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Raw can do better than this
kliko40017 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This wasn't a bad PPV but raw could do a bit better in presenting PPV's like this in my opinion.

FIRST MATCH- DUDLEY BOYS VS. LA RESISTANCE & ROB CONWAY IN A 2-3 HANDICAP TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP {It was supposed to be a 6-man tables match with Spike Dudley involved, but he was seriously injured therefore it is a handicap match}. Not a bad opener for Unfrogiven. Dudley Boys overcome the odds & are able to slam all three members of La Resistance to win the match & become new World Tag Team Champions. 4/10

SECOND MATCH- TEST VS. SCOTT STEINER WINNER GETS STACY'S MANAGERAL SERVICES These matches between Test & Steiner for Stacy's Manageral Services are seriously just lame. Test wins after Stacy goes to nail him with a chair but accidentally nails Steiner with the chair. Therefore resulting a 3 count cover by Test as he gets Manageral Services from Stacy much to her shock & disbelief. 2/10

THIRD MATCH- KANE VS. SHANE MCMAHON IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH This match was supposed to be brutal & probably even violent, but to my surprise it wasn't. It was still horrible though, Kane is down & Shane goes right on top of the stage & goes for a leg drop slam from the top but Kane moves as Shane McMahon crashes down through what looks like the stage arena. Shane is down for the 10 count resulting Kane the winner of this match. After the match paramedics come & put Shane in a stretcher & take him to a nearby hospital as Shane is seriously hurt. 4/10

FOURTH MATCH- LITA & TRISH STRATUS VS. MOLLY HOLLY & GAIL KIM This was seriously a good tag team Women's match. You don't see most tag team Diva matches on PPV. This one was really good much to my surprise as I was entertained. Great moves by Trish as Lita gets a Moonsault on Molly Holly for the win. 5/10

FIFTH MATCH- RANDY ORTON W/ RIC FLAIR VS. SHAWN MICHAELS This was also a very good match. Orton & Michaels seriously can put on a very great match together. While the referee can't see, Flair gives Orton brass knuckles who he uses on Michaels to get the win against the Showstopper. 5/10

SIXTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. CHRIS JERICHO VS. Christian IN A TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR THE WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP This is by far the best match of the night. Great athletic moves & kicks by RVD as he is the man of this match. Christian uses his IC title belt & nails RVD with it, then gets a roll-up on him for the win to retain his WWE IC title. 5/10

SEVENTH MATCH- JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER & JIM ROSS VS. AL SNOW & JONATHAN COACHMAN WINNERS GET TO COMMENTATE RAW {There are no commentators for this match, therefore you can hear the crowd reaction very well during this match}. This is a boring tag team match, also a waste of time, why is it on the PPV & not on Raw. Jim Ross is bad at wrestling & he is also bad at commentating. Jericho interferes during the match & nails an Enzeguiri on JR & Lawler, Al Snow covers Jim Ross for the victory as Coach & Al Snow are the commentators of Raw. 2/10

EIGHT MATCH- GOLDBERG VS. TRIPLE H FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP IF GOLDBERG LOSES HE HAS TO RETIRE & LEAVE WWE IF TRIPLE H LOSES BY DQ OR COUNTOUT, THE TITLE THEN CAN CHANGE HANDS GOLDBERG & TRIPLE H CAN ONLY BEAT EACH OTHER BY PINFALL OR SUBMISSION Pretty boring match, & as it it the mainevent. It could of been at least a bit better. Goldberg wins after a Spear followed by a Jackhammer as Goldberg has became the new World Heavyweight Champion & therefore does not have to retire & leave WWE. 3/10

Even though Smackdown is my favorite brand, Raw can seriously do better than this, this wasn't really that much of a good PPV. Although some of the matches were really good.

Overall: I'll give it 6/10 & a D+
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Forgive and forget
gridoon26 October 2005
In chronological order:

1) The Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance and Rob Conway. So lame that even the commentators couldn't keep their attention on it. *1/2

2) Test vs. Scott Steiner. The winner gets Stacy (MY GOODNESS she's perfection) Keibler. If they had Stacy simply standing in the middle of the ring, this would have been a lot more interesting. *1/2

3) Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton (with Ric Flair). A slight improvement over the previous two. A lot of cheating determines the winner in this one. **

4) Gail Kim and Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus and Lita. That's more like it! Faster, better and more energetic than anything before it, with some great moves by Trish. ***

5) Shane McMahon vs. Kane. A "last man standing" match with no disqualifications. Brutal, but slower than molasses. **

6) Christian vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam. Pretty good. RVD seems to be the best wrestler of the three, so most of the time the other two team up to get him out of the way. Some impressive kicks by RVD, and a painful hold by Jericho. An entertaining show. ***

7) Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross (the commentators of this whole PPV!) vs. Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman. The winners will be the commentators on "Raw". Whoever thought this was a good idea for a tag-team match should be shot. *

8) Triple H vs. Goldberg for the WH title. Fair, with some displays of raw power, but not much more than that. **1/2
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