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73 out of 83 people found the following review useful:

Mediocre Exploitation Flick

Author: metroscotty from Illinois
1 August 2005

I viewed Chaos at the 2005 Flashback Weekend horror convention in Chicago. The Q&A session with the writer/director David DeFalco, producer Steven Jay Bernheim, and actor Sage Stallone was, strangely enough, before the film. After seeing the movie, I have a hunch as to why. DeFalco and Bernheim were very adamant at pushing this film as the "scariest and most brutal film ever," one of seemingly hundreds per year that reaches for that title. They then proceeded to bash the film they openly admitted influenced Chaos, Wes Craven's horror classic The Last House on the Left, calling it "unrealistic" and "hard to watch," to the point where there was an obvious change in the dynamic of the audience. Because DeFalco, who considers himself a "true horror fan," pushed so hard for people to like this film, I feel obliged to push the other way.

Chaos is by no means an original film. I've seen this movie made countless times with only slight variations on the plot. It does, however, have a few brutal, almost redeeming scenes that do make it worth seeing if you are a true "grindcore" or exploitation movie fan. Both of these, the first in particular, are what the movie will most likely be remembered by. They are both particularly well done, especially with the realistic looking blood and gore effects and the reactions of the female leads. This is, however, my last positive comment on the film.

Each character has been given a set of stereotypes that they must stick to, and none of them transcends their limitations. The girls in Chaos are as mindless as the girls in any other slasher or horror film, which is disappointing after hearing for half an hour about the "realism" of the movie. The police are the most generic characters in the movie, and the Sheriff's racism is extremely played out. Even the parents, an inter-racial couple that you'd think would be the least definable, stick to their stereotypes.

Chaos (the main "bad guy") and company are introduced in a completely unnecessary opening scene that does nothing but establish their characters as low-grade criminals. For a character that is supposed to come across as an example of the ultimate evil (he calls himself the devil at least once), Chaos is shown as a petty thief.

There are a couple inconsistencies in the plot, specifically timing issues. At one point, what seems to be a several minute walk for one group turns into a ten minute car ride for another.

Additionally, the ending feels entirely tacked on. I know that I wasn't the only person in the audience who laughed at the audacity of the director, after placing so much emphasis on realism, to include such a slapstick, somewhat comedic, ending.

In the end, I left the theater bewildered, but for all the wrong reasons. I usually am not so picky about "realism" in horror movies, but after hearing the director make such a point about it, I felt compelled to judge Chaos on it. I really want to believe that DeFalco has what it takes to make a good, original movie, because I saw potential in a few short moments. Unfortunately, after hearing the director speak so openly about this film as not only being his masterpiece, but set to trump The Last House on the Left, a film that has become a staple in any horror fan's collection... well, I'm not too hopeful that we're going to see anything too original from him.

Later this year will see the release of Eli Roth's Hostel, another film billed as the most brutal movie ever captured on film. Maybe a truly original "grindcore" film really is around the corner, but I'm not holding my breath.

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54 out of 81 people found the following review useful:

By far the worst movie of the year (and possibly ever)

Author: Sheekus ( from Detroit, Mi
25 August 2005

I saw this movie for a free at a screening, I wouldn't see it again if you paid me. This film has the worst acting, the worst dialogue, and the most senseless plot I've ever seen. The premise of the film makes a piece of garbage like House of Wax look like a masterpiece. The movie aims to shock and teach with it's brutal "true to life" story of two girls looking to score "E" at a rave in the woods. The obvious abduction, rape, torture ensues, including a nipple being caught off and fed to it's original owner (at which time at least half the viewers got up and left the theater). Personally though I was not as offended by the grotesque senseless violence as I was by the fact that I felt my intelligence was being insulted by the film maker who claimed the film had some sort of message and redeeming value. It was the quality of a subpar B horror film and an after school special mixed. Without an ounce of reality included it was sick, twisted and pointless all together, without ever making an ounce of sense either. Movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Ichi the Killer contain more blood and guts than this film but don't strain to make it over the hour mark while offending everyone in the audience. Not that they are quality films either, but at least they don't claim to teach me anything! OK, I'm rambling, but I'm upset that free passes were given out for such a horrible film and that a major chain of theaters like Emagine would show this garbage, AVOID THIS FILM AT ALL COSTS!

