amanda Hurwitz ... Woman in Job Centre

Season 5, Episode 5: In the Dark

20 December 2007
On the eve of the birth of their first child, a couple spend a restless night questioning their relationship.

Adam Godley ... Paul
Heather Craney ... Sarah

Season 5, Episode 6: Brussels

22 February 2007

Del Synnott ... Danny

Peter Capaldi ... Joe

Kathryn Drysdale ... Janine

Matt King ... Tony

Stuart Bowman ... Fat Pat
Billy Seymour ... Remy
Steven Burrell ... Jay

Andrew Havill ... Affluent Suit
James Garnon ... City Boy

Season 5, Episode 7: A Man in a Box

10 December 2007
Documentary-style film about autograph hunters, inspired by the real-life people who devote their lives to this hobby.

Jason Watkins ... Colin
Rosie Cavaliero ... Linda
Matt Carpenter ... Billy
Rebecca Cooper ... Lisa
Philip Herbert ... Les
Jon Glover ... Dapper John
Howard Lew Lewis ... Tom

Season 5, Episode 8: Spoil

22 February 2007

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: The Thai Bride

8 August 2008
A Thai woman arrives in London to begin a new life as wife to a British widow, but when left alone in the house begins to feel somebody intends to make her unwelcome.

Lourdes Faberes ... Panan
Terence Hillyer ... Gordon
Flora Nicholson ... Rose
Toni Brooks ... Moira (as Antoinette Sym)

Season 6, Episode 2: The Circle

25 August 2008
A modern-day Western, The Circle is about redemption and revenge. Sirjad, a deeply traumatised man, draws a circle around a derelict, deserted petrol station and decrees that within this boundary he cannot be touched. When a half-dead woman collapses on the edge of his circle, he takes her in and discovers that they are both running from the same thing - a terrible massacre.

Anthony Flanagan ... Sirjad

Shobna Gulati ... Maya

Nicholas Aaron ... Milka

Craig Gazey ... Skeebo

Season 6, Episode 3: Emo

29 February 2008
Twenty-seven year old Vincent is taking his first faltering steps in the world after a breakdown. He gets a job at an out-of-town furniture store, far from his previous life in the ivory towers of Oxbridge. The staff is almost entirely composed of teenagers working summer jobs and Vincent finds himself pretending to be seventeen again in order to fit in.

Jefferson Hall ... Vincent
Sandra Clark ... Mother

Mhairi Morrison ... Amanda (as Mhairi Steenbock)
Maxi Moffat ... Lewis
Rachel Jackson ... Kirsty
Lily Lovett ... Bushra
Ian Falconer ... Customer

Clare Grogan ... Fiona Baird

Sarah Mac ... Girlfriend

Season 6, Episode 4: Lickle Bill Um

11 August 2008
A bittersweet comedy, Lickle Bill Um deals with a mother and daughter relationship. Daughter has not managed to make as much of her life and resents her mother hugely because she has. Mum lives in a nice home, has friends, a membership to a bowls team, and a barking boyfriend - all of which the daughter doesn't. So daughter decides, as it's her thirtieth birthday, that she is going to deal with this inequality once and for all.

Amanda Abbington ... Daughter

Imelda Staunton ... Mother

Jim Carter ... Boyfriend

Reece Shearsmith ... Driver

Dhaffer L'Abidine ... Passenger (as Dhafer L'Abidine)

Annette Badland ... Bowls Lady

Season 6, Episode 5: Kings of London

20 August 2008
Kings of London follows the fortunes of two teenage brothers both named Aristotle. The elder, known as Totes, is struggling to get his life on track whereas the younger one, Little Aristotle, has found success as the undisputed champion of the Ghetto Riders, a group of young black horsemen who race one another for money. When Totes gets into trouble with mobster Shy Talk, Little Aristotle is the only person who can save him.

