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Smart, funny and real...
elispaul2 June 2005
I went to see this movie with my wife and, upon entering the theater, immediately became uncomfortable. There was only one other man at the screening and he was obviously feeling a little out of place as well (although he seemed relieved to see me walk in). I was expecting a teen soap opera, but what the movie delivered was quite different. This movie is more like a modern-times "Little Women" or a teen girl version of "Dead Poets Society". In other words, it's something that I haven't seen any sign of for intelligent drama aimed at teenage girls. My response to seeing this movie was similar to how i felt after seeing "Babe". I know this is an odd comparison, but both were thoughtful, intelligent movies aimed at a target audience that is usually fed cinematic rubbish. The elements of good film-making are on full display here. Strong acting, sure-handled directing, terrific writing....everything that makes a movie great. If you are a teenage girl or have one in your life, this is an absolutely must-see movie. If you don't, you'll still have a good time.
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Seven in Pants, a Ten in Movies
mrgccc35 June 2005
This weekend, for my sisters 16th birthday, I ventured out with my father, mother and of course sister to see a movie. When we arrived at the theater I was briefed on which movie we were going to see, without a doubt thinking it would be some new action packed thriller that my dad, always forced my mom and sister to. I had no clue that we were going to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

The worst part of the movie was forcing myself into a theater where I was one of about 6 guys. The rest of the seats were packed with girls of all ages, older women, teens, mothers, college grads, you name it. One would have thought Brad Pitt was making announcement before the show began. In case you didn't know all girls are obsessed with him, especially the ones who deny it.

Anyways the movie began and before I knew it my eyes were glued to the screen. Next thing I knew I was crying, my mom was crying, my sister was crying, and even my dad was crying. I looked around the room and noticed that every girl was sobbing, and of course you know when your watching an amazing movie when it causes such emotion. When it changes the way you feel and enlightens you in unbelievable ways.

So the moral of the story: All the women out there grab your girlfriends, or better yet your husbands, boyfriends, or whomever and drag them to this film, they will say they'll hate it, but they will love it!
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True to the Feel of the Book
Barbara9 June 2005
We often have expectations that a movie will follow a book to the letter. Due to time limitations, creative ideas, etc. the film makers often need to adjust the story from the book to fit the film. As a lover of both books and film I ask that those who turn a book into a film follow the spirit and the feeling of the book. I believe the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants director and screenwriters did just that.

Basically the book tells the story of 4 teenage girls who are experiencing their first summer apart ever, since they have known each other since birth. Unbelievably, they find a pair of jeans which fits each girl amazingly well, although they have very different body shapes. They take this to mean the pants hold some sort of magic, so promise to send the pants to each other throughout the summer and use it as a way of keeping in touch with each other (thus - the traveling pants). The pants are sent from Tibby (staying at home) to Bridget (in Baja California, Mexico at Soccer camp) to Carmen (with her father in North Carolina) to Lena (visiting her grandparents in Greece).

Three of the story lines are very true to the book, although with slight variations. Tibby's storyline is almost a perfect match to the book, Bridget's is close, and Carmen's is slightly varied showing her in a less mature light than in the book. Lena's story, on the other hand, is told completely in reverse of the book. However, I can understand the need to make this change, as the twists and turns of Lena's story in the book would have been difficult to project onto film. The end result: the girls experience the same issues in the movie as they did in the book, and they change in the way the book indicated. The "feel" of the movie is the same as that in the book.

This film is truly a coming of age story about young high school girls. It is beautifully filmed with lovely scenery from both Greece and Mexico. The actors portraying the young girls are very well cast and match the descriptions from the book. As a librarian, I can tell you that no movie can ever equal the movie you make in your head while you are reading a book. But, this movie is beautiful in its own right, and a lovely story of growing up female and experiencing love, passion, death, and disappointment. The girls learn that the love and friendship they share will help them to get through all the issues of growing up.
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Movie is good, doesn't follow the book
GOPACKGO4 June 2005
My 10 year old daughter and I went to see this yesterday. I haven't read the books, but she has. We had mixed reviews...I enjoyed the movie but Elizabeth was terribly disappointed. She kept whispering "Mom, that's not in the book"..."that didn't happen that way"...and apparently some pretty major discrepancies exist.

Because I didn't have any plot expectations. I thought the movie was well done. The characters were believable, the acting was great, the topics were handled in a manner that was suitable for my pre-teen to watch. The comments I overheard from the other audience members (99% teenage girls at this Friday matinée!) were positive.

My rating is a combination of my score (8 or 9) and her score (4 or 5). So just a word of caution...if you expect the move to follow the book, you may be disappointed.
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You will care for each girl.
jdesando29 May 2005
The only magic realism in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the one, one-size-fits-all pair of jeans worn the four female friends, whose summer adventures bring a dose of realism magical only for the insights into life, the pain and pleasure that come in from age seventeen to the end. As a coming-of-age film, this ranks with the best of them for non-condescending, adult-like perceptions, with nary a "like" in the girls' vocabulary.

Two of these lifelong chums have summer romances that transcend the usual sun and sand trifles; the other two deal with even more substantial challenges, ones that involve connecting with family or friends after years of disconnection. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants offers no easy solutions to questions about openness, sexuality, parental neglect, and death. Rather each girl has an epiphany that grows naturally out of the frustrations accompanying inexperience and immaturity.

