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Over an hour and half long commercial
petragreen29 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst TV series based movies ever seen. Like the TV series it is a big cash cow commercial lasting over hour and half to sell a trading card game and sell out of cinema tickets because of a free exclusive trading card being handed out to everyone that purchased a ticket. The movie opens up with a narrative so the poor parents that took their kids to watch this movie could understand what is going on but it wouldn't change the fact that parents are guaranteed to be bored watching this. The movie takes place after season 3. The plot is just the same as the TV show predictable and obvious. The movie is mainly focused on kaiba's bitter rivalry with yugi because of not being able to handle being a sore loser after losing to a card game lasting 6 episodes from the previous season. The villain shows up at the last 10 minutes of the movie. The English dub is butchered with cheesy dialogue, the animation lacks in quality compared to the TV show and the movie itself is boring. I recommend skipping this movie and go straight to watching season 4 and watch the abridged movie.
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Gets more hate than it needs
erikvd1627 July 2014
By now, I know Yu-Gi-Oh 10 years. And thus, I watched this movie around November 2004 in our local cinema. You got free promotional cards during this. It was a decent movie, yes it has it's unnecessary moments like Tristan farting. But the whole story gets repeated again from the anime series and the evil guy story is getting very cliché. Unfortunately the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series got cancelled soon after this movie, since I'm not much interested in GX, 5D's Zexal and now Arc V.

But why does this movie have a 4.1? OK, this does not earn an 8 or a 9, but a 4 is way too low. Luckily, Littlekuriboh made this movie a bit more excitable. As I said, this movie gets more hate than it needs, but it could have been better.
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Definitely Made for the Fans
ikrani1 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you've never watched the show, skip this review. You won't have any idea what I'm talking about.

This movie really only works if you like the show. Yes, I know a movie should be able to stand on its own if it's trying to do its own thing, but this is basically an entire arc of the show condensed into an hour and a half with a recap of Yugi's origin story at the beginning (I guess they wanted the parents to have some idea what was going on in this movie).

Now, at its core, this movie follows the same formula as the show: evil sorcerer person wants to F up the world, Yugi says, "Shan't", duel follows. However, it drops all this really cool magical stuff in the background for us to explore in between duel segments. We take a trip inside Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and explore its inner labyrinth as it battles the power of the sorcerer's Pyramid of Light (kind of funny, seeing as "light" is usually code for "good" and "dark is code for "evil" in most films).

The characters are the same as they were in the show: Tea is the supportive pseudo-love interest, Yugi is the short but brave hero, the Pharoah's a badass with a really weird haircut, Joey and Tristan are boneheads, and Kaiba is the same stubborn, close-minded jerk he was in Battle City.

That's more or less the time frame for this movie: it takes place between the Battle City Arc of the show and whatever came next. Kaiba is more obsessed than ever at beating Yugi now that Yugi controls the three most powerful monsters to ever exist. However, Kaiba unknowingly gets help from a darker entity, one that seeks to destroy the ancient Pharoah and rule the Earth once again.

This movie plays to the same strengths that the show did: keeping us in the dark most of the way through, hinting at upcoming events rather than saying what was going to happen before it did, making the bad guy a wielder of unlimited power, and turning the card game from a game to a deadly battle of strategy and wits where the very SOULS of the players are on the line. And the climax of the duel is GLORIOUS.

All in all, this is not a movie for non-fans. They will no doubt be lost most of the way through and not have the slightest idea as to what's going on. While the movie does do a decent job at establishing the characters, you have to have a pretty high tolerance for its ludicrous concepts to be engaged by all the crazy sheit going on. If you are a fan of the show (like me), you might enjoy it. It has its problems, but none of them more than the show did, and unlike the show the Shadow Realm and supernatural forces are at the forefront of this movie rather than being a backdrop like they were in the show. And it is AWESOME, man!
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Just an extended episode of the anime
nightlight19912 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yu gi oh was an anime I watched from time to time but I was never really that big of a fan. I was actually expecting the movie to be decent at the very least but, boy, was I wrong.