Jumayn Hunter ... Aristotle
Sandra Yaw ... Kelpie

Duane Henry ... Totes

Dominique Moore ... Spirit
Omar Brown ... Shy Talk
Leroy Golding ... Elvis

Season 6, Episode 6: And Kill Them

13 August 2008
And Kill Them follows a platoon of new recruits through their first few weeks in an army training camp. When Lawrence's failure to fall into line begins to get him and his platoon into trouble, the peer pressure mounts. Strangely, he begins to see Scarlet, a pin-up poster on the wall of the barracks, apparently come to life, and his luck begins to change. Lawrence is convinced that she is his guardian angel, but Scarlet's agenda is much graver.
Ben Smith ... Lawrence (as Benjamin Smith)
Kevin Wathen ... McBride

Warren Brown ... Campbell

Richie Campbell ... Clarke

Alfie Allen ... Adams
Sean Rea ... King
Coral Beed ... Scarlet

Season 6, Episode 7: Thinspiration

27 August 2008
Thinspiration is a story about anorexia set in the seventeenth century. Eva and Anna are young novices at an austere convent. When Anna takes the Lenten fast to extremes, her piety captivates the other nuns and wild rumours about her holiness begin to spread. In an effort to save her friend's life, Eva is forced to confront the culture that condones such hysteria.

Lucinda Dryzek ... Eva

Sarah Finigan ... Desperate Woman

Karen Gillan ... Anna
Sara James ... Claire
Sian Thomas ... Abbess

Sue Vincent ... Veronica

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Adha Cup

25 August 2009
A black and white production concerns the efforts of two bored social workers, Shahid and Ash, who reluctantly agree to reunite the cast of legendary Bollywood musical 'Pappa Kehta Hain' for a return performance at the Pakistan Centre where they work. Starting with an elderly singing barber they manage to locate most of the actors but the hardest part is tracking down the elusive hero Sajid Hussain.

Jeff Mirza ... The Newsagent
Jas Steven Singh ... The Taxi Driver

Balvinder Sopal ... Sofia
Badi Uzzaman ... The Barber
Ashwani Chopra ... The Manager

Javed Khan ... The Hero Sajid Hussain

Ace Bhatti ... Shahid

Rez Kempton ... Ash
Salman Hanif ... Shahid's Son
Numarn Nasim ... Shahid's Son

Andy Gathergood ... Shop Guy

Season 7, Episode 2: Foreign John

1 September 2009
A family man puts on a stiff upper lip, while struggling inside to cope with the daily grind, after losing his daughter.

Johnny Harris ... Foreign John

Claudie Blakley ... Linda
Robert Luckay ... Luiz

Hannah Sharp ... Dorota
Glen Davies ... Denny

Season 7, Episode 3: Pornography

8 September 2009
A woman obsessed with breaking taboos seduces her own brother.

Jason Hughes ... Mark
Kirsty Bushell ... Sarah

Season 7, Episode 4: Apples and Oranges

15 September 2009
Claudia is a school teacher who loves her job. She loves apples and oranges and is also torn between the two men in her life, both extreme in temperament - the shy, bookish writer Sam and Ashley, an extrovert record store owner with a future in music production. However, when Claudia finds herself pregnant, and is unsure who is the father, she has to exercise the most serious choice of her life.
Simone James ... Claudia

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett ... Sam

Alex Lanipekun ... Ashley
Demi Oyediran ... Vonnie
Bunmi Mojekwu ... Aleysha
Oscar James ... Dad

Season 7, Episode 5: Raising Baby Rio

22 September 2009
Young Neville is determined to provide his baby Rio,whom he snatches from her cocaine-addicted mother Shanna,in a crack house. However,when he loses his job and has to find a way to stump up for Rio's nursery fees. Neville decides that the best way to provide for his child is in fact to become a dope peddler.
Nathaniel Martello-White ... Neville

Ashley Madekwe ... Shanna
Kacey Parker Gordon ... Baby Rio
Zakaree Dowe ... Baby Rio
Jasmine Tuaima ... Baby Rio

