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Interesting exorcism film
Davis P29 January 2018
The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) is a half horror, half court room thriller. It is based off supposedly true events. I have some mixed feelings about it. I'll talk about the positives first. The biggest thing that this movie had going for it is the performance by Laura Linney, the star. She really gives it her all and I couldn't take my eyes off of her whenever she was on the screen. She proved her fine acting abilities in The Truman Show and other films, and this one is no exception. The other actors do a good job with portraying their roles too, but Linney takes the cake. Another positive would be the unbiased nature, this is NOT a film with an agenda of any kind behind it. It does not try to disprove demons and it does not push a religious message either. I like that. Many films attempt to push an agenda, and that kind of preachiness is a real turn off. Now for the things that I didn't really care for. I thought that the court room half of the film was better crafted than the other half. I was more engrossed in those parts, not saying the horror parts weren't well done too, but I didn't feel it as much. The overall story is an interesting one for sure, and when the credits rolled, I felt good about the way they told it, not great but good. That is really the best way to describe this film. Good but not great. 7/10.
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An incredibly compelling drama with a few tense moments.
hnhovitz6 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I wish the movie poster and the title of this movie had been different, as it limits what the movie is, what to expect, and sets those looking to be scared up for disappointment-unless you're easily spooked. Whether you're an atheist or devoutly religious, whether you do or do not believe in the spiritual or the demonic doesn't matter. This movie is an examination of faith vs. facts, facts vs. possibilities, and whether any of us can make room for reasonable doubt about the good in people. Compelling and with solid acting from start to finish, with its share of unsettling moments. While I did hope for more scares, and while I did predict certain plot elements, it didn't take away from my experience of the movie. If you like police or crime dramas, or better yet, if you believe that maybe it's time to admit that we simply can't and don't know many things for sure, watch this one.
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Evolution hurts itself by indulging in elsehwere
marieltrokan17 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The bravery of not avoiding things so as to not escape the potential of mockery is the cowardice of avoiding nothing not so as to escape the impossibility of maturity

Avoiding nothing is not avoidance

Escaping impossibility is accepting possibility

Accepting possibility is impossibility

Impossible maturity is immaturity

Cowardice is acceptance not so as to be immature

Cowardice is acceptance so as to be mature

Cowardice is acceptance creating maturity

Acceptance creating maturity is not creating maturity

Cowardice is creating immaturity

Bravery is not creating maturity

Bravery is to not be responsible for maturity

Bravery is to be responsible for immaturity

Immaturity is the bravery of responsibility

Maturity is the bravery of no responsibility

No responsibility is no concern

No concern is no elsewhere

Evolution is the bravery of no elsewhere

Elsewhere is the cowardice of evolution

Evolution hurts itself by indulging in elsewhere
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Pretty sick religious propaganda
suenoverde14 October 2017
The true story this is based on is brutal and the way these filmmakers chose to change it is crass and cruel to people who suffer from physical and mental health issues. I don't understand a culture that thinks that demons could possess a young woman and denying her medical care while using Catholic magic powers would cure her.

If you haven't read up on the true story behind the film of the exorcism of Annelise Michel in Germany I highly recommend you look into it and then see if this exorcism needed to be defended. Or any other exorcism done on a mentally ill or "disobedient" young person.

Beyond that the film is cliché and dull. It's also not scary at all despite some good acting by the woman who plays Emily Rose. I'm disappointed Laura Linney did this film.
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Yet another of those movies... bring coffee to stay awake.
Marcus James20 July 2017
I don't understand why these exorcism movies keep getting remade with the same exact story every time. There is nothing new here. Just look up the exorcism in any fantasy dictionary and you will know the plot. There is no suspense and I wouldn't call this movie horror. The ending was obvious and they didn't even try to do anything imaginative or new. It is a drama told in flashbacks about a failed exorcism. The priest goes to trial where they presented creepy evidence yo the jury who are also told about odd circumstances. You can guess how it ends. All in all, I don't know why this movie was made. It had no point. The movie followed the most obvious path and ended in the most obvious way. It was boring.
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It's better to rely on modern meds.
muvi-fan-732 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In the movie, it's shown that, Emily was instructed by God to leave human realm or let it stay the way it was so that other people would know about spiritual realm.