In the movie, Kaiba defeats Peagsus in a duel and wins two new cards to help him defeat Yugi's god cards, one of them being the pyramid of light which prevents Yugi from summoning the god cards and Yugi, Joey and Tristans souls are sucked inside Yugi's Egyptian god puzzle. While Kaiba and the Pharoah are in the pyramid of light, any life points they lose will affect their physical life force.

One problem with this movie is that It is the usual "Kaibi wants to defeat Yugi" plot that has been seen plenty of times in the show. It would have been a lot more interesting if they went in a similar direction to the Pokemon movies where team rocket are not the main villains but still somewhat relevant to the plot. Because of this direction, the outcome is pretty predictable.

I normally prefer dubs over subs but the dialogue in this movie is pretty cringe-worthy. In one scene inside the Egyptian god puzzle, Joey says "I believe we're not in Kansas anymore" which just felt forced and unnecessary.

The biggest problem with the movie is the main villain, Anibus who doesn't appear until near the end of the movie and by this point, you just know that the pharaoh is going to make quick work of him.

If you are a hardcore fan of the anime, you may enjoy this movie but otherwise I do not recommend it.
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A Poetic Tale Not To Be Missed
borisreviews26 June 2013
To be honest I came into this movie thinking it was going to be decent at best. And boy was I wrong! All the ingredients of an animated classic are evident in "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie", a technically impressive and heartfelt film from director Ryusoke Takahashi.

There are no complaints in the voice acting department, and that's mainly due to the movie's cast which features stars Dan Green, Wayne Grayson, Eric Stuart, and Darren Dunstan. As a supplement to the wonderful voice acting, the score (provided by Gil Talmi) effectively sets the mood throughout the entire film.

But where this movie really shines is in its visually breathtaking and poetic narrative that provides so much depth and insight on basic human nature that it almost seems as it's never even trying. The story simply unfolds magically in front of your eyes. Unlike many movies in recent history, this movie doesn't substitute excitement over pacing and plot. It takes it's time setting up the characters and setting, and then unleashes you in this new and unfamiliar world. But that's not to say it doesn't have its fair share of excitement.

But I wouldn't dare spoil this movie for you any further, and will leave you with this final note: It's time to dudududududu... duuuueeeellll!
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It's OK
Michael Margolis21 March 2013
I remember seeing this for my friend's 13th birthday party. We were all huge yigioh fans and seeing yugioh on the silver screen was a dream come true, until we actually watched it. We went in the movie theater and we each got special yugioh cards. my friends got cool monster cards like blue eyes shining dragon or dark sorcerer. I got a pathetic trap card that I would never use. The movie didn't even start, and I was disappointed. For the movie, it was average. Some good parts, some bad parts and a lot of cheesy one liners. It's not bad as the people that give it a 1 say. Trust me, his is not a 1 star movie. Baby Geniuses was a 1 star movie. However the people that give this a 7 or 8 are also wrong. It assent as well written as the show and they did it include fan favorites like bandit keith or Mai valentine. Overall, it isn't bad, but it is not great.
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Yugioh Pyramid of Light
Rated Vicious Blaise20 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Now I'm a huge Yugioh fan, but when I heard people thought it sucked I was very disappointed, I saw it when I was a little kid and still see it today....I can now see why some people hate the film. The art design good, reminds of a more polished version of the show's art design, the voice acting still a good as usual, some funny scenes but most have dumb references which I don't care about. The plot is a little stiff and duel with Yugi & Kaiba....well it yugioh what do you expect. This ones biggest problem is that there's no character development for the characters. I think Yami is the only one who might have soon sort of development because of Anubis. Overall its not a good film, but it still has a fun appeal for Yugioh fans.
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Flawed, but a pretty good movie adaptation of my favorite anime show
I loved Yugioh the TV series and it's seasons. It's not a masterpiece or anything (due to it's bland voice work and repetitive dialogue), but it was still an entertaining and rousing show that was considered to be always watchable by fans everywhere. So, when I heard that Warner Brothers decided to make a movie adaptation of the show, I became hyped as heck and saw it the same year it came out back at 2004.