Zawe Ashton ... Yvonne
Abi Eniola ... Nursery Manager
Paul Etuk ... Paul (as Paul Etuka)
Tunji Lucas ... Tony
Shaney Gittens ... Floyd (as Shaney Gittins)
Haydon Carty ... Yvonne's Son
Abby Ford ... Drug Addict
Savannah Tuaima ... Yvonne's Daughter
Juai Charles ... Yvonne's Son
Catherine Balavage ... Ashley
Paul DeAngelo ... Robert

Season 7, Episode 6: Parliamo Glasgow

29 September 2009
A Polish schoolgirl struggles to fit in when she moves to Glasgow, but things change when she meets a proud and reclusive old man.
Edyta Budnik ... Lilia
James Grant ... Tony
Jamie Quinn ... Brendan
Anne Downie ... Nancy
Anna Wendzikowska ... Mum
Kimberly Neill ... Kelly Anne

Lisa Greenwood ... Debbie
Natalia Kaczmarczyk ... Natalia
Kevin Quinn ... Bad Suit

Season 8

Season 8, Episode 1: Would Like to Meet

12 August 2010
30 year old Hayley is diagnosed with a brain tumor, with the future in mind Hayley insists her husband goes on a series of blind dates to find a new partner.
Martha Cope ... Jess
Gareth Farr ... Phil

Lucy Gaskell ... Hayley
Ranjit Krishnamma ... Neurologist
Alex Lowe ... Maitre' D
Dan Renton Skinner ... Lloyd (as Renton Skinner)
Simone Liebman ... Sammy (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 2: Half Term

12 August 2010
Two teenage boys, Malik and Adam celebrate their half-term off school. Malik's brother, Jamal - a strict Muslim causes them concern due to his increasingly isolated and strange behaviour.
Faraz Ayub ... Jamal
James Burrows ... Adam

Jack Deam ... Max
Vinny Dhillon ... Shireen
Rahal Ghazni ... Lad 1
Terry Haywood ... Malik

Season 8, Episode 3: The Future WAGs of Great Britain

19 August 2010
Missy and Kim, are two very different sisters. Missy is a regular clubber, who dreams of bagging a footballer. Kim is hard at work studying for a law degree. When money gets tight, the two form a plan to get money from inside football tips.
Naana Agyei Ampadu ... Kim
Vicki Elliott ... Shaniece

Jenny Gayner ... Hostess
Bunmi Mojekwu ... Missy (as Bunmi Mujekwu)
Tanya Robb ... Girl 1
Ellen Thomas ... Auntie Deborah
Grace Willis ... Mugger

Season 8, Episode 4: I Don't Care

19 August 2010
Luka Bartholomew cares for his bed-ridden mother in the run-down resort town of Porthpunnet. On his thirtieth birthday his mother hires a carer to give him a day off. On a wintry beach he meets Dan,another young man who lives in a camper van and shares his interest in art. Initially he sees Dan as a kindred spirit until Dan proves to be gay and makes a violent pass at him. Disillusioned and drunk,Luka meets middle-aged biker Phil,who gives him a pillion ride and offers to help him leave town. But by now Luka knows where his priorities lie.

Mark Benton ... Phil

Di Botcher ... Bernadette

Paloma Faith ... Rainy
Helen Grady ... Fleur

David Leon ... Dan

Iwan Rheon ... Luka

Season 8, Episode 5: Boy

2 September 2010
A young man makes friends with a pet mouse out of loneliness.
Kate Binchy ... Rose
Pauline Goldsmith ... The Mum

Jonathan Harden ... The Young Man
Gerard McDonald ... The Boy

Fintan McKeown ... The Man

Brian Milligan ... The Young Attendant

Mark Ryder ... The Leader

Season 8, Episode 6: Eclipse

26 August 2010
Ben is captivated by his next door neighbour, Chloe - she toy with his affections, until a chance encounter with her doppelgänger which changes their relationship forever.

