Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (TV Movie 2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

reefer drugs
propaganda marijuana
blood splatter blood
reference to sigmund freud actor playing multiple roles
american flag bonfire
lyre ascending to heaven
beaten to death prison
hitting a woman smoking a cigar
covered in blood presidential pardon
man in a wheelchair punched in the face
electric chair shoulder holster
out of ammunition garden hoe
holding someone's breasts man wearing a towel
male in a shower shot in the leg
framed for murder shot in the chest
hell death row
ball gag some scenes animated
marijuana brownie bare chested male
reference to shirley temple reference to charlemagne
hit by a car selling a baby
camera shot betwen a woman's legs stained glass window
bollywood spoof linguini with clam sauce
woman wearing a thong bikini hula dance
male wearing a thong woman wearing a red dress
walking into a wall dancing a tango
charleston the dance playing saxophone
jazz reference to duke ellington
reference to dizzy gillespie reference to franklin d. roosevelt
soda fountain winking
face slap reference to william shakespeare
swatting a fly turtle
reference to william randolph hearst crashing through a window
parent meeting glass of water
zippo lighter some scenes in black and white
year 1936 teenager
goofball made for cable tv
parody the devil
personification of satan lucifer
drug humor devil
stoner stoner comedy
stoned smoking marijuana
munchies muggle
marijuana joint joint
hit grass
ganja endo
drug drug reference
driving while stoned dope
420 reference to cab calloway
s&m reference to romeo and juliet
singing singer
politics dancing
dance dancer
movie in title title appears in song
instructional ephemeral film
song sin
satire pot
madness insanity
high school fear
drug addict cannabis
campy anti establishment
dominatrix drug abuse
zombie waitress
title sung by character teenage girl
spoof small town
scarecrow reference to satan
random sex polish american
loss of child reference to jesus christ
film within a film fiend
drug addiction cult tv
classroom carelessness
boyfriend girlfriend relationship 1930s
animated sequence based on play

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