I liked that movie when I was a kid and thought it was a masterpiece, but as a young adult, I would rather consider it quite underrated. It's not excellent or anything, but it's still pretty good. It has a decent enough story with a semi-decent premise about the Pyramid of Light and Anubis being released and wanting revenge on Yami Yugi. The main characters, including Yugi Moto and the antagonist Seto Kaiba were OK, but nothing.

However, the only character I liked the best in this movie was Anubis. He was a much darker villain than most non-Disney villains you find in most animated films (Dreamworks Animation, etc.) due to his intent on killing Yami Yugi by any means necessary. However, his character wasn't drawn big enough and only appeared in the climax of the movie.

With the characters aside, there are a few flaws that I might add. The animation has very nice backgrounds and some bright color, but the character animations kind of bothered me and the editing itself was rather choppy. The dialogue is rather poor and and the voice work for the movie is pretty bland for my taste.

With the flaws aside, it did have some great action moments with the monster cards with some English text letters on them (I bet they wanted to really show us what the cards can actually do as they did in real life when we started buying some cards), an awesome new card "Blue Eyes Shining Dragon" and the climax was very decent.

Overall, Yugioh The Movie isn't a great adaptation, but it's not as bad as the critics and fans think it was. I understand if they hated it, but as for me, I would have to recommend this to Yugioh fans.
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Feels like a Pokemon movie.
Walter_Skinner8 August 2011
The Yugioh Movie feels a lot like a Pokemon movie. Both of them are non cannon (I think) boring as hell, and not worth watching. The plot of this movie is wasted. Instead of developing the background of the Pharaoh or giving character development to Kabia the movie is mostly just a duel between Kabia and Yugi (as Little Kurbioh cleverly claimed that's never been done before) while Kabia is actually being used by Anubis (who somehow knows about the Pharaoh) his plan doesn't make a lot of sense. The thing that I'm most disappointed about this movie was just how long the duel between Yugi and Kabia was. I know that they wanted to promote cards for the game but it felt really obvious that they were doing that. Save your money and your time and don't watch this movie (Bonds Beyond Time is way better)
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Not that bad
AgentSniff6 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I was a few years younger, I was a Yu-Gi-Oh fan boy. Now I look back at Yu-Gi-Oh with nostalgia. When I was 12, I liked this movie. It's a movie for the fans, made to sell trading cards. I still play that game and find it as fun as ever.

This film is in short a movie for people who like the Yu-Gi-Oh series, not any one else. The animation is mediocre. Not bad or good. The story? Very standard Yu-Gi-Oh filler story. The villain has no motives what so ever, but that's the case with many children's films. There is actually a nice build up to him, but when he appears it's a disappointment. He has one good line: Soon the worms will feed on your flesh, just as they did on mine.

The acting? Standard.

The music? Super special awesome! They did really put effort into the soundtrack and it shows, or is heard... The songs and the music is very good, and are placed well.

The movie is a spin off of a TV-series based on a manga. The manga, or at least the 7 first volumes are great. It was a very dark story about a bullied teenager named Yugi who got possessed by an ancient Egyptian spirit. The spirit was a sadist with a thing for sick games(if you loosed, you could die), but with a strong sense of right and wrong. There where some good stories and we sometimes meet up with other mystical people with the same "game- powers" as the Spirit. The card game did not appear until volume 2, which was a story that featured a "Magic the Gathering" tribute. In that story the monsters in the cards came to life, a very inventive story. It was quite popular and spawned a follow-up in later volumes. That story was great too, and was about Yugi and his friends being captured by a psychotic child(or rather teen) billionaire named Seto Kaiba who put them in a "Saw-like" labyrinth. The story culminated in a card game between the Yugi and Seto.

The card game became very popular and soon took over the entire series, resulting in the animé which only featured the card game.

If your kid wants to see this film, let him. But don't watch it with him. Because you won't get it, and if I wheren't a fan I wound't either.

But if you like this film or not, you will love Martin Billany's ingenious spoof: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1781955/
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I've never been a fan of the show, and seeing the movie did little to change that perception
TheLittleSongbird12 March 2011
I know I am going to be flamed for this opinion, but I never have been a fan of the show, I found it repetitive and predictable with characters I didn't care for. Yu-Gi-Oh! is not the worst animated movie ever, or the worst movie ever, but I didn't like it very much either.