Clare-Hope Ashitey ... Helen

Andrew Buchan ... Ben

Zoë Tapper ... Jennifer / Chloe / Woman

Season 8, Episode 7: Dip

26 August 2010
A pickpocket (Jason) blackmails a Somalian immigrant, Asad, on a London night bus.

David Avery ... Kebab Guy (as David Chrysanthou)

Theo Barklem-Biggs ... Parker
Gavin Brocker ... Constable Hughes
Paul Courtenay Hyu ... Suited Man
Said Mohamed ... Asad
Marcus Onilude ... The Mark

Wayne Perrey ... CSO

Adrian Schiller ... Guard

Robert Sheehan ... Jason
Julian Stolzenberg ... Well-dressed Man

Sydney White ... Kebab Girl (as Sydney Rae White)
Mario Macan ... Parker Jnr. (uncredited)

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: Rough Skin

11 July 2011
Released from prison after nine months Kelly goes to live with her over-attentive mother Linda,with whom she does not get on. After a visit to the housing office and meeting with boyfriend Sean,whom she dumps,she returns home. Linda is shocked to learn that Kelly is putting up her baby daughter for adoption when she,Linda,would have helped rear her. The two women argue but ultimately accept that they love each other and reconcile.

Lorraine Ashbourne ... Linda

Natalie Burt ... Woman (Housing Office)
Anna Clark ... Girl
Sandra Maitland ... Woman (Legal Advice Office)

Vicky McClure ... Kelly
Marc Ryan-Jordan ... Sean
Fotios Foddy Savva ... Off licence owner
Mark Humphreys ... Drug dealer

Season 9, Episode 2: Home

18 July 2011
Homeless couple Tommy and Mary search for the enigmatic Howie, a friend from the streets who has seemingly disappeared. As they dig deeper on their quest, new, unsettling truths emerge.

Johnny Harris ... Tommy

Lorraine Stanley ... Mary

Branko Tomovic ... Michael

Anthony Welsh ... Abdel
Charlotte Le Moignan ... Sophie

Season 9, Episode 3: Micah

25 July 2011
About to retire back to her native Nigeria Martha plans to leave her house to her successful younger son Micah,so neither of them are pleased when older brother Malachi,who walked out on them to be with 'Caribbean Queen', a girl Martha dislikes,reappears and wants to move back in,leading to the boys fighting. But at least Malachi is honest about his shortcomings,admitting them to Martha and winning back her love. Micah cheats to get on well at work and is dating his white boss Jenny,to whom he has lied about his situation. Soon he will have to explain himself to his mother.

David Ajala ... Malachi

Daniel Kaluuya ... Micah

Nicky Ladanowski ... Jenny
Cecilia Noble ... Martha

Shane Zaza ... Ashmead
Semih Sezen ... Bar customer

Season 9, Episode 4: Food

1 August 2011
In the near future a failure in global harvests has caused a food crisis and the collapse of British society. An official of the beleaguered government seeks out Alistair,leader of the underground but popular far right group the BBA,whose policy recommends deporting all non-British citizens. The official intends to poison Alistair and his quarrelling henchmen but the plan goes awry,giving Alistair an autonomy which is not what the government wanted.

Roger Allam ... Alistair

Togo Igawa ... Masato

Paterson Joseph ... English Man (as Patterson Joseph)
Nav Sidhu ... Nikesh

Laurence Spellman ... Richard
David Lyddon ... Bodyguard (uncredited)
James Michael Rankin ... Politician (uncredited)
Fotios Foddy Savva ... Man in Van / Naked Corpse (uncredited)

