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element_2nice8 August 2004
Based on the concept of extra-marital relationship, Murder, the latest venture by Bhatts oozes out starring sex goddess Mallika Shrewat, Imran Hashmi and Ashmit Patel in leading roles. Inspired by a Hollywood flick "Unfaithful", Murder has complete ingredients to suite the requirements of the cinegoers who come to cinema halls for the purpose of entertainment and quality stuff only. The movie features plenty of skin-show, sex scenes and has an impressive storyline. It gives full value to the money spent on purchasing tickets.

Settled in Bangkok, Sudhir (Ashmit Patel), his wife Simron (Mallika Shrewat) and their son Kabir live peacefully and happily in foreign land. Being occupied with his job for making a prosperous future for the family, Sudhir forgets that his wife needs him physically and mentally. Simron starts feeling her loneliness badly. She also does a job to kill the time. A twist in the tale occurs, when one rainy day she happens to meet her ex-lover Sunny (Imran Hashmi) on a crowded road under heavy showers of rain. Both had been in love before Simron's marriage with Sudhir. This meeting leads the two to that stage where they can have pleasures but those pleasures can harm Simron's married life eventually. Forgetting all the consequences, the lovers' loneliness ties them in an affair. Sudhir begins to sense that something strange is happening with his wife. He hires the services of a detective who then provides Sudhir solid proofs of her wife's affair with a guy. The infidelity of Simron shakes him badly. This reality helps his feet go straight to Sunny's home where he confronts Sunny. This meeting thus makes room for destruction in married couple's life.

Director Anurag Basu gets the audience glued to the seats till the finale with his creative sense of film-making. At interval point, the viewers imagine that the story now reaches at the end, Anurag takes the viewers to the second half. When climax comes, the director takes the interest level of the audience to the highest point with the catchy sequence of events. Although the first half is slow but the film gathers momentum in the second half. And one thing is for sure, the viewers do not take their eyes off the screen even for a minute. The movie completely grabs your attention.

"Murder" is an immaculate effort by the director. Well-written script is impressive but the writer seems to be in hurry at one place when he shows Sunny's girlfriend all of a sudden. Anu Malik's music is soothing. "Kaho Na Kao" and "Bheegay Hont Tere" are more enjoyable and effective on ears amongst others in the list. Cinematography is gorgeous. Brilliantly caught urban life and eye-catching locales of Bangkok capture the breath. Dialogues seem average. Ashmit Patel proves his mettle fully. Although his acting skills went unnoticed in his debut film "Inteha" but this time he wins praises with his attractive expressions in "Murder". Imran Hashmi is simply superb. He is a true fit in this character. Mallika defeats the label of being merely the sex symbol by delivering her emotional performance. Her dealing with the sex scenes boldly also adds spices to the film's graph. Raj Zutshi is adequate as well. On the whole, "Murder" is rich in entertaining the audience and that's what they want in return of their money.
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Good flick
AishFan12 May 2004
Another adult thriller successfully wins over the masses. Mallika's loneliness was very well depicted with the story taking place in a foreign land with no friends and people who speak an incomprehensible language. Malika's dialogue of how a married woman's loneliness is a hundred times worse than a single lady's loneliness, of how she slept with a stranger (her husband) every night, really struck a chord. Ashmit Patel didn't have much of a role but did a good job in whatever he did do. Mallika's romantic interest wasn't that impressive. Songs are outstanding! "Bheege Hont" is a mesmerizing romantic track, and "Kaho Na Kaho" is a captivating track that is definitely my new favorite song. Groovy beats, melodic rhythm, good intertwining of Arabic language, and an overall haunting melody make this song addictive. The story mainly picks up in the second half and is quite unpredictable. Mallika may be the new sex symbol, but she is definitely not a quality actress. Her dialogue delivery in the movie was absolutely pathetic as were her acting skills.
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silvan-desouza25 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After JISM, this was another erotic thriller The film is a remake of UNFAITHFUL strangely one week before HAWAS released which too was a copy of UNFAITHFUL. The film has some of the most erotic scenes in bollywood especially the scene where Malika recalls her sin, The first half has all the erotic scenes, the twists and turns do hold your attention at times but things do get predictable, Also the second girlfriend subplot doesn't come across strongly, while climax is predictable

Direction by Anurag Basu is good Music by Anu Malik was criticised for being lifted, but yet Bheege Hont, Kaho Naa Kaho and all songs are still famous Zindagi is Tarah is a superb song

Ashmith Patel(voice dubbed) does a decent job after a disastrous debut in INTEHA, Malika Sherawat exposes her body freely but also does impress in acting something she never did again Emraan Hashmi is superb in his role, this film shot his popularity and he became to be known as serial kisser something which went overboard later yet he gave a good performance Raj Jhutsi is decent rest are okay
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Check out Kashmera Shah!
Jay S28 May 2006
This is one of Bollywoods better productions filmed interiors in Bombay and exteriors in Thailand.

The film was done by a new Bollywood director hat despite health challenges he overcame, he has made another great film, Gangster.

The film is a Hindi copy of Unfaithful but is really redone to appeal to Indian sensibilities. But I found that it appeals to everyone with its great sense of music and style.

I really enjoyed the lounge song performed by Kashmera Shah.

In today's Bollywood most item songs are getting sleazy. This one is classy and shows this girl is not only beautiful but can also act the dance not just dance and lip sync. I can't wait to see her next film!

