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Better Than The First
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched CSI on the TV,and loving the programme I decided to try the games. Having played the first CSI Game on the PC,I decided I would try the second. You take on the role of csi and you go around with each main character and solve the cases they are working on. As like the show you have to search for any evidence that may exist in a crime scene. Search for blood,hair,and anything else that you feel would help to convict the person involved in the case. If you need any help with search warrants you can go to Brass. But remember that you need enough evidence for Brass to get the warrant. Along with warrants you can get Brass to bring in your suspect for questioning. You ask the questions that you feel you need answering. The story lines with the cases are great,and you could imagine the real CSI's dong the case themselves. The characters really look like Grissom,Brass,Sara,Catherine,Warrick,Nick and Greg. Overall if you love CSI try the games. You will not be disappointed.
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Excellent PC Game!
BreanneB15 March 2006
This PC game is excellent. It's better then the first one. I have Miami, this one, and the first CSI game. Miami is my favorite, but I do love them all. They are very real to the show.

Although, I find all the cases in this game interesting, my favorite is "Dragon and Dripping". This is about the murder of a doctor, and the kidnapping and murder of a Komodo Dragon. I had never heard of this animal until I played this game for the first time.

I am an aspiring C.S.I., criminalist, and parole board member. I love these games. Two Thumbs Way Up. 10 out of 10 stars. Keep 'em coming.

Note: I think these games are very educational for people like me who are going to have careers in this field. Thanks!
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Excellent Work
AbbyLewis26 May 2006
Although some of these cases are hard they stay true to characters and the work is much like that of a real CSI unit... Very good graphics too. The cheat sites are also almost completely useless unless you have a good grip of the situation of the case and you'll find yourself a little confused for the first few times. Some of the characters are ruder than others and at times you may find yourself fed up with the attitude you get from them but remember it's only a game, take a moment or two to calm down then go again.

This is excellent work. I look forward to working the next cases on the next disk.
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Choices Seem Individual (but aren't)
leplatypus21 February 2010
A video game gives the player to act freely but as computers, this freedom is an illusion and you are forced to walk a path that is plotted in advance: discover it and you can win the game; Don't see it and you are doomed to the iconic statement "Help: I'am stuck!".

Thus, this is the invisibility, this smoothness of the plan that makes the difference: when everything is done easily, you have a good game; when every following task is a pain, a riddle, then get rid of the game!

Here, the game is close to the last category: it asks you to find all particular clues left at a special point of a precise location. As other said, it's become a pixel challenge and nothing else.

Since the start, the game is incredibly difficult: for example, you have to think to look for particular fingerprints in the bike shop whereas there must have been a lot of customers! Awful!

In addition, the tools have been upgraded in worse since the fist game. And the fingerprints or DNA search are silly! As for the cases, there are five: the stuntman, the Indian relics, the homeless, the circus, the theater. Their stories could have been interesting but the cases are too much long and you got as many guilty as proofs so you become quickly fed-up.

A poor game that killed me and that I couldn't throw away because it was a gift!
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