Season 9, Episode 5: Magic

15 August 2011
The local amateur magicians' group suspect that dominant chairwoman Felicity was responsible for the on-stage death of their revered founder,illusionist Tom Elstree,especially after his susceptible grandson Gary has has a message from beyond the grave. Thus they are all concerned when Felicity plans to wind the group down with a dangerous stunt that killed her beloved Pedro in 1989. But Felicity only wants to be with Pedro and just needs a little magic to help her.
Perry Benson ... Nigel
Moya Brady ... Brenda

Ricky Grover ... Gary

Jane Horrocks ... Felicity
Wilfred Taylor ... Henry

Season 9, Episode 6: Geronimo

6 September 2011
Jim and his son Barrie run a haulage firm but business is hardly booming and Barrie wants Jim to listen to his ideas to improve trade. When they travel to Newcastle in the middle of the night to pick up a load Barrie rightly suspects that it is illegal and Jim is arrested. It is down to the youngster to take drastic action and help his wayward father by destroying the evidence.
John Ashton ... Eddie

Tanya Franks ... Shirley

Colin Mace ... Steve

Lee Ross ... Jim
Ben Smith ... Barrie (as Benjamin Smith)

Season 9, Episode 7: Hooked

12 September 2011
Terrified of looking old Maggie saves for a face lift but husband Adeel finds and confiscates the money. Maggie persuades her daughter Yolanda,a nurse,to help her with a Do It Yourself face-lift using fish hooks but this leads to her face getting infected. Waiting in the casualty department Yolanda reveals to her mother an awkward secret of her own whilst Adeel tells Maggie he loves her the way she is.

Adeel Akhtar ... Hasan
Satnam Bhogal ... Abdullah
Tia Campbell ... Young Yolanda

Anita Dobson ... Maggie
Cathy Tyson ... Yolanda
Fotios Foddy Savva ... Party Goer (uncredited)

Season 10

Season 10, Episode 1: New Cross

2 July 2012
Shy,lonely 27-year old Carl is persuaded by his sex mad friends to go to a club,where he meets assured teen-ager Bailey. Initially resisting her advances he ends up in bed with her and is shocked to learn she is only fifteen. Aware that he is only a diversion for her he goes to her parents' house where she is having her sixteenth birthday party and they split. On the way home he is mugged.
Georgia Brown ... Shannon
Chris Knight ... Pub Regular

Alex Lanipekun ... Andy
Jordan Long ... Steve
Benjayx Murphy ... Very Drunk Man In Pub
Alice Sanders ... Bailey

Russell Tovey ... Carl

Season 10, Episode 2: Ben and Lump

9 July 2012
Gay teenager Ben returns from his first term at Sheffield University to his wintry seaside resort home and best friend, straight Lump. They help their friend, a kindly, foul-mouthed nun, organize Christmas activities for the elderly before Lump, unemployed and likely to be thrown out of home unless he joins the Army, admits to Ben that he is jealous of his friend's success. But Ben has his problems too and the pair seek comfort in each other's company as they see in the New Year with a box of sparklers.

Thomas Turgoose ... Lump

Lewis Reeves ... Ben
Georgie Glen ... Sister Margaret

Adrian Hood ... Lump's Dad

Season 10, Episode 3: Camouflage

16 July 2012
Make-up artist Annette shows people how to camouflage wounds and scars. Her latest client Riz has an unusual scar on his forehead and tells her he got it as a child soldier in the civil war in Sierra Leone where he lived before coming to London fifteen years ago. They become lovers and she tells him how she took up her profession as the result of a childhood incident. However a vengeful figure from Riz's past is determined to end their relationship violently.

Mark Monero ... Man

Lara Pulver ... Annette

Ashley Walters ... Riz

Season 10, Episode 4: Spoof or Die

30 July 2012
Belfast. Stable, contemporary Northern Ireland. Two teenagers are bullied at a bus stop and decide to bunk off school. But as the ghosts of conflict emerge, their brash youthful anarchy leads them towards a darker, older world, and from that towards an unexpected closeness.