In today's world many mental diseases come as if they have got a hand of God in them. I believe that to be true. I also believe that more than procedures like exorcism; modern medical science can provide better relief. The only tough part is the time required to become well under guidance of these medicines, it's as if one goes through hell. One thinks it's better without medical treatment.

The incidence of timing 3:00 happened in my case too. The watch stopped. The only difference was it was day. I was feeling supernaturally special, but it was not real. Whatever I have experienced has let me known that parallel realms exist.
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Interesting possession film
GL8411 March 2017
During the trial for his events, a lawyer tries to help her client, a priest, seek the truth about what happened to the young woman who died under his care while performing an exorcism to cure her of a demonic possession and eventually lets the truth about it be known.

This wasn't anywhere as bad as it could've been. The film is really split into two halves here with this one being basically helped greatly by its really good possession and shock scenes. The opening scene that sets her up to becoming possessed is one of it's best sequences, as the long hallway and the unearthly voices floating around give it an unearthly feel while the first scene in the classroom where she sees a demonic face appearing in the window through a cloud of mist and turns around to see a student's face turn into a distorted demon's face giving off an unearthly roar makes it quite shocking. Running out into the rain and seeing more demonic faces give off the same unearthly roar is a bit clichéd, but it still helps to sell the mood while the finale in the church giving this a quite creepy conclusion. The different manners of how she's become afflicted are quite memorable moments with the frenzied bug-eating, speaking in tongues or just contorting her body into such impossible positions that it really becomes obvious something is wrong with her, and the long, suspenseful and chilling exorcism is the film's selling point, coming off with any number of creepy ideas and scenes in such a drawn-out style is one of the best scenes in the film. Otherwise, beyond the shocks and the exorcism, there isn't much else to like about it. Therefore, everything else in it doesn't really work which is only relegated to the courtroom battle drama. It's marketed as being a supernatural possession film, and the best moments come from those scenes, but the fact that the majority of the film is a courtroom battle with the supernatural elements coming in the form of flashbacks is a real misstep and is likely to confuse those coming in expecting the other kind of film. It's not that they're boring or anything, it's just that it's out of nowhere that it becomes that way, and it can be a disappointment. The fact that these are slow and really long don't help matters, extending this out far longer than it should. This could've easily been an hour and a half, or maybe a little longer, but the two hours running time forces it to keep the courtroom antics going for no reason other than to extend the running time. A few extraneous scenes could've been snipped as well, including the introductory scenes at the bar that repeat information we already know and also keep the running time going, and most of the time simply elicit a feeling of wanting to move along and get to the good scenes. These really harm the film.

Rated PG-13: Language, Mild Violence and intense demonic and spiritual themes.
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A Greatly Misunderstood Film
persian-belle7 January 2017
Not a horror film, but an excellent film.

A debate between science and religion In my opinion, this film is one of the great ones. Of course that depends on your philosophy and beliefs. I am an agnostic, meaning I am not at all affiliated with any religions but I like to keep an open mind about the those phenomena that are still unexplained to humans.

I am also a fan of science and well-read in psychiatry and clinical psychology. While definitely not a fan of any man-created religion, I do keep an open mind about what could be on the other side.

As a horror film fan, I had been waiting to watch this film. I admire Shohreh Aghdashloo (although she was given a small role here) and didn't know Jennifer Carpenter at the time. I was at first disappointed because I was expecting typical horror entertainment. However I realized that although there are a few creepy scenes, these are mostly realities that many schizophrenics have to deal with often. Many of them live this in their crises when they hallucinate, become delusional, etc. It's such a patient who is the most scared, not those who observe her. The film shows us how scary it is for her.

Now the question remains, whether this is a mental illness or has roots in "Evil", as defined by the Christian tradition. During the entire time the viewer is searching for this answer, and at the it remains open-ended, thus giving much credit to science and psychiatry (explaining that in this modern age there should be medical intervention) but at the same time leaving the door open for the paranormal.

I admired Jennifer Carpenter after this film. She usually does not play the role of the typical Hollywood glam girl who are dime a dozen. This girl can act. If you have seen the Dexter series, you will know what I mean. All the actors are great. All in all, a very deep film and has you wondering after it has ended, if at all.
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Doesn't really concentrate too much on the real Anneliese Michel...
Irishmoviereviewer29 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Since Halloween is 2 days away, the Sony pictures channel decided to show this so I began to watch it. I wasn't quite too fussed about it to be honest, it's like the same as a typical horror film. That's boring like, it needs to be a lot better than that. It doesn't have to be adding film legends such as Tom Wilkinson in this.

