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The Hollywood Reporter
Christian Slater and Selma Blair head a solid cast that Harvey Kahn directs with cool efficiency as the tension steadily rises with every passing minute.
Although the dialogue initially flakes with awkward exposition, writer Ruth Epstein and director Harvey Kahn have fashioned a riveting thriller full of good scares and learned, muckraking insight into the global labyrinth of oil and politics.
But the problem is, The Deal, like a lot of real-life Wall Street deals, is a labyrinth into which the plot tends to disappear. The ideas in the film are challenging, the level of expertise is high, the performances are convincing, and it's only at the level of story construction and dramatic clarity that the film doesn't succeed.
Blame the unsexy subject matter if you want, but blame the uninspired casting first.
New York Daily News
The story's unnecessary and unconvincing Russian spies are out of "Rocky & Bullwinkle," but Blair is quite enjoyable as a sassy, capable idealist.
Chicago Tribune
Has the worst happy ending I've seen in a while.
The subject is intriguing even if the dialogue is stilted and the acting is uneven.
Shot largely in Toronto and cast with the best of the B-list, this film has the low-rent gloss of a made-for-cable thriller.
A bigger mess than the gas crisis.
New York Post
A flat, would-be thriller pausing briefly on its journey to video stores.

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