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It's a pumped-up, intricate and fast-moving yarn that never flags and continues to play out in unexpected ways as it unravels.
Goes so far over the top, it circumnavigates the top and doubles back on itself; it's the Mobius Strip of over-the-topness. I am in awe. It throws in everything but the kitchen sink. Then it throws in the kitchen sink, too, and the combo washer-dryer in the laundry room, while the hero and his wife are having sex on top of it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If Running Scared had come out in 1994, before "Pulp Fiction," it - and Kramer - would be hailed as blazingly original. But questions of originality notwithstanding, there's plenty of blazing going on here.
Miami Herald
Running Scared is a vicious and brutal B-movie jacked up to hysterical, hallucinatory proportions -- a pulpy, violent action picture that torments the viewer as much as its characters, and I mean that as a compliment.
TV Guide
It's way too violent and perversely excessive for many tastes, but there's more to its outrages than meets the eye, and that second look is well worth taking.
If you like kinetic movies about crime, criminals, and all sorts of bad behavior, Running Scared will catch and hold your attention.
Ultimately, it is a serviceable, well-made thriller that earns its R rating.
The Hollywood Reporter
There also are hints of Doug Liman and Tony Scott to be found in this hopped-up, bullet-riddled crime thriller, but while certain sequences pack an admitted visceral kick, the prevailing effect is one of utter overkill.
A potential howler done in by a tendency to wear too much body tissue on its sleeve.
New York Daily News
The whole movie is some kind of joke, a sick one to be savored by a certain segment of the movie audience. You know who you are.
Entertainment Weekly
Running is a fevered smashup, as if Hollywood dug up Sam Peckinpah's corpse and forced it to adapt "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" for the screen.
Running Scared is so desperate and surreally stupid that all you would have to do to see it as a brilliant sendup of everything that is corrupt, vulgar, sad, deluded and bad-for-you about Hollywood is squint.

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