I think if they did a film based on Michel, it would've been better!

I don't understand why it has great reviews cause it really in my opinion, doesn't deserve any. They should've keep their facts right, not fantasy! I wouldn't consider this the best horror out there in my opinion :/
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A horror film made under an unusual perspective.
Filipe Neto24 August 2016
This film, loosely based on a real case occurred in Germany, tells the story of a Catholic priest, tried and charged with negligent homicide after an exorcism gone wrong. Directed by Scott Derrickson, which also provides the screenplay with Paul Harris Boardman, the film stars Laura Linney.

This is a film made in an original way: based on the traditional formula of exorcisms movies, it innovates basing on the consequences of the exorcism. Its not for all audiences, contains some shocking scenes for sensitive people, but is much lighter (visually) than other similar films. Terror is more psychological than visual, although Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Emily, be excellent in the production of frightening scowls and grimaces. The film manages a very open attitude towards the exorcism, as the court exposing arguments for and against what happened. The film doesn't assume that the devil exists, although its understood throughout the film.

The interpretation of Jennifer Carpenter is regular, only highlights in the horror scenes, contrasting with the good interpretation of Laura Linney (who plays Erin, a skeptical defense lawyer confronted with something beyond her understanding) and Tom Wilkinson, who gave life to a priest visibly guided by faith rather than reason. Unfortunately, almost all the other characters are mere props, never deserve more development. Another major flaw of this film are the special and visual effects. In certain scenes, they result very well and can scare enough but, at other times, they are so weird, so poorly made that seem ridiculous, especially when we see it a second time. The soundtrack sought to accompany the film, but its not different from what we hear in hundreds of other horror movies.
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Validating demonic possession in a court of law
moonspinner5518 August 2016
College freshman, a scholarship student living in the campus dorm, dies after being treated for epileptic-like seizures and violent self-inflicted behavior not medically but spiritually, by a priest who believed she was possessed by a demon and who now stands trial for her death. An awful lot of very talented people worked on this baleful freak-show, all to no avail. Written by Scott Derrickson, who also directed, and Paul Harris Boardman, the story is loosely based on an incident that occurred in Germany, but the usual horror movie clichés are intact: a door opening and closing in a storm, 'scary' shots of feet walking down corridors (to heighten suspense), a pencil case moving by itself, squeaky floors in nearly every house, Emily Rose freaking out during a test in the classroom (complete with a stormy sky outside), the unfortunate girl eating spiders (like Renfield in "Dracula"), as well as a defense lawyer who is 17 minutes late to court because a demonic force shut off her electricity! Embarrassingly silly and derivative stuff that an earlier generation would have roundly dismissed as garbage, yet audiences in 2005 went for it. NO STARS from ****
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One of the freshest possession movies out there - B-movie producers take note!
Leofwine_draca9 July 2016
It's been a while since we had a good exorcism movie – not counting that rubbishy EXORCIST sequel that came out a few years ago. When I heard about THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, I thought it sounded good – different enough to be worth a look. When I caught it on TV last night, I knew I'd been right. This takes the true-life case of a failed exorcism and turns it into a gripping John Grisham-style courtroom drama in a very intriguing, thought-provoking way.

I'm a big believer in the supernatural and I've studied it a lot in the past. What is presented here is a very believable, very frightening account of demonic possession. I honestly believe that this really happened. Although the film is lengthy and slow-moving, it's never boring and that's because somebody had the great idea of including harrowing flashbacks of the possessed Emily during the courtroom case. It really works, breaking up the courtroom tension, and adding in genuine frights and chills along the way too.

The movie is topped off with a fantastic cast working at the top of their game. I don't believe Laura Linney has ever been better than she has here, and her portrayal of a woman with integrity is fine. Tom Wilkinson makes us believe he is the disturbed priest with every drop of sweat that comes from him. As for Jennifer Carpenter, well she should be going places with her portrayal of the tormented Emily here, and I hope she doesn't suffer the same kind of career nosedive as Linda Blair did in the '80s.
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Just another Christian propaganda schlock
Puffer Bluntman1 June 2016
The movie doesn't work as a horror movie and it doesn't work as drama.

