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Entertainment Weekly
Zathura is a rarity: a stellar fantasy that faces down childhood anxieties with feet-on-the-ground maturity.
Miami Herald
A wild buckle-up-and-blast-off adventure that plunges every corner of kids' favorite subject.
It works gloriously as space opera.
The movie harks back to a time before state-of-the-art technology when writers and directors had to rely mostly on imagination.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Jon Favreau, the actor-director who made the delightful family film "Elf," has a firm grip and a light touch with this material about bickering brothers who find a board game that zaps the family home into hyperspace.
Will work better for younger viewers than older ones. There's not much plot to absorb and there's plenty of action, so this is the kind of spectacle that will appeal to those without long attention spans.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Zathura involves a lot of yelling, a lot of explosions and a lot of flying objects -- but what else would you expect from a movie that is, honestly for a change, intended for 10-year-old boys?
Charlotte Observer
The result is an odd mix of honesty and hokum that pilots a course toward greatness before settling into a somewhat lower orbit.
The Hollywood Reporter
Favreau again delivers that rare beast -- a family film that even childless adults can enjoy.
New York Daily News
Jon Favreau's adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg's kid-lit adventure of the same name, more than fills the bill - though it's unlikely to draw anyone over the age of 11 (not counting baby-sitters).
Tim Robbins plays the working dad, and the movie misses him once he bails out early.

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