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Beautifully acted, structurally sophisticated heart-tugger.
Charlotte Observer
It's a gentle look at people who cut themselves off from others and realize consequences too late. If Southern Baptists believed in karma, this would be their touchstone.
Entertainment Weekly
Kirkman is shrewd enough to coax a wistful performance out of pretty boy Kip Pardue.
Developments unfold according to the needs of the characters. The movie is not about springing surprises on us, but about showing these people in a process of discovery. The performances are not pitched toward melodrama; the actors all find the right notes and rhythms for scenes in which life goes on and everything need not be solved in three lines of dialogue.
Slow, unadorned, compassionate, and earnest, Loggerheads is a low-fi throwback to the independent films of the 1980s and '90s.
New York Post
This movie takes its sweet time wrapping together three related tales set in various regions of North Carolina -- to ultimately devastating effect.
Chicago Tribune
In the third story, set in Asheville, N.C., that excellent actress Hunt guides us steadily through what could be a minefield of sentimentality.
Painfully sincere but tired.
New York Daily News
Hunt and, especially, Harper do excellent work rounding out sketchily-written roles. But Pardue, who offers little beyond movie-star looks, is either miscast or genuinely unable to grasp his character's intense longing and insecurity.
The Hollywood Reporter
A drama that is more contemplative at times than dramatic yet one containing several powerful moments.
Miami Herald
It's all in the telling, and Loggerheads practically aches with its own heal-the-world earnestness.

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