It's just a bland propaganda vignette that rips off the Exorcist a bit, but not too much - so that the Christian crowd who for some reason came to see this "horror" flick wouldn't be freaked out too much, so none of that satanic puke and definitely no mothers sucking cocks in Hell.

This movie is 1,5 hours of pandering to the American Baptist prosecution complex. The movie leaves no suspense, no place for doubt, it just states straight away: yes, this is supernatural, no question about it, these guys are right, these are wrong.

And portraying lawyers only in the cocktail party setting... my god, could this be any more cringe worthy?
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Not what it seems... but that's not a bad thing.
Looks like a horror film from the marketing, but it's actually a pretty effective courtroom drama - thanks to strong performances from Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson and especially the understated Campbell Scott.

Meanwhile, the exorcism flashback scenes are made disturbing not by CGI or jump scares, but by a turned-up-to-11 performance by the bizarrely underrated Jennifer Carpenter. Honestly can't understand why she hasn't been featured in more.

I liked it, despite the eyeroll-inducing ending, but if you're looking for a scary, exorcism-based horror, though, this isn't it.
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Quite good!
Bob An16 March 2016
The exorcism of Emily Rose is quite a good film! As many have said before, it is probably the best film about exorcism after The Exorcist but it is just that I think it may very well be ( a bit) better.

I like that the story of Emily is revealed step by step through the eyes of different people and from the distance. It kinda gives the authenticity to the film and the experience of the devil possession. Especially when we know that the film is based on the true story ! The girl who plays Emily is brilliant. The scenes were really 'exorcism worthy' especially those where her body is twisted in unnatural ways. Of course, I know that many special effects were probably used to convey that state of stiff possession, but her face expressions were on point with the body. All other actors in the film were on point with their roles.

I wish that maybe the dark presence was much more exploited in the case of the defence lawyer or the priest. But maybe it would take an hour more to the story.

All in all, I would recommend this film to horror/exorcism/supernatural lovers. Eight from me.
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Intriguing Exorcist Film with Courtroom Drama
mike4812828 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Most unusual in that the priest is taken to court because not everyone believes that Emily Rose is possessed and wants the ceremonial rites stopped! A very good, scary movie, almost superior to the "Exorcist Series" which has no connection whatsoever with this film. Not quite as gory or horrific as the original Exorcist, but that might be due to minor cable editing for content and language. Very well done, and definitely worth your time if your horror tastes run to this sort of thing. Supposedly based on a true historical event. Warning! Huge spoilers ahead: It turns out that Emily Rose is the reincarnation of another Satanic-possessed victim from a few centuries ago. Finally, way at the very end, when it is too late, she dies, and Satan wins. It's hard to really like a movie with such a terrible ending!
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Exorcise It.
Python Hyena14 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005): Dir: Scott Derreckson / Cast: Tom Wilkinson, Laura Linney, Campbell Scott, Jennifer Carpenter, Colm Feore: Perhaps the screenwriter should have been checked in for an exorcism as well. Film deals with the trial surrounding Emily's death after an exorcism goes wrong. Tom Wilkinson plays a Priest on trial and Laura Linney plays the lawyer representing him. Starts out well introducing the trial and flashbacks of Emily going to college then it becomes episodic with her strange reactions to spiritual forces. The audience mostly laughed at its idiotic attempt to scare us and involve us in a boring courtroom drama. Director Scott Derrickson does his best using lighting to setup potential suspense but acting is minimal. Linney fares well as the attorney who also feels the spiritual forces inhabiting her life. Unfortunately Wilkinson is surprisingly weak and unconvincing as the Priest. Campbell Scott also stars although it isn't likely that it will be shown on any career achievement. Jennifer Carpenter overact as Emily in a performance that can best described as half paranoid and half constipated. Colm Feore also appears and reminds us that to see him in a great film, one only has to watch the awesome Bon Cop Bad Cop. See The Exorcist for a better example of this sort of spiritual theme and exorcise Emily Rose to the trash bin. Score: 4 ½ / 10
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The very best movie on the subject of exorcism and possession I have seen thus far.
Dejan VasiljeviÄ24 August 2015
All the other ones were just pale copies, and were not as original as this one. The movie itself is weakly based on the actual case of Anneliese Michel, in which she was presumably possessed by unseen force(s), but it creates its own originality with Jennifer Carpenter, Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson and the rest of the cast, whose performance and acting was stunning and beautiful. Truly I enjoyed watching it. The scene with the exorcism was very amazing and – in my opinion – it was Jennifer's peak in the movie as well as the most frightening part. The movie deserves the rating of 10 because it was unrepeatable and unique cinematographic master-piece. All my praises to Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman, and to the cast.
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Not your typical horror
Dorjee Wangyel16 June 2015
I remember watching this movie a few years ago and I got absolutely creeped out yet loved it back then (Hey! Don't blame me I was just a kid then).

