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Film Review: ‘Lazy Eye’

Film Review: ‘Lazy Eye’
Movies, as scholars of Hitchcock and De Palma like to say, are a voyeuristic medium. But as soon as you say the word “voyeuristic,” it sounds like you’re talking about something sensational and titillating — i.e., sex. An indie drama like “Lazy Eye,” by contrast, is voyeuristic, but in a far more refined and emotionally sophisticated way. The movie does have moments of raw sex. Mostly, though, we’re at a weekend-getaway cabin in the middle of the Mojave Desert, watching and listening to Dean (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe), a pensively handsome Los Angeles graphic designer, play host to Alex (Aaron Costa Ganis), whom he had a serious fling with 15 years before, back when they were young bucks who picked each other up at an East Village dive bar and whiled away a carefree no-budget romantic summer together in New York City.

The two haven’t spoken since (for reasons the
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Broadway's 'The Lyons': Linda Lavin roars

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In this taut play, a man is on his deathbed while his wife anticipates his demise. Their adult children have a vicious fight. The son gets beaten badly and the daughter falls off the wagon.

"The Lyons" is a comedy.

And an insightful, truly excellent one.

Linda Lavin ("Alice") is Rita, a savvy woman who leafs through "House Beautiful," looking for decorating tips and chatting to her husband. She reels off old stories about neighbors until he explodes. "What the f*** are you talking about?" Ben (Dick Latessa, Broadway's "Hairspray" TV's "The Good Wife") screams in his opening line.

Unflappable, Rita explains she must redo their tacky living room where the "chairs are the color of disgust and the carpet is matted down with resignation." 

When Ben says, "I'm dying, Rita," she responds, "I know, but try to be positive."

Playwright Nicky Silver delivers one perfect line after another. When
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2012 Sundance Predictions: Tim Kirkman's Tan Lines

#66. Tan Lines - Tim Kirkman It's been a long dry spell of sorts for helmer Tim Kirkman, who presented anything since Loggerheads - a drama that was included at the Sundance film festival back in 2005. His next feature is a long shot of sorts to break the line-up - a low budget tennis comedy titled Tan Lines. Pic stars Dash Mihok, Cameron Monaghan, Kevin Sussman, Alexie Gilmore and Josh Hopkins. Gist: Owen "Game Set" Match is one of the top tennis pros in town, employed by the prestigious Fountain Club, with sun-bleached hair, gimp knees, and tan lines that make the women swoon. But when a history of bad decisions finally catches up to him, he's forced to pick up the pieces of his faltering career at the local Ymca club, where dysfunction is the norm. At the Y, a gang of culturally diverse, potentially psychotic, Adhd, Ocd, and potentially
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Simple Science: Redford, Harrison and Kirkman projects selected for 2008 Tfi Sloan Filmmaker Fund

  • A little cash can go a long way when developing a screenplay, and if you happen to be working on anything related to “stories about science and technology or portray scientists, engineers and mathematicians as major characters” then a hand over from the Tribeca Film Institute’s Tfi Sloan Filmmaker Fund should be among your priorities. Today a jury comprised of Darren AronofskyDarren Aronofsky
[/link], Steven Shainberg, producer Caroline Baron, producer/writer Ann Druyan and a couple of profs and doctors selected the recipients of some financial and creative support. Among the project we find some familiar names including Amy Redford who has The Guitar coming out in November, and speaking of in November, Greg Harrison directed Courtney Cox in a film going by just that title and finally Tim Kirkman last directed Loggerheads for a very small theatrical run in 2005. The five selected projects selected received a sum of either
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Tribeca Photo Diary: The TV Set

[/link] Premiere Written by Jake Kasdan, The TV Set centers on Dave (Duchovny), who has a pregnant wife, a spendthrift mom and a lot of expenses. He should be happy that he has just sold a television pilot. But the path to the production includes a tumble down a rabbit hole of dimwitted executives, talentless stars and micro-managing suits who seem determind to remove any hint of creativity out of Dave's work. Director Jake Kasdan & Sigourney Weaver Cast: Sigourney Weaver Cast: David Duchovny Cast: Ioan Gruffudd Cast: Judy Greer Cast: Justine Bateman Cast: Lindsay Sloane Guests of the premiere: Actress Bonnie Hunt (Loggerheads) Guests of the premiere: Actor Ray Santiago (The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang) All pictures © of Pierre-Alexandre Despatis 2006. Tribeca Photo Diary #5 Tribeca Photo Diary #4 Tribeca Photo Diary #3 Tribeca Photo Diary #2 Tribeca Photo Diary #1 ...
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Tim Kirkman's Loggerheads

[/link] is a time twisting symbolic tale about finding again the familial love you abandoned or let go of years ago. It is a story told in three parts that interweave only to finally connect at its’ climax - after it’s too late. The past, present and future are compressed into one story line leaving you asking the question of what could have been only if the characters’ timing were right. This is Loggerheads’ most noteworthy accomplishment. A son, Mark, has been on the road, prostituting himself, since he ran away from his adoptive parents, a stern minister and his wife, Elizabeth, and the cliché town of Eden, an all American neighborhood with white picketed homes, where he grew up. Stopping at Kure Beach to track the return of the Loggerhead turtles, turtles that return to that shore at this time of the year to reproduce, he finds
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Pardue drifts to indie 'Loggerheads'

Pardue drifts to indie 'Loggerheads'
NEW YORK -- Kip Pardue has signed on to the indie feature Loggerheads for Gill Holland and Lillian LaSalle's newly formed LasalleHolland management-production shingle. Inspired by a true story, Loggerheads, to be directed by Tim Kirkman, revolves around three interweaving tales in North Carolina. Pardue will play a charismatic drifter who travels to a coastal town to help save endangered loggerhead turtles and must decide whether to keep traveling or settle down. Also on board Loggerheads are Elizabeth Perkins, Melinda Dillon (Magnolia), Michael Kelly (Dawn of the Dead) and Robin Weigert (HBO's Deadwood). Shooting begins next month in North Carolina. Holland (Spring Forward) is producing, with Stephen Hays and Lillian LaSalle serving as executive producers. LasalleHolland formed in January when Holland's CineBlast! merged with LaSalle Management Group. Kirkman's credits include the documentary Dear Jesse. Pardue -- whose credits include thirteen, Driven and Remember the Titans as well as the upcoming Imaginary Heroes and Chasing Fate -- is repped by ICM and Untitled Entertainment and attorney Jay Froberg.

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