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34 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

An inferior rip off of a MUCH superior film

Author: alanmora from United States
14 September 2005

While I must admit that the scenes of violence in this film are shocking and downright repulsive, it in no way makes up for the fact that, not only does David Defalco Blatantly rip-off Wes Craven's "Last House on the Left" with this HORRIBLE waste of film, but he then adds to this atrocity by openly and blatantly denying it and by actually slamming the original. Forget the fact that this film not only uses the same exact "It's only a movie" ad campaign and most of the scenes are almost frame for frame and word for word rip offs but then you can also add to it the fact that one of it's producers is Marc Sheffler, the man who played Junior in "Last House". AVOID THIS FILM AT ALL COSTS!

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22 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

A pointless, ridiculous waste of time.

Author: CIMC from United States
22 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Villains sometimes win in movies, as in real life. People are sometimes killed in movies, as in real life. Sometimes those deaths are incredibly brutal, as in real life. A good film could even portray concentration camps or genocide from the point of view of the perpetrators and still have significant value for giving some insight into the mind of a butcher or the mental state of a semi-automaton carrying out horrific orders. Indeed it's entirely possibly to get inside the mind of a racist, misogynistic casually brutal killer in a way that can illuminate one's own humanity and potential for savageness as in Jim Thompson's classic noir novel The Killer Inside Me. By watching the exploitive trash that is "Chaos", one will gain no insight into anything. "Chaos" will not help one understand inhumanity, war, genocide, serial killing or anything else. A pointless and graphic exercise in misogyny, brutality, racism and sadism "Chaos" is a physically unsettling film, although not in a way that challenges one's world view or biases. As far as that can be considered a success the movie succeeds.

There are two positive aspects of this film although they are not nearly enough to be dubbed "redeeming". The first is that it is only some 76 minutes long. The second is that the various scenes of gore have above average special effects. I cannot think of a good reason to even mention the acting and the dialogue as neither are really relevant to the film however, both are bad. The dialogue is cliché crap recycled from any number of awful films with immoral or morally ambiguous protagonists and the only acting that seems remotely convincing are scenes of the two young women begging for their lives. They too however, turn in awful performances when not screaming. Chaos is played by Kevin Gage who is currently serving 41 months for growing pot. He shouldn't be in jail for that but he should probably serve some time for the bile he serves up as "acting". His character's mannerisms and delivery are a bit like Sam Elliott just not as cool. It should be pointed out that the writer/director of this film has gone on record as stating that this film somewhat like Wes Craven's horror classic The Last House on the Left (itself an uncredited rip-off of an earlier Bergman film) but better. It cannot be compared to that film though as not only is this film lacking in artistic quality, it's not what I would call a horror film. This film should would be better categorized as gore-porn. For posterity's sake I'm going to end this review by describing a scene from the movie hoping that anyone who somehow feels intrigued by this awful mess will be dissuaded. If you are worried about having your filmgoing experience (or your next meal) spoiled then skip the rest of this review. To be clear, I don't recommend that you read what is below or see the movie. There's no good reason to do either.

Emily is running from the killers. Chaos catches her. She is beaten by Sadie but gets hold of Sadie's knife. She stabs Chaos' son in the balls and runs. Chaos strangles his son to death. Chaos catches Emily. Emily is beaten, stripped and bound naked on the forest floor. Chaos rapes her with a knife and uses it to carve a hole from her anus to her vagina. Chaos informs us that he's gotten an erection but can't rape Emily as he's left no appropriate hole. Emily dies.

