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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bursting with smart dialogue, surprising situations and humor that springs from richly imagined characters.
An improbable but hilarious combine of losin'-it comedies and the rarefied, Europhile air of the Cinema du Twee.
A clever and often riotous burst of cynicism that pushes some pretty questionable ideas.
Some tacky animated sequences notwithstanding, Youth in Revolt is smart, cool and frequently hysterical.
One of the secrets of Youth in Revolt is that Nick seems bewildered by his own desires and strategies. He knows how he feels, he knows what he wants, but he'd need a map to get from A to B. It's his self-abasing modesty that makes the movie work. Here, you feel, is a movie character who would find more peace on the radio.
Wall Street Journal
Youth in Revolt is basically an absurdist ramble, but a terrifically likable ramble.
The Hollywood Reporter
The collision of adolescent hormones and parental folly, hardly new cinematic territory, gets a bracing absurdist slant in Youth in Revolt.
It's a bitch telling a coming-of-age story minus clichés and sappiness. So Youth in Revolt, with Michael Cera in his best performance yet, is a small miracle.
Youth's screenplay, by Gustin Nash, is generally witty.
Timing is everything. And Youth in Revolt is late -- arriving not just at the tail end of the star's sell-by date for this particular kind of character, but more importantly at the tail end of the intended audience's attention span for an inconsequential Sundance-y tale of sexual coming-of-age.
While Cera is charming enough to keep us watching, he's never allowed to cut loose -- even though that's supposed to be the whole point of the movie.

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