Recently I popped it in again and re-watched it. And I was really happy that my choice a few years ago wasn't bad (lol!). Because this movie is an absolute gem amongst horror.

It steers clear from typical horror movie because it doesn't follow the usual "build-up-halfway-throw-everything-after-half-time" strategy. The movie is based around a true controversial story. It's unusually is a court drama-esque horror which accounts the case of manslaughter of the eponymous girl against a priest. Dealing with faith vs doubt, it highlights a lawyer's internal conflict on being doubtful yet defending a priest. The horror in this case is shown throughout the movie. It is overall very intelligently made.

But the unusual setting or the plot isn't what makes this movie great. The strong performances by both leads (Laura Linney and Jennifer Carpenter) is what sets this cut above the usual horror movies out there. Linney does well here, her character's internal conflicts on what to believe, her agnostic approach to defending a priest are carried out great but Carpenter is the true hero of this movie. A naive girl being possessed by multiple demons, her demonic countenance, her bloody contortion, deserves an award based on how well they were done. Her performance will scare you out, so be warned.

The performances, the screenplay, the directing, everything works on this movie's favour. While it could've done better with a shorter length, you won't regret using up your 120 minutes on this movie, because it's spectacular. 9/10
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Jennifer Carpenter Gets Wasted
M MALIK23 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005 is just another exorcism film about a priest who performs exorcism on a girl & gets convicted it comes with less action & more court room drama everything about this film is misleading there is no excitement for the viewer here then comes the never ending dialogs & boring court scenes it is filled with dull characters never mind the cast as some big names are there but one fine actress Jennifer Carpenter(Dexter 2006) gets wasted here it is sad she plays the main character & it is pure blank with no depth her talents could have been used somewhere else instead of lousy script like this one as Jennifer is a method actress in Dexter TV series 2006 she proved it this movie just fails to leave any impact at all its like you go in the theater for a cinematic experience & come out with nothing but a lolly pop in hand that's your hard earned money & time wasted plus kills some brain cells too this is exactly what this project does i mean aren't these guys tired of making same type of films first the exorcist series insulted intelligence worldwide since then it has become some sort of stupid genre id rather watch a Vin Diesel movie any day then this crap my rating for The Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005 is 2/10:stay away unless you are a Tom Wilkinson Fan.
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Intense, Gripping and definitely not PG-13
amitkurup20 May 2015
As far as the genre of horror goes, I wont like to put it into that domain. this is more of a psychological thriller woven quite nicely into a movie. it does stay true to the fact that it will manage to scare the crap out of you but still I am not inclined to put this in horror.

The exorcism of Emily rose is inspired by true events which makes it both shocking and disturbing. When you know that it is quite possible that this has happened to someone it disturbs you no end although you don't even know Emily rose.

This movie is about exorcism as is evident in the title itself. How Emily reacts to the exorcism is the crux of this story. the main two characters of this movie Emily ( Jennifer carpenter ) and Father moore ( Tom Wilkinson ) carry this movie on their shoulders all the way. The movie talks about a exorcism gone wrong in which a girl, Emily rose dies. the priest involved, Tom Wilkinson is given a good lawyer to defend himself, played quite aptly by Laura Linny. Most part of the movie is played out in courtroom and the scenes look quite genuine.

You will never imagine that Jennifer carpenter is not the actual emilly who went through the ordeal. she is perfect and it is a travesty if she has not got any awards for this. Tom Wilkinson is in his usual elements and doesn't over act although there is a lot of scope to over act some of his scenes. He is very assured even when he is saying something about GODs and Demons which you yourself would not ever believe. His belief in his own work makes this movie the movie it is.

See it with your eyes open and you will be pleasantly surprised by the end of it. Of course after the movie, sleeping in the night is no guarantee.
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What if we'd take the devil to court and who would win the case?
t_atzmueller24 December 2014
The title alone will conjure up two images, one being that it's a) a horror-film and b) yet another variation of the occult-blockbuster „The Exorcist". This is not entirely wrong (it is mainly a horror-film and does borrow heavily from William Friedkins film), but at the same time only scratches the surface.