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18 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Last house On The Left without The Edge and Talent

Author: danthewrestlingmanorigin from United States
2 November 2006

Whoa, what can I say here. Well this has got to be the most over-hyped piece of garbage i've seen since Battlefield Earth. First off this film is a complete remake of Last House without the gritty revenge angle. I saw the full cut, so don't think all the negative reviews are for the edited version. Why Roger Ebert bothered with complaining about this film is beyond me, I mean any money this dud made was because of his comments. I really think if he never said anything, this film would have few to no reviews on here, and would have just faded away. The physical and mental torture in this film is disturbing by it's very nature Mr. Ebert, I mean what were you expecting from this storyline, but yet the scenes really lacked any edge, little actual gore is seen, and it certainly isn't a sexy film in any way, so really why see it? I knew exactly how things were going to turn out from the beginning, and not for one moment was I tense, or really interested in the proceedings. Maybe i'm just a jaded gore hound, but this film really has nothing to offer, and just makes you want to go back and watch Last House On The Left again to see how it's done right. A revenge plot would have helped greatly, just to add some unpredictability. All in all whether your looking for extreme gore, suspense, nudity, a good story, or acting, you will be disappointed. The only reason I gave it a two out of ten, is a few of the actors' seemed to have talent, they just had nothing to work with.

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15 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

The Last Rave On The Left...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
13 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll keep this part brief - anyone who's heard anything about CHAOS knows that it is a blatant LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT rip-off with a slightly different ending. The concepts, plot, and even certain scenes are a direct lift from Craven's classic exploiter. I knew this going into it, so that didn't bother me too much. As other reviewers have noted, I also agree that the cheezy "disclaimer" at the beginning touting this as some sort of educational-film is lame as well. The claims by the distributor that it is "THE MOST BRUTAL FILM EVER MADE" are also false. All that said - CHAOS is decent for what it is.

A couple of girls go to a rave in the woods. Looking for some Ecstasy, they meet up with a young guy (Sly Stallone's son) who takes them back to meet his "friends", who turn out to be his dad and gang-leader Chaos, his greasy pal, and Chaos' pseudo-girlfriend. They get to messin' with the girls, rape 'em and kill 'em (not necessarily in that order...). Car troubles end up bringing the crew to one of the girls' homes, where the parents recognize the group as the people who killed their daughter. A bloody melee ensue between the parents, the assailants, and the police who were called in to investigate the girl's disappearance...

Personally, I found CHAOS to be pretty decent overall. Kevin Gage's performance as Chaos was spot-on and didn't come off as cheezy or too over-acted - he made a pretty believable white-trash psycho. In fact, pretty much all of the performances in the film were at least passable, and the two female victims were pretty damn good. The gore is highly over-rated, as the only really decent scene is the nipple-ectomy - the FX in that scene are top-notch. The rest of the gore is implied, especially the over-rated knife-rape scene. A lot of reviewers have complained about the ending, and though the scenario that takes place is highly implausible - I actually quite liked it. I dig "downer-ending" films, so I thought it worked. I think CHAOS will be of interest to exploit fans, and honestly, you could do a lot worse than checking this one out...7/10

Note: I will say that (as others have accurately noted...) director deFalco comes off like about the biggest dildo in the world in the "morgue" scene in the special-features. He rambles on like a jackass about making the most BRUTAL FILM EVER MADE while in gay looking wrestling garb. I also find it ironic that this film is supposedly a "cautionary tale" - yet the director seems to delight in hanging out at a morgue. I think that had the film-makers been more honest and humble about their intentions and motivations with the film, it wouldn't have gotten quite the backlash that it has. I also found the constant addressing of Roger Ebert for dissing his film to be pathetic as well. I'm pretty sure Ebert watched CHAOS, reviewed it, and forgot all about it. The talk between deFalco and the coroner trying to pass of the plot off CHAOS as an "original" idea was equally pathetic. But - I don't rate films on special-features - so these are just some of my side-thoughts...

