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The only way out of a situation just pulls you in deeper.

Author: bsshuman from An excellent movie!
7 May 2004

You won't see many movies teaming with this much humanity, much less one that spends most of its time in the housing projects of East New York, Brooklyn. Filmmaker Rich Devaney isn't condescending or sentimental but even the most minor characters in his film are fleshed into real human beings. That's Devaney's first achievement in this movie. The second is that he tells the story of a conflicted criminal trafficking in some mean streets and he does it without ripping off Scorsese for one second. Devaney gets great performances from his cast, he tells a powerful story without showing off the superb technique he clearly has and he gives you memorable images without a huge art department framing them and lighting them and stuffing them into your skull. Brooklyn Bound is evidence of that rarest quality in a filmmaker- talent to spare, minus the ego. And the movie shines brighter for it.

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a breath of fresh air...

Author: whoTheFuqRyou from NYC
12 July 2005

I just watched Brooklyn Bound for the first time about half-hour ago and this film doesn't waste a minute of the film as every scene of this film are shot very well. The cinematography was great, it's meant for a film like this. the guy doing it clearly had the right idea and it works very well for low-budget. All of the acting was good - Jamie Hector(Paid In Full, HBO's The Wire) is VERY effective in his role as is the scarce Dean Winters(HBO's Oz) w/ some strong acting. After watching the Brooklynite Jamie Hector play out his part as the strong and silent Marlo opposite Wood Harris in The Wire, It was the straw that broke the camel's back in making me consider this movie even though I was pretty sold on the title itself. The film itself shows the hard times in Brooklyn and it shows the cultural diversity which makes the film so meticulous and the scenes in the projects can be compared to the likes of New Jersey Drive and Clockers only they used actual Brooklyn n!&&@s for the film. What I really loved about the movie was the fact that REAL NEW YORK STREET SLANG IS USED CORRECTLY!!! The film itself doesn't pull any punches and keeps it very real and for that I recommend this film to anyone who likes urban film - Brooklyn Bound is a gem under the radar....

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Helluva Picture

Author: bsshuman from New York City
4 May 2004

Brooklyn Bound is an excellent movie. One should not mistake its decidedly unflashy tone for any shortcoming in technique. Its writer/director Rich Devaney knows what he is doing. No knock on The Man but it is incredibly refreshing to see a movie about a conflicted criminal that doesn't rip off Scorsese. Shot in East New York projects, pre-hipster Williamsburg dive bars, tenements and one luxury high rise that seems just as squalid, Brooklyn Bound teams with life own, full of vivid, human characters, humor and menace. You don't have to be a fan of Fresh or Superfly (though both are good movies) to enjoy this movie. It's real, it's compelling and I'll be thinking about it for a long time.

I'm a movie snob. And I'm really looking forward to whatever Mr. Devaney does next. He really knows how to tell a story with a camera. He gets great performances out of his mostly non-actor cast and he doesn't coopt one frame of his story to show of any of the superb filmmaking technique that he surely possesses. The events of the movie are tinged with a senselessness in the best sense, a film with a big heart that gets broken.

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Conveys true emotion

Author: Jumpinbean26 from New Jersey
13 August 2004

This film is one to stick with you for a long time. The brief, yet intense scenes, constantly engage the viewer. Causing an almost (not to sound juvenile) interactive experience. It was a film in which any turn was unexpected.In the end character development was the one that blew me out of the water.To see the depth of these characters, only enhanced by phenomenally cinematography,slowly developing and changing throughout the film. All in all a real down to earth, organic, non-forced film.

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Very Good

Author: mpnad from United States
30 December 2005

I thought the story was good but the direction was excellent. The director knew how to keep you interested in the story from beginning to middle to end. I like that the story showed the two brothers, one being the hero and the other being the "problem child". However, it takes a while before you remember that they are both from the same stock with the same bad ways.I'm sure he didn't have a big budget, regardless the movie seemed to be very professional. I feel that the story was a little to real, which would probably explain why it wasn't as popular as I thought it should be. There were a lot of drug scenes. I'm anxious to see what he comes out with next.

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Decent until the end, but still an overall good film

Author: goopi83 from United States
20 October 2007

This movie is overall a decent film. No big names, I only happened upon it cause Dean Winters is in it. The films main focus is on Sean, who is a drug dealer who sells drugs to take care of his mother and brother. The story doesn't focus a lot on plot, more on the lives of Sean and the people who are close to him, like his brother(whose trying to get involved in his brother's work), and Sean's best friend Rob (who owes money to gangster Dean Winters). The story has good character development, a few good fights, and a nice atmosphere. The problem comes in at the end. I won't go into specifics at the risk of ruining the film, but there were too many questions that needed answering. I still give this movie a solid 6/10, but it could have been a 7/10 if not for the ending.

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One of the best movies in a while...

Author: brandenborg from Denmark
8 July 2005

I saw this movie a late night, and had no big expectations to it, I should have had.

The story of the movie is co-written by one of the main actors in the movie, all more or less not-known. That does not however have to be a bad thing, since the story is well told, and does not hurry. The actors in the movie play very convincing and sincere.

After the end-credits rolled on my TV I was quite blown away, but also started asking questions to the last 10 minutes of the movie... I couldn't make the calculation to add up. After an hour or so, I realized, that is just the way it is supposed to end, that could be a reality everywhere.

I have two words for you: "See it!"

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Get There!

Author: Desepticon from United States
24 September 2005

Devaney creates a film filled with strong characters and gritty realism. We actually care about what happens to these people, a point which is often lost in other movies of a similar type. This movie easily could have devolved into some pseudo-Scorsese gang movie but instead chose to focus on family drama, which is portrayed rather compellingly. The story is loosely based on the life-story of the the main character, played by Tommy Guiffre. Most of the acting was great despite the fact that many of the actors were first timers. Noticeable standout is Jamie Hector's role as Courtland, the dealer with the dream of a better life. Production values on this movie are excellent despite the low budget. Shot on location in Brooklyn you get a real sense for the world these people live in. See this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Garretron commands, "Get there!"

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Great Effort From the Cast & Crew

Author: JoeyD11 from United States
8 March 2012

This is a great independent film. As a novice on independent filmmaking it is quite inspiring to see the talent of the entire cast & crew with such a low budget to work with. The film has managed to capture the true street environment and was largely filmed in East New York, which takes quite a bit of balls. It allows the viewer to experience scenes in some of Brooklyn's roughest housing projects, and has the gritty everyday drama for survival mentality. The acting is top notch, and the storyline is realistic due to it's simplicity; this is just a great overall film. I would compare this movie to another excellent yet underrated film called New Jersey Drive. My rating 8 out of 10.

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