It does have one outstanding asset, and that was the soundtrack. That is memorable and fits so well with the movie. However, the film is too short and unevenly paced dragging in the not-so-important parts and feeling rushed in the more action-packed moments.

Action wise, Yu-Gi-Oh! comes across as rather generic. There was nothing of big surprise and I just wasn't entertained by it. The animation is flat for me, lacking the ethereal quality in the backgrounds and some of the little details such as the hair was done in an inconsistent way too.

The dialogue is poor, I never found myself moved, amused or amazed by it, and while the concept did intrigue me and there are one or two semi-decent scenes the whole story is predictable and dull and holds no correlation to the show at all.

The characters didn't engage me, even the title character and I found the villain insipid, also there is next to no character development. Then there is the voice acting, which was equally bland across the board.

All in all, I can understand why people like it but sorry it wasn't for me. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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I want my life back
johnkennethbaker25 December 2010
If 4KIDS would finally make a movie I thought I would be on TV, but when I found out this one was released to the cinemas I though it would be good even for a crappy kids anime movie, boy was I wrong.

Pros. (cant think of any)

Cons 1st of all, this is based on a children's anime show, which isn't too good to anyway with, but this was bad to from the start. I actually like the card game, I even play it myself but you would have to have a kid next to you telling you what is going on in there to understand the plot.

In the show the battles take like 5 episodes because they waste time taunting each other and needless flashbacks like this.

Bad Guy: YOU FOOL, this card will when me the game

Bystanders: You can do it Yugi, your the man Yug, blah blah blah

Good Guy: Well I just got a card to prevent that from happening

Bad Guy: Curse You, you an your little... blah blah blah blah

Good Guy: I can see the fear in your eyes, you will loose this duel. Because I... blah blah blah blah blah

And it just keeps going on and on and on. But this is like that for a full movie length. The acting was not cool, and the twist at the beginning was so obvious and predictable, and what they did about that was even more predictable. I bet kids went to see this movie because they gave you free trading cards, but I saw this movie when I was a kid on DVD at a friends house, and being a fan of the card game at the time, I STILL THOUGHT THIS MOVIE WAS BALLS. I you buy this movie for your kids, DO NOT WATCH IT WITH THEN, they may like it but it eye and ear poison to adults.
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It could have been a hell of a lot better.....
dobrien458719 April 2010
Now I grew up with the television show and the trading cards this movie is based on, so I have no problem with the lack of character development. But the thing is, Pokemon the First Movie was better than this.

The story is very predictable and not too interesting either. I mean, it interested me when I first saw it, but keep in mind, I was young, and looking back, the story actually confused me at points. The duals were not that great. Which disappoints me, because most of the episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh were duals! The duals in the movie were either too slow, or too predictable, or just plain boring.

My suggestion to you and anyone who has seen the TV show (not that GX or 5Ds crap) If you must, watch this movie, I mean it was OK, but it was not that great either, you will only get it if you have seen the original TV show.
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Don't wake up until its finished
retard-lyf20 July 2009
What the hell is this piece of crap? This movie is even worse than the TV series, which is pretty crap. If there was a rating for 0, i would have given it. I have many reasons to burn this film. One, what is with that wacky hairstyle, Yugi? It's like he was electrocuted.

Second, the action is so boring. I mean, the monsters played don't even attack properly. The duelist just says "attack" and then the opponents monster is destroyed. That is the lamest attack I've seen in my whole life.

Third, I can't believe how important this stupid card game is to the world according to the movie. "If you don'duel him, the world will be destroyed" blah blah blah, so lame. I swear, Today Tonight's crap makes more sense than this.

Fourth, the characters are so non-lifelike. The Pharaoh does nothing but scream about some random thing. I have never seen the Pharaoh change his expression. He's always angry. Kaiba is meant to be cool. Instead, he's just a wannabe. All the other characters are boring in some way.

Fifth, the plot is historically wrong. Anubis did NOT battle an idiotic fiction 5000 years with holograms of monsters. Anubis looks like an idiot in the movie.