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30 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

So very dull, so completely plot less, so pathetically pointless.

Author: Croc-O-Dyle from Arf, arf.
9 December 2006

One day, a wrestler (count the number of the letters in his name and you will still come up with a higher number than his IQ) decided to plagiarize Wes Craven's mediocre debut from the 70s... and in less than a year he vomitted out this "film", a horrifyingly dull attempt at offending and probably "shocking" everyone. A very failed attempt, needless to say. Wrestler, keep this in your "mind" (if you had one): one can only offend and shock when one represents something. A mosquito won't offend me, a worm won't shock me... why should I react any differently to a sad attempt by a pathetic subhuman wrestler? Just ignore him and in time he will die, alone and forgotten, and hopefully with "Chaos" being the only "film" he'll ever have made.

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24 out of 40 people found the following review useful:

I watched the movie Chaos alone and regret it deeply.

Author: Tddupb00 from United States
10 October 2006

I read an article on this man they named Chaos and the story behind him. That's what peaked my interest in seeing this movie. I knew there would be violence,(that's a no-brainer). I just wasn't prepared for anything like this. I actually couldn't move at one point during the film because I was in shock. I felt ashamed and horrified that I was watching this all alone. I've always believed that horror films or any film for that matter doesn't have to be bloody or gruesome to be effective. This director seems to get off on the fact that he made the most brutal film ever. Can you explain this to me? Is he actually proud of this movie? He had the nerve to say it will save lives by watching it. I would love for him to elaborate. All I know, when making a movie, especially one that revolves around such a serious matter, you should use some common sense and decency. I feel sorry for the two young women who decided to take on these rolls. I'd like to know why they chose to exploit themselves. Not a really great way to start your career. If I ever see them in anything again, I'll never get those images out of my head. The movie is for people who love shock value. It's more than disgusting. It's just very very very sad. I pity the director of this film. He doesn't care about the message he's sending. I could see that when I watched all the extra's of the movie to find out what kind of person made this film. It's disturbing!!!!

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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Extremely Brutal and Disturbing

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Emily (Chantal Degroat) and her friend Angelica (Maya Barovich) go to a rave in the woods, and when they arrive, they meet a stranger called Swan (Sage Stallone) that promises some Exstasy for the girls. They follow him to a cabin of his friends into the forest where they meet the sadistic gang leaded by the psychotic Chaos (Kevin Gage). The girls are abused, tortured and raped in a night of nightmare and murder.

The unpleasant "Chaos" is one of the most brutal and disturbing movies I have ever seen. Michael Haneke's "Funny Games", for example, is better and more elaborated while "Chaos" is raw but absolutely realistic. Every now and then we see sadistic cases, for example, in the news in Rio de Janeiro. This low-budget movie has a non-original story, but the difference is that it is very well acted and believable. The dehumanization of the character Chaos is impressive, the terror of the two girls is amazing but the conclusion is stupid, with the racist officer shooting Emily's father. In my opinion, this polemic movie is underrated in IMDb; there are very few horror movies so realistic like "Chaos". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

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13 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Only one thing more disturbing than this film

Author: ssa2204 from United States
15 September 2008

Only thing I find more disturbing and disgusting than this movie are the people that defend this garbage. This movie was checked out completely by accident, and I surely regret the whole $1 I spent on it. I will even admit I did not finish the movie. Watching plaster dry has more redeeming value.

These movies are made for one audience- psychotic future and current serial killers, rapists, and other vile humans. I wish movies, and the audience members who enjoy this crap would all instantly combust in flames and burn for eternity. There is no single shred of argument that can be made for this vile crap.

I sincerely beg anyone, with so many good films out there, do not watch this movie. If anything, I would encourage people to boycott this movie, and everyone involved in making of this.

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