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Smackdown could put on a better PPV than this
kliko40017 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Considering that Smackdown is my favorite brand, they could seriously put on a better PPV than this. The previous Smackdown PPV Vengeance 2003 was better than this.

FIRST MATCH- TAJIRI VS. REY MYSTERIO FOR THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Good way to open up No Mercy with a Cruiserweight Championship match. Not bad but if it was longer & had more time to really see both of these men fight it out more, then it would have been better. After someone comes & tries to interfere {Some guy who looks like Akio} the referee prevents him from interfering which leads to Tajiri nailing the Buzzaw Kick on Mysterio for the win to retain his Cruiserweight Championship. 4/10

SECOND MATCH- BASHAM BROTHERS VS. APA Just a solid tag team match, could of been better though. Shaniqua interferes during the match & gives one of the Basham's a steel pipe which they use on Bradshaw {behind the referee} to get the win against APA. 3/10

THIRD MATCH- ZACH GOWEN VS. MATT HARDY W/ SHANNON MOORE This was a good match. This Zach Gowen wrestler seriously is good & talented, too bad he doesn't wrestle anymore. Zach Gowen gets the win after a Moonsault from the top on Matt Hardy. 4/10

FOURTH MATCH- CHRIS BENOIT VS. A-TRAIN Finally a good match which shows power moves from A-Train & technical moves from Benoit. During the match, A-Train big boots Benoit on the face which you see one of Benoit's teeth come out. Even though bleeding from the mouth, Benoit locks in a Crossface on A-Train for the win. 5/10

FIFTH MATCH- VINCE MCMAHON W/ SABLE VS. STEPHANIE MCMAHON W/ LINDA MCMAHON IN AN I QUIT MATCH Man Vince McMahon is so crazy to actually fight his own daughter in an I Quit match. This match is just sad as Vince McMahon makes his daughter say I Quit after choking her with a steel pipe. 2/10

SIXTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE VS. JOHN CENA Great athletic & technical match between these two as this is probably the only best match of the night. Angle wins after making Cena tap out to the Ankle Lock. 5/10

SEVENTH MATCH- BIG SHOW VS. EDDIE GUERRERO FOR THE WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP Even though Eddie tries everything he can muster to try & topple down the Big Show, it isn't enough as Big Show nails the Chokeslam on Guerrero for the win to become the new WWE United States Champion. 4/10

EIGHT MATCH- BROCK LESNAR VS. UNDERTAKER IN A BIKER CHAIN MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP {There is a chain stuck on a pole which needs to be reached in order to use the chain as a weapon in the match}. Acceptable main event as Lesnar & Undertaker always have good matches. F.B.I {Nunzio & Johnny Stambooli} interfere & try to take out the Undertaker, but Undertaker takes them both out & turns around only to get blasted on the head by steel steps used by Lesnar. Lesnar covers for the 3 count to get the win & to retain his WWE Championship. 5/10

As I said before Smackdown is my favorite brand & all future Smackdown PPV 's could be way better than this.

Overall: I'll give it 6/10 & a D+
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WWE No Mercy 2003
This was just awful. Hardly any matches were good and the McMahon clan, Shane aside were on this PPV for far too long.

Match 1 sees Tajiri face off against Rey Mysterio. It was OK, but could have better, especially considering the talent of the two. Things get worse as Chris Benoit is shoved into a pointless feud with A-Train in a forgettable encounter next up. On an interesting note Benoit nearly gets crippled (no pun intended) by A-Train when he drops him on a steel chair on his head (One of my least favourite performers ever A-Train bored the arse of this writer in every match he had. I mean he was around for 5 years and all that sticks in my mind about A-Train is that Jim Ross once said that he had a large hat size and fans demanded that he shave his back.) Things do pick up but only slightly, Matt Hardy challenges one legged wrestler Zach Gowen in a good effort. But next up The APA challenge the impressive Basham Brothers in a solid but unspectacular tag team match.

The next match sees a first father and daughter I quit match, putting Vince McMahon and daughter Stephanie in a crap match. McMahon won (obviously) but this was just poor. Next match up sees Eddie Guerrero battling Big Show in a good match, which saved the PPV from being one of the worst ever. This was the case in the John Cena vs Kurt Angle match up, it was acceptable.

Then the main event The Undertaker challenges Brock Lesnar in a bikers chain match. This was passable. The interference of the FBI didn't do it any favours either.

Overall a terrible PPV!

Mysterio vs Tajiri - 5/10 Benoit vs A-Train - 3.5/10 Gowen vs Hardy - 7/10 Bashams/APA -5.5/10 Guerrero vs Show - 7.5/10 Angle vs Cena - 7.5/10 McMahon vs McMahon - 2.5/10 Taker vs Lesnar - 4.5/10
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