The only good thing about this is the artwork of the monsters. Say for example, Blue Eyes White Dragon. Its art is pretty detailed and it looks pretty cool.

So, if you like YUGIOH, the first step in becoming a master duelist is to chuck your cards away, destroy any DVDs and watch the music video "New Divide" by Linkin Park. Don't watch or play anymore YUGIOh. I am begging you.
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Falls flat compared to the hit TV show, but has some merit
Dragoneyed36326 June 2008
First of all, I will say that this movie at an exception to the show, was terrible. This film just on it's on though, was actually okay. If you did not catch what I meant, compared to the show, this movie is crap because it tries way to hard to be cool and different when it's just not.

All the characters are way less likable. That does not mean it was a terrible movie itself though. It was enjoyable to watch, and even though it definitely was not great, there are far worse than some have let this movie on to be. A lot of anime films like this are getting unfair treatment. Of course you will like it if you are a hardcore fan of the show, cards, games, etc. altogether, but if you do not like Yu-Gi-Oh!, and have not been a fan of it at all, why did you see this movie in the first place?

This film was made for fans and little kids, not just some random people who want to sit down and watch this, because of course they will not have a clue of what is going on. They might not even be able to appreciate it. I am glad this got out of the Bottom 100, because it did not need to be there when it was, but I really do not think it should be considered a great movie on any standards either.
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Not the best Yu-Gi-Oh story ever, but it's not by any means the worst!
simmon4-117 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I understand that animated movies that primarily target a certain fan base are absolutely butchered by critics. Secondly, I believe the logic in that is flawed. No one should criticize this movie unless he or she is a massive Yu-Gi-Oh fan well familiar with the story lines of the TV series and the general rules of the card game. To judge it without that essential knowledge is simply not fair. I enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh, but I would probably have hated this movie if I had went in to see it without any prior background knowledge of the characters, plot lines, and concepts. Now, since I do have a relatively thorough understanding of Yu-Gi-Oh under my belt, I can honestly judge this movie fairly.

I'll be honest. It had a lot of problems that hindered it. One problem was that, for the most part, the entire movie was one big 90 minute duel. Even for the most die-hard of fans, it can be easy to lose one's attention. Little kids may be especially impatient during an extremely long duel. Another con is that I didn't like the bad guy that much. I thought he was sort of boring and two-dimensional. It also, in all honesty, didn't take much to defeat him. I would have liked to have seen Yugi and friends struggle more to defeat the villain. After all, the sweetest victory is the one you have to work hardest for.

But while this movie does have its share of flaws, it is by no means crippled by them. First off, the music rocks! I love Step Up and the Kaiba song. Those songs get stuck on my mind for weeks! Second, the movie does introduce an assortment of new and spectacular monsters that could certainly become fan favorites. Among these new creatures are the Blue-Eyes White Shining Dragon and the Sorcerer of Dark Magic, arguably the best of their class. There was even a little clever humor here and there.

Overall, it's not great, but it is not nearly as bad as some say it is. I have never regretted purchasing it in any way.
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I have never ever given a 1 before....
cavalier2111 May 2007
This movie is so bad it's beyond belief. If you want to watch a 90 minute commercial for YuGiOh, feel free... as if a 90 second one wasn't bad/boring/annoying enough.

Japanese animation, not particularly impressive to begin with, continues its unimpressive reign among lousy movies meant to sell Japanese toys.

How could ANYBODY find this entertaining whatsoever?? Or spend money on this crap??? EVEN seven year olds???? My five year old cousin already thinks YuGiOh is stupid...

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horrible movie!
dsl300118 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an awful waste of time! This is definitely the worst animated movie of all time. If you have played with you-GI-oh cards than this movie has gone too far with it. Yu-GI-oh and some other guy which I can't remember his name. The guy who I don't remember his name. Want's to have a duel with Yu-GI-oh and is to obsessed with winning that he kind of gets carried away with it. When I went to the theater I was wondering was this movie going to be bad or good. when I walked out of the theater I definitely thought this movie was bad! In fact I even felt guilty for picking this awful movie! Though I don't feel super guilty that is only because I have not rented it or bought it. If I rented it I would only feel a little bit more guilty because I won't be stuck with it for a long time. If I bought it I would try to feel like the guiltiest person on earth. Because then I would be stuck with it for a long time. Please do not watch Yu-GI-oh or you will fell as guilty as I do.

