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Kristen Stewart is only two years older than Josh Hutcherson
Kristen Stewart admitted she was disturbed to see the life-size replica made of her for the scenes where Lisa is frozen. This is the first of two life size replicas of Kristen Stewart, the second will appear later in the Twilight saga breaking dawn part 1. Which she slapped in the face while taking a photo with it.
While the film was being made, Jonah Bobo (Danny) lost four teeth, so the filmmakers made 'flippers' or fake teeth that he wore, since the movie takes place in only a day.
Originally conceived as a direct sequel to Jumanji (1995). The visual effects supervisor on that film, Ken Ralston, was lined up to direct before Columbia abandoned the project in favor of adapting Zathura.
In every Chris Van Allsburg book, there is a bull terrier named Fritz. Jon Favreau put Fritz in the movie - look for a Beanie Baby bull terrier behind Walter near the end of the movie.
The beginning and end of the movie were shot on the same, intact, set. Throughout the movie the set was damaged and destroyed forcing the film to be shot in sequence except for the beginning and the end.
Near the beginning of the film, Tim Robbins (Dad) walks into Kristen Stewart's (Lisa) room. When he walks in, a "Tenacious D" poster can be seen behind him on the wall. Tim Robbins starred in the film "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny" a year later.
In Kristen Stewarts first scene she mentions to her dad " we should have never rented Thirteen." Thirteen stars Nikki Reed, a future costar of Kristen Stewarts in the Twilight saga.
When Walter opens the living hall of the house after the game was finished, at the bottom of the left can be seen the iconic Steve McQueen poster from Bullitt (1968).
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The trailer used background music from the 1989 James Cameron movie The Abyss.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Tsouris-3 is the name of the planet whose gravity field Danny and Walter enter. "Tsouris" is a Yiddish word meaning trouble, distress, or problem.
When the kids see the astrounat through the windows for the first time, you can see Walter's face in the helmet's reflection, giving a hint of his real identity.
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The numbers spun by Danny and Walter (respectively) are as follows: (5, 9+Move ahead 2 spaces), (4,8), (7,6+Move ahead 4 spaces), (6,8), (6,0 [walter get's ejected]), (8 - Move back 2 spaces, 9), (9 - Move back 1 space, 3 - Move back 3 spaces), (1 + Move ahead 9 spaces - Danny wins the game).

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