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Stephen Amell wants the Bullet Club to appear in Arrow

After striking up a friendship with wrestler Cody Rhodes following his guest appearance in Arrow as Derek Sampson, actor Stephen Amell made his pro-wrestling debut in 2015, appearing in a tag match alongside Neville as they faced Rhodes’ Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam.

Amell returned to the squared circle last month at a Ring of Honor event, where he became a member of the Bullet Club faction and teamed with Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks to face The Addiction, Flip Gordon and Scorpio Sky. And now it seems he’s hoping to entice his Bullet Club buddies into a guest appearance on The CW’s superhero show.

“I’m trying to get those guys to come out to one of these shows, as a group,” said Amell at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. “I think that would be amazing. Those guys are great. Matt and Nick and Kenny
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Goldberg Teases WWE Return! Eva Marie Suspension Update! | WrestleTalk News

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In this episode of the WrestleTalk News, Goldberg teases his WWE return this Sunday at Summerslam, and an update on Eva Marie’s WWE suspension.

Eva Marie Suspension Update!

Our top story today is about Goldberg teasing his return to WWE, but first, the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, contentiously charismatic, fantastically fascinating, Wellness Policy violating Eva Marie has been suspended by WWE for 30 days.

This came just a day after Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s suspensions were also announced.

We still don’t know what All Red Everything tested positive for, but her husband has been very vocal on Twitter about the suspension:

“When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged. Official statement and facts coming soon.”

The promise of an
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Jeff Hardy Talks WWE Return! Raw’s Brand Split Makeover! | WrestleTalk News

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In this episode of the WrestleTalk News, Jeff Hardy talks about wanting to return to WWE, reports of him behaving strangely at a recent wrestling appearance, and all the changes made to the brand split’s first episode of Monday Night Raw.

Raw’s Brand Split Makeover!

Our top story today is Jeff Hardy’s comments about returning to WWE, but first – it’s a new era. And Raw…was Cor.

The first post-brand split episode of Monday Night Raw aired last night, and the presentation of the show has undergone a massive overhaul. We got a new opening video package, logo, theme music (which is called ‘Enemies’ by Shinedown, if you want to add that to your workout playlist) and set. The stage now has a theatre-like proscenium arch, and – in
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11 Best WWE Title Changes At SummerSlam

SummerSlam is often billed as “The Biggest Party of the Summer,” and Sunday night’s 27th installment was no exception. After a jaw-dropping PPV that saw three titles change hands, a shocking turn and a melee that 20 lumberjacks couldn’t contain, it’s safe to say that anyone who plunked down $9.99 got their money’s worth.

Fans saw the Intercontinental and Divas Championships trade hands in the first two matches, bringing the total number of title changes in SummerSlam’s 27-year history to more than 30. Then the PPV got to the main event and tacked one more massive title change onto the pile. Throughout SummerSlam’s history, some of these matches have been truly memorable affairs – the sight of the new champ hoisting the title high a visual that sticks with fans for years afterward.

These selections are not based solely (or even mainly) on match quality, but
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10 WWE Stars You Never Knew Were Announcers

Not as much lately, but for years, WWE would go through announcers like a hot knife through butter. With how much they value a “TV look,” they’ve tried out a lot of announcers that, for whatever reason, didn’t work out in the long term. A number of low-level announcers came and went, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several months. One example I didn’t include in this list, since he made it on to a pay-per-view event (SummerSlam ’93), was prolific infomercial host Joe Fowler. Maybe it was longer, but it felt like he was gone within weeks, back to selling me wonderful doodads I can’t get in stores.

They also experimented with a number of existing wrestlers and managers as color commentators, interviewers, hosts of the “Event Center” segments, and so on. Just think of some of the higher profile experiments over the
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7 Ways To Make WWE More Exciting

It’s been a tough time in WWE since WrestleMania 30 ended. It happens most years, but not all the time. If you remember last year they did a really good job of continuing some WrestleMania feuds while also creating new ones. It led to some of the best WWE shows of the year up until SummerSlam when things started to go down.

The problem in WWE right now is that the product feels stale. They don’t do anything that exciting anymore. You won’t see a guy riding into an arena on a zamboni to go after his boss the way Steve Austin did. That’s just not how WWE is now. It’s the same thing week after week with heavily scripted segments with dialogue that feels like it is sometimes written for a high school play.

Since there is no Stone Cold or Rock around
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How WWE Plan To Secure Goldberg’s WrestleMania 31 Return

WWE are banking on a major role in WWE 2K15 to kick-start Goldberg’s return, which would ultimately lead to a marquee match at WrestleMania 31.

F4WOnline reports that an announcement of Goldbergs’s involvement in the game could begin around SummerSlam time and it would be a similar path to what Ultimate Warrior took last year.

Warrior was a big part of the WWE 2K14 promotion, which led to him having a big presence in WrestleMania 30′s festivities. The video game serves as an exciting way to reintroduce a legend to the WWE audience, giving the character a sole focus of hype. Goldberg will not only benefit from the hype factor, he will also get a nice financial boost from being the face of 2K15 – he has always been about business and money, hence this deal will be very appealing to him.

Brian Alvarez reports that we
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John Cena Challenges Del Rio on WWE, while Cm Punk Gets Played By Triple H and Nash

So, it’s official. Kevin Nash revealed tonight on WWE Raw that his fellow Kliq member and WWE COO Triple H set up the hit on Cm Punk at Summerslam, costing him the title. According to Big Daddy Cool, Triple H provided him with tickets to SummerSlam. Then, before the main event, The Game texted his friend asking him to “stick” the winner, no matter who it was. “When a friend asks me to do something, I do it… What I did last night Cm Punk was business.” – Nash However, Nash then said that Hhh would not own up to his “business” request. Cm Punk was not happy with Nash’s testimony and showed up in the ring. He then sarcastically told Nash that if Hhh told Nash to jump off a bridge, it would be good for business. Nash said that he could prove that Hhh called the hit
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