Overall great film, highly recommended for first time Bollywood fan. music is fantastic! Go Kashmira!
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Warning: Do not go to this movie with your parents.
Vikas SS12 May 2005
Storyline: The punchline of the movie says, "She is Married, She is lonely, She is having an affair". I guess this sums up the entire story. Now, one would be curious to ask, whether the skin-show is actually relevant. Well, I would recommend that you watch the movie to know more.

Comment: The story line is inspired by Adrian Lyne's UNFAITHFUL (2002) starring Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Oliver Martinez, with sufficient changes in the story to suit Indian Conditions. The performances are quite average and bearable. Mallika Sherawat has created new standards for skin show in Bollywood with this movie.

The Direction and Music have been given their due. The songs 'Kaho na Kaho' and 'Bheege Hont' would make the song worthy enough to have it as an mp3 in your collection. In general, the movie is watchable and makes a good pastime.
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Good for an Indian flick
tiger90020 December 2004
I liked this movie cause it was a refreshing change away from the usual nonsensical dribble Indian movies are famous for.

Unfortunately, the concept of originality seems foreign to Bollywood, as this movie is an almost complete ripoff of the 2002 movie "Unfaithful", starring Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Olivier Martinez...with a few new twists here and there.

Still, I gave it a high score cause it was fun to watch and good for an Indian we weren't drowned with inane dialogue and senseless song and dance routines every ten minutes.

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rich and bold
steffycyril3 September 2016
The story is beautiful due to the characters that cant be replaced anyway.Even if there is darkness,it is all a film can give.Even if the movie is taken from Hollywood ,i feel it is more good than the original. The heroine is a good lady who is in dilemma regarding her life.The clear picture is seen in a simple song. The movie has given a horrific effect due to the main song which shows that there is much more.The racing scenes and the climax is beautiful. The story is smooth and Emraan Hashmi gives a stunning performance. There is not much scenes but the locations are also very impressive.This is one of the good movie which shows what they intended to.
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Murder is a pretty good watch!
namashi_122 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Anurag Basu's 'Murder' is a very good watch. The film was a mega success at the box office, in fact it was one of the highest grossing films of 2004, the year it released. The film has good sex scenes, at least for Bollywood its amazing. Unfatihful was way more adult, yet this one is pretty much good a watch. Thumbs up!

Performance-Wise: Malika delivers a super performance. She proves she's more than just a bombshell. Emraan Hashmi plays his part nicely. Ashmit Patel is highly competent. Raj Zutshi is restrained.

On the whole, 'Murder' could've been more erotic, but keeping in mind that its a Bollywood, its okay.
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10 Star (Though not as entertaining as Hawas)
MubukuGrappa19 September 2010
This is another excellent piece of work by Anurag Basu, who is following the footsteps of Vidu Vinod Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mahesh Bhatt of post-Saransh era. I guess, you know what I am saying!

I wanted to give this movie a score of 7/10, as it disappointed me a bit initially, in that acting here is better than that in Hawas. However, as long as, everyone -- from the police inspector to the dentist's assistant in a foreign country -- is somehow Indian and speaks Hindi, I cannot rate it a mere 7/10. Add to that the wooden and constipated look of the Hashmi fella, and there is no way one can rate it anything less that 10/10.

Great movie. Highly recommended (though in my book, Hawas is the better of these two, as Hawas is more entertaining, with absolute lack of acting capabilities or diction).
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Unfaithful remade in Hindi
gsat1431 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a perfect adaptation of the English Flick Unfaithful. Ashmit plays the role of Richard Gere, Emran that of Olivier and Malikka the perfect cheating wife role of Lane.They have changed the second half of the film to adapt for the Indian masses.

Even then the movie has got the full traces of Unfaithful, though it couldn't catch up with the original. It was a cheap soft porn of the Bollywood lovers, where Mallika showed a lot more skin than anyone dared to show. Emran did more roles like this and was even nicknamed the serial killer. In the future if the Indian Directors plan to remake a English movie then they have to look into the feasibility of the plot with the Indian Censors. Though the film bombed at the box office, the actors got the undue recognition. In future the directors should be a little more careful in remaking a Oscar nominated film.

All said, this is not a family film, so take the extra caution while watching it at home with family.
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Rarely can a movie stand on it's own in Bollywood...
Sherazade12 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Here is another example of a copy of a Hollywood film. This time it's UNFAITHFUL. Like Dhoom, it's a copy that was also a hit. Before I begin anything, let me just say that the best thing about this film for me was the song 'Kaho Na Kaho', which is the reason why I bought the DVD in the first place. That and the fact that Amisha Patel's brother Ashmit brings it on in it. Of the three main cast member, Ashmit is the only one who shows some hope of a long career in acting(if only he had the right connections), he even upstages the usually good Emran Hashmi. Mallika Sherawat, looking very much like Halle Berry in this role, plays a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage (she married her dead sister's husband at the request of her parents, in order for her nephew to grow up with both a mother and a father). The husband here is played by Ashmit Patel, and the lover who comes into the pictures in played by Emran Hashmi who was also Sherawat's character's former lover. Most of the film is told in flashback. The film begins with a police chase (they're chasing Sherawat) and after she is captured, she tells her story and reveals that somebody is dead. The audience now has to guess if it's her hubby or her lover and what lead to their demise as she tells her story. Much was made of Sherawat's notorious nearly nude scenes, sex scenes, kissing scenes as well as shower scenes but aside from the fact that she's more risqué than most, she is at least beautiful player in the Bollywood game. I have to say though that as much hoopla as was made of the scenes between Hashmi and Sherawat, the most sizzling scene to me didn't even involve those two. The most sizzling scene involved Patel trying to share a shower with Sherawat.
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