Monica Dolan ... Lisa
Lisa Kerr ... Gemma
Molly Logan ... Carly

Ryan McParland ... Craig

Yasmin Paige ... Nicky

Michael Smiley ... Ricky

Season 10, Episode 5: Postcode Lottery

6 August 2012
Cancer victim Jed is bitter as he is not eligible for free treatment because of the area in which he lives and he is unable to raise the money to pay for it. Then he meets fellow sufferer Mandy whose address entitles her to free medication. She suggests he move in with her and,although the relationship is rocky,they combine to register a public protest against the postcode lottery.

Jodie Comer ... Cat Sullivan

Jo Hartley ... Mandy Slade

Colin Mace ... Dr. Howe

Chris Mason ... Carl Slade
Chris Michael-Hall ... Jamie (as Chris Hall)

Con O'Neill ... Jed Sullivan
Debra Stephenson ... Emma Sullivan

Season 10, Episode 6: If We Dead Awaken

13 August 2012
Ex- KGB spy Dimitri comes to London to seek out Olesya,a ballerina who defected many years earlier and is now another man's widow. Dimitri is anxious to take up again with old flame Olesya but he is pursued by spy master Sukhov,who wants him to return to Russia and puts pressure on Olesya to persuade him,claiming that her family back in Russia are threatened. Dimitri decides to do the noble thing but has he been duped? And if so by whom?

Ingeborga Dapkunaite ... Olesya Muratseva

Branko Djuric ... Dimitri Borodin

Phoebe Fox ... Masha Hawkins

Stanley Townsend ... Yevgeny Sukhov

Season 10, Episode 7: Colour

20 August 2012
With her mother Sam suffering from a depressive mental illness, 11 year old Holly learns to fend for herself. She is befriended by Andre, a Congolese boy who saves her from bullies and delights her with his colourful paintings. He gives Holly a beautiful red dress but this is a farewell present as he is returning to Africa. However, as Sam's condition worsens and Holly gets a new home, she has Andre's paintings to cheer her up and remind her of their friendship.
Michael Ajao ... Andre

MyAnna Buring ... Sam

Michelle Fairley ... Jen

Rhianna Hosmer ... Jessica
Leah Nathan ... Holly

Season 11

Season 11, Episode 1: Henry

1 July 2013
Harassed single parent Karen lives with her two year old son Henry and gets no help from the child's father. Lack of childcare costs her a job interview and she goes to a park,leaving Henry with Anna,another mother whilst she goes for a drink. In the bar she picks up Martin and goes home with him for - unsatisfactory - sex but on returning to the park she finds Anna has called the police to whom she must give her address. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise when Martin follows her home and proves to be a potentially sympathetic friend.
Margot de Klerk ... Lady on bus

Joseph Gilgun ... Martin

Eloise Joseph ... Anna
Isabella Laughland ... Teresa
Felix Linghorn ... Henry
Max Linghorn ... Henry
Jamie Martin ... P C Howard

Steven Miller ... Steve
Phoebe Waller-Bridge ... Karen

Season 11, Episode 2: Burger Van Champion

8 July 2013
Not only does Denise Johnson work at Mike's Burger Van she is the Mega-Mouthful Champion,who can take on all comers by eating a hundred and thirty six burgers in a row. Regular customer Tom - whom Denise fancies - suggests she enter a speed eating contest in Austin,Texas,paying her air fare whilst Mike sees to sponsorship. However Denise's selfish mother tries to dissuade her,telling her it is a waste of money and that Tom is only feigning affection for her as he wants her job. Tired of being told what to do Denise finally decides to act on her own impulses.

