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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Will Stronghold- Human flight & superhuman strength

    Steve Stronghold (commander)- Superhuman strength

    Josie Stronghold (Jetstream)- Human flight

    Layla Williams- Plant Manipulation (Control & speak to plants)

    Gwen Grayson- Technopath (Control any sort of technology)

    Warren Peace- Pyrokinesis (Human flamethrower)

    Ethan- Melt

    Magenta- Shape shift (into guinea pig)

    Zach- Glow

    Penny- Replicate herself

    Lash- Stretch himself

    "Speed"- Superhuman speed

    Principal Powers- Turn herself into a comet

    Coach Boomer- Create a sonic boom

    Nurse Spex- X-ray vision

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