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The only thing worse might be cancer.
iamnessie1 January 2007
This movie was absolutely terrible and just plain boring.

If the dictionary were a movie, this would be it. All they do the entire time is explain what each card they're playing with does to their opponent.

i was never a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and this is a good reason not to be. i have no idea how such a dull film could actually be shown in theaters, money maybe? Plain and simple; DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. Do not even let your children see it. You should be arrested for child abuse if you do. No child will enjoy this unless they're a sadist, which i don't know any children who are.
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Let it end!!!!!!!!!!!!
fireswordshield21 December 2006
I was thirty minutes in, when i decided with what few brain cells i had left to end my life. I reached into my coat pocket and felt the reassuring grip of my revolver. I slowly brought it up and into my mouth. I whispered one last goodbye, and pulled the trigger. (click!) N00000000!!!

Yes, watching this movie for more than about thirty minutes is more than enough time for you to decide to buy a gun and end your life. why? well, lets examine the "plot" (a laughable term in this context) A half dozen teenagers get high on PCP while playing cards, and decide to make a movie about it. Essentially a guy decides to destroy the world. the only difference between this plot and billions of others? The entire movie is about a card game!!!! yes, while playing this game, the poorly drawn and hilariously named monsters on the cards come to life (!!!!) in the form of holograms to destroy the world!!! My biggest question about this movie is why do none of the characters simply forgo the dam card game and just shoot the guy in the knees? Does it not occur to anyone in the entire city that it would be far less time consuming (and way less expensive) to just buy a gun as opposed to buying thousands of "booster packs" of cards?
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Turns children's brains into mush...
raveneye_rebk23 September 2006
I finished watching the movie not half an hour ago and I was stunned... I actually tried contacting WB and 4KIDS entertainment to complain.. but.. it's useless...

Although I am only 18 I have noticed severe decreases in children's general knowledge and now I know why: films like "yu-gi-oh"... to elaborate let's begin with a few pieces of info on Anubis... he was the Egyptian god of embalming, and actually a very good guy... "the Lord of the Underworld" is Osiris, another good god... a very good one actually...

We let children watch such movies and then wonder why all they know is playing computer games although they can't read or write properly... I am from Romania, so I can't put it exactly how this kind of entertainment affects American children, o other children in the world, but to put it shortly.. it's like people forgetting who Abraham Lincoln was!
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I walked out, sad to say but it's true
MisterWhiplash29 August 2006
Suddenly this movie came back to me in a flash- of what I tried to watch of it, anyway. At the time I actually saw it in the theater (snuck in of course), hoping maybe that the film might be slightly different from the one-sided approach on the TV show that makes Pokemon look like Miyazaki. I knew that there was also a whole big trading card side to the whole shebang, but that maybe the filmmakers might forgo that for an actual story or at least one or two characters to have some sort of interest in (at least in Pokemon there was the villains out to stop Pikachu and those other kids). After about 30 minutes of the film, I started to get the same sensation I felt having seen Digimon in the theater years before- the sensation of being numbed by over-the-top, hideous displays of anime via lots and lots and lots of battles between characters that I couldn't give a hoot about. So much is invested into making the card-players with their animals fight off incredibly stylish and colorful, which here and there it was, they forgot that they're making a movie.

