Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

game board game
outer space major league baseball
boston red sox oakland athletics
espn coke
nickelodeon cartoon on tv
sony playstation 2
chess board battle
transformation spitting
mobile phone telephone call
running monster
buzzsaw sleeping
blow torch fire
divorce mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship husband wife relationship
reference to sponge bob cremation
alternate world mother son relationship
meteor family relationships
dumbwaiter wish fulfillment
weightlessness urn
toy television
spilled drink slime
sink single father
selfishness reunion
reprogramming protection
promotion pleading
picture older version of self
mutant creature loyalty
literacy laziness
jealousy insult
hugging gas stove
furnace forgiveness
footprint fear
courage child swearing
blame argument
anger wish
whispering shower
shouting sandwich
regret macaroni
hiding hamster
hair dryer fire extinguisher
destruction chess set
cheating apology
box office flop playing catch
surrealism growing up
american football alien invasion
stranded space travel
mission child in peril
based on children's book walkie talkie
time warp sofa
sibling rivalry rescue
reconciliation hunger
goat frozen
elevator eavesdropping
conveyor belt bonding
black hole bicycle
basement baseball
alien watching tv
teenage girl star gazing
spaceship shooting star
little boy headphones
gravity giant lizard
fireplace father son relationship
evil robot cryogenics
brother sister relationship brother brother relationship
astronaut robot
meteor shower surprise ending

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