Loosely based on the true story of Anneliese Michel, one would have hoped that the film delves more into the psychological aspects: Michel was a bright, young student in Germany, who was brought up in a almost fanatical Christian background. Suffering from epilepsy and what would later be diagnosed as schizophrenia, Michel at one time became convinced that she was possessed by demons (among them the emperor Nero and - I'd almost would like to say naturally - Adolf Hitler). This conviction was only nurtured by the local clergy and Michels fanatical parents, ending in the girls death after a lengthy ordeal of exorcisms, self-abuse and starvation. In Germany the story caused a stir and most involved would surely have gone to prison, if they wouldn't have been protected by the cloth of 'holy men'. The recordings of the priests interviewing (if you want to call it that) the girl are in the public domain and still give the listener a chill, whether one believes in the supernatural or not.

But "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" chooses to go another direction. Though the aspects of mental illness are brought up, the producer opted for a slightly more supernatural angle (or at least subliminally). Sure, the movie has some rather spooky, even scary moments, especially during the short vision sequences of Emily Rose and the often disturbing play by Karen Carpenter. The actress does an utterly convincing and excellent job. The rest is pretty much a court-room drama, concentrating on a lawyer defending the priest that may (or may not) have been responsible for Emily's death. An interesting premise, especially in this time and age where religion once again is trying to con its way into everyday life, from schools to politics. For that, the often sinister atmosphere and Carpenters intense performance the film gets a well deserved 7/10 from me.

For those interested in the case of Anneliese Michel, I'd recommend the German movie "Requiem" Hans-Christian Schmid, which deals with the whole issue without any hint of supernatural mumbo-jumbo. It's a bit on the lengthy side and way more pedestrian than "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", but nevertheless a fine reconstruction of the last days of Anneliese.
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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six ... That's All The Ratings It Deserves.
CinemaClown23 October 2014
As far as horror filmmaking goes, Scott Derrickson's feature film debut is a welcome addition to the genre as it is genuinely effective for the most part. But considering that it's a courtroom drama as well where the battle between science & religion is being fought out, it is in that field where the real problem lies as instead of taking an unbiased approach, it chooses a far too one- sided road.

Loosely based on the story of Anneliese Michel, The Exorcism of Emily Rose concerns a self- proclaimed agnostic who undertakes the case of defending a parish priest accused of negligent homicide by the state after he performed an exorcism on a young girl named Emily Rose, which resulted in her death. The progress of demonic possession & the exorcism is presented in flashbacks.

Directed by Scott Derrickson, the film marks an impressive debut for the director & shows his instant grip with the genre as he's able to pull off the elements of horror in a balanced manner. Screenplay does have some weight on it but the final act is simply absurd. Camera-work goes dynamic after a relaxed opening, editing is a letdown in the middle & sound is effectively used.

Yet the only best thing to come out from the movie, according to me, is Jennifer Carpenter's committed performance as Emily Rose for she sure can scream but it's her body contortions, thanks to her double joints, which look pretty unsettling. Rest of the supporting cast does a fair job in their given roles plus Campbell Scott makes a fine impression as the prosecution lawyer with his swift, piercing & logical statements.

On an overall scale, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a missed opportunity because there was so much for grabs here yet it embraces the conventional route to turn out as an above-average chiller. The best moments are the ones featuring Carpenter & even though she goes a little overboard in few scenes, she's also the only one who manages to tie it up together from start to finish.
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A Good Courtroom Drama
Rainey Dawn24 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is loosely based on the real life Anneliese Michel. The story itself is quite good. I really enjoyed the courtroom drama aspect of the movie. I did not pick a side (defense or plaintiff) in the movie - instead I wanted to hear valid points and arguments from both sides. Some of the arguments in the courtroom I disliked but in that way it is realistic... you may not like some of the questions, statements and arguments in real life court cases.

Some of the "scary parts" of the movie had me laughing or poking fun at the scene.... it was just a bit too much for such an otherwise good film. If they would have left some of that out I could have rated this movie a lot higher! The roles are well played by all of the actors. Most are very convincing... particularly in the courtroom! The drama keep me in suspense.

For me this movie was well worth a one time watch. I do recommend this movie if you like religious-occult themed horror films.

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