If it was something just short and small to show at an anime or comic-book convention, fine, but not for 90 minutes! After said 30 minutes, I did a rarity on my part which was to walk out, feeling that even though something was sort of going on with the character of Yugi- going into Egypt for some rare creature to face off or whatever- there wasn't anything really to see more of that I didn't already get bombarded with already. It's got more flashy gimmicks than a magician hopped up on 10 cups of Starbucks, but nothing really goes on that redeems all of this with content. For the fan-boys of the series or the cards or maybe for the most die-hard of (KIDS) anime shows and flicks it might be worth a look, or a glance, though its current status on the IMDb bottom 100 is not really without merit. Pretty disposable as I remember it.
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4Kids has gone too far....
Reptileboy6620 August 2006
I'm sorry but for someone who plays the card game, reads the manga, and watches the Japanese anime of Yugioh, i have to say... 4Kids has gone too f****** far. Sorry. But this whole movie is made of 4Kids crap. they destroyed the anime and now the movie. So many mistakes, so many crap dialog and scenes, too much 4Kids venom. I did not enjoy this movie one bit. At least the Japanese version of this movie made more sense and was actually good. But 4Kids has ruined this movie. Many fans, and the Japanese creators and viewers agree that this was a disgrace. I'm sorry guys but no reason to own this movie. thank god I saw this on TV rather than rent it or buy it. This is simply because 4kids not only ruined the mood and feel of the film but the characters as well. i did not believe one character in this entire movie. Yeah and the PG rating does a lot (sarcasm). Don't waste your time with this one.
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Ugh, give me a break
kittenkagome13 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
All I hear is people from two different extremes. Purist that thinks anything that touches the English language is evil, and people who think this is a kiddy advertising ploy. Both are wrong.

4kids made the movie, keeping in mind it would be in Japanese. Even if they animated the famed 11 minutes, they didn't have to use it in their version. I don't care or not if I see pegasus drinking, or some card swinging their boobs around.

I read from one poster here on IMDb that they (the English and Japanese versions)are two completely different movies. Wrong wrong wrong, oh,and wrong.

I actually have insight into how things are dubbed. Sentences are going to change. Dumb jokes are going to replace cultural jokes that we in the states wouldn't get. I already know some of you are readying to post, saying that I'm tearing apart the essence of all things Japanese. If you hate it sooo much here, please move to Japan so you don't have to worry about it. I'm so annoyed by purists I'm tempted to buy the plane ticket.

As far as the series is concerned, they basically cut out the occasional language, slutty looking cards and Joey, Tristan, and Yugi's tendency to be perverted. Pegasus didn't drink (though anyone with half a brain knew better, they didn't hide it that well) and..thats about it. Don't post nitpicking individual instances, because in the end its going to end up under one of those categories. And none of that "Seto would say this, wouldn't say this, bleh bleh bleh." Yes he would. I know he makes more shots at Yugi in English. I'm over it.

I'll admit 4kids isn't the best people to dub in the world, but they are by no means the monsters that they are usually portrayed as. Except for a few things in season one they did a good job dubbing the Yugioh series, and the movie as well (WHICH THEY HAVE FIRST RIGHTS TO, SORRY!)I'll happily watch my 90 minutes as opposed to 101 and get sleep at night.
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Hardcore fans only.
Janek O'Toole11 July 2006
Okay, here's the deal, if you have been a Yugioh since its very beginning and you have bee in love with all the characters and you've collected the cards and watched all the manga and 4Kids episodes at least twice, you are clearly a blindly faithful fan and you will enjoy the film. If, however, you have enough of your senses to check your watch in frustration, you'll recognize this film for the complete and utter garbage it was.

The plot is chock-full of bizarre inaccuracies (Anubis, the Egyptian God with a dog's head, comes back as a buff blonde sorcerer!) which will leave anyone confused, even those who's knowledge of Egyptian history extends as far as the "The Mummy" series.

Now, I recognize that today, 90% of kids animated movies are pretty cheesy, but almost every phrase out of these characters' mouths are ham-handed references to destiny and believing in yourself and never giving up.

And this is the worst bit: I don't hate this movie because it was based on a cartoon. I have seen the cartoons, both the original Japanese and the 4Kids versions and they weren't nearly as bad as this, hell I thought some of it was really cool. But this movie, like the 'Pokemon' movies and like the 'Mortal Kombat 'and 'Street Fighter' movies, is the extremely unfortunate result of big business trying to cash in on what is ostensibly a current fad before popularity dies. Unfortunately, like all the aforementioned franchises, in retrospect this movie will undoubtedly have done more to kill the franchise than to boost it.
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