Jessie Cave ... Denise

Ricky Grover ... Michael

Josh Herdman ... Eater (as Joshua Herdman)

Will Merrick ... Tom
Jamie Michie ... Photographer

Joanna Scanlan ... Denise's Mum

Season 11, Episode 3: Big Girl

15 July 2013
Gemma is to be head bridesmaid when her mother Lynn marries her partner Paul and they both tell her she looks a 'big girl' in her pink dress. On the eve of the wedding she meets Hannah, once her best friend at school though the girls have been estranged for six months, each blaming the other. Hannah is to return to her native Sierra Leone next day but will not say why and refuses to get drunk and have sex with boys along with Gemma though they part on good terms. As the wedding day dawns Gemma realizes that Hannah is returning to Sierra Leone for the ritual of female circumcision and, in her pink dress, rushes to stop her, thus reuniting her with her erstwhile best friend.

Jodie Comer ... Gemma
Ruth Gemmell ... Lynn
Diveen Henry ... Ama

Gary Oliver ... Paul
Charley Palmer Rothwell ... Carl (as Charley Palmer Merkell)
Harry Sadeghi ... Nathan

Letitia Wright ... Hannah

Season 11, Episode 4: Doughnuts

22 July 2013
Baz may be an assistant manager at a supermarket but he still lives rent free with his doting mother, is like a kid with his super motor and goes drinking with his colleagues - to the annoyance of his pregnant wife Roxy. When Baz goes out to play pool with his friends, rather than join Roxy house-hunting, she goes back to her mother. Baz misses his child's birth as he busy pursuing work-mate Sully, who has taken advantage of Baz's weakness to 'borrow' the store's van. However he appreciates that he must change in order to win Roxy back - and starts by selling his car. He even books a number of house viewings.

Adeel Akhtar ... Baz
James Burrows ... Gary

Indira Joshi ... Mrs. Sharif

Anjli Mohindra ... Roxy
Wahab Sheikh ... Sully

Season 11, Episode 5: Sammy's War

29 July 2013
Single parent Frances is a war correspondent in Afghanistan. Her teen-age daughter Sammy fears for her safety so she stages an accident in which she breaks her arm. Frances returns home but makes it clear that she wants to get back to the Middle East as soon as possible, causing Sammy to fake a burglary in which she steals Frances's passport. Mother and daughter have a bitter argument and it is down to Frances's mother Helen to inject the pair with a dose of reality.

Ashley Bannerman ... Nurse

Jessica Barden ... Ruby

Lucy Cohu ... Frances

Celia Imrie ... Helen
Jessica Lester ... Sammy
Dave the Dog ... Nicey

Season 11, Episode 6: Call It a Night

5 August 2013
After drug-dealing gangster Jackie Junior is imprisoned for killing his father the respected Charlie determines to bring order to the Kilnamuck estate, inaugurating a nightly patrol to keep order. His niece Fiona, her admirer Van and their friend Eddie form one such patrol but, just as Van is about to declare his feelings for Fiona, they learn that Jackie has been released from prison early. They tell Charlie, who confronts Jackie and asks him to leave the area but Jackie counters by threatening to expose a secret from Charlie's past. When their friend Tommy is killed in a manner identical to Jackie's father as he was about to have a meeting with tanning shop owner Slick Rick the young trio investigate and accuse Jackie of being the murderer. Then somebody shoots Jackie dead. Van must protect Fiona before the real killer is punished after explaining his motives.

Imogen Doel ... Fiona

Conor MacNeill ... Eddie
Des McAleer ... Charlie
Eugene O'Hare ... Jackie, Junior
James Michael Rankin ... Chav James

Andrew Simpson ... Van

Barry Ward ... Slick Rick

Season 11, Episode 7: Sink or Swim

12 July 2013
Cynthia was once part of a medal-winning synchronized swimming team. Now she is elderly and, following a stroke, immobile, social worker Susan feeling she should go into a home. Cynthia's carer and grand-daughter, school-girl Ellie resists and, helped by her friend Cassia, they escape and move Cynthia into a deserted flat. However the old lady takes a turn for the worst, leaving the girls to try and recreate her former glory at the local swimming bath.

Charlotte Beaumont ... Ellie

Teresa Churcher ... Susan

Sarah Hoare ... Cassia

Una Stubbs ... Cynthia

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