Love on a Greek island while riding a scooter like Audrey Hepburn through the streets of Rome demands confronting the intrusions of family reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet; love on a beach in Mexico unleashes longing for a parent that goes beyond a beautiful boy; a new life for a parent means the death of an old one for a child; and teen alienation turns to acceptance and even love through the magic of a new friend.

None of these realistic setups for teen enlightenment can make an engaging film unless the actresses are believable, and in Sisterhood each young woman carries her role with deftness and sincerity sometimes not found in the most seasoned actresses. Special recognition should be given to Jenna Boyd as 12-year old Bailey, who believably transforms one teen from misogynist to humanist. This little actress has the chops to win the Oscar someday.

The ten rules of the sisterhood are dominated by the logistical one that states, "You must pass the pants along to your sisters according to the specifications set down by the Sisterhood." FedEx does the delivery; the girls supply the specific adventures that echo the anguish and resilience of being a teen in a society that sometimes doesn't care. You will care for each girl; I guarantee it as if it were a pair of Levis, sturdy and malleable, sexy and comfortable. Come to think of it—that's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
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Why, as a 24 year old girl, I LOVED this film...
leilapostgrad4 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Please don't let this horribly cheesy title keep you away from this cinematic treasure! Writing this review two days after see the movie, and I'm still crying. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the kind of title that evokes Disney Channel movies staring Mickey Mouse Club members (or worse, Hillary Duff), but I swear to you that this movie is so much more. I was in tears from beginning to end as I saw my own insecurities and fears addressed in each one of these characters.

First, there\'s CARMEN (America Ferrera), the writer, the Puerto Rican, the "curvey" one (I HATE that word), and the one who spends the summer with her father and his new family. Carmen's weight issues and "absentee father" issues hit home to me. In fact, the first tears I shed in this movie came at the moment that Carmen drives up to her father's house and learns that he is getting remarried... to a women he lives with... whom Carmen had never met, nor even heard of before. I learned only a few months ago, over the phone no less, that my father was remarried, and it's still not something he's talked to me about. Carmen uses the magical "traveling pants" to get the courage to finally tell her father how sad she is and how much he's hurt her, and this was the point in the movie that had me BALLING.

Lena (Alexis Bledel) is the soft-spoken and shy beauty who spends the summer with her grandparents in Greece. I definitely relate to Lena in her… what's the word… modesty. She doesn't wear revealing clothes, she's not open to new love, and she has an overall fear of intimacy. With the help of \"the pants\", she meets a beautiful Greek man named Kostas (Michael Rady) and learns to let love it.

Bridget (Blake Lively) is the tall, blond, and extremely confidant soccer star who spends the summer in Baja California, Mexico, at a soccer camp, where she spends most of her time trying to seduce her soccer coach Eric (Mike Vogel). She's also still grieving the loss of her mother who killed herself. For most of the film, I felt no connection to Bridget at all (tall, blond, and athletic, I am not). But it eventually hit me. Bridget's persistent pursuit of Eric and her determination to excel at soccer are her means of hiding from her pain. Her main motivation in life is to numb the pain of her mother's death. Who can't relate to that? Tibby's (Amber Tamblyn) storyline is the most surprising. I didn't expect to be so moved. Tibby is stuck at home for the summer, working at a Walgreens-like drugstore, filming a documentary (or as she calls it, a "suckumentary"), and generally hating life and humanity while her friends travel around the world. The traveling pants are accidentally sent to the wrong address, and a little girl named Bailey (Jenna Boyd) finds them and returns them to Tibby. Bailey is intrigued by Tibby's "suckumentary" and volunteers to help with the film. Though she annoys Tibby at first, Bailey turns out to be extremely soulful and has a real gift for discovering each person's humanity and connecting to anyone. This little girl single-handedly steals the movie, and Jenna Boyd is gifted beyond her years.

This is NOT a chick flick, this isn't a teeny-pop film, and there's NO Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan anywhere in sight. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about the fears and insecurities that all young people feel as they enter adulthood, boys and girls. We all have to deal with our bodies, with our parents, with love, and with death, and this film deals with all of these issues with honesty, sensitivity, and maturity. And most importantly, this movie reinstates the fact that none of us has to deal with these issues alone.
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a Truly Moving Picture
tollini31 May 2005
I saw this film in Indianapolis in early May before the official theatrical release. I am one of the judges for the Heartland Film Festival that screens films for their Truly Moving Picture Award. A Truly Moving Picture "...explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life." Heartland gave that award to this film.

The sisterhood consists of four teenage girls. And each of the girls are special. They are each intelligent and introspective. And they take the important things in their lives in a mature, serious way. These important things include their personal lives, their personal development, their families, and the history of their families.

And the sisterhood is special too. Not because of the "trick" of the one pair of pants fitting four physically different girls, but because the girls care for each other and supply support for each other in a mature way that takes most of us decades to learn. They are there for each other for no ulterior motive. They help each other because there is a goodness and wisdom and healthiness in helping another human being.

The four girls are equals in this movie. Not only are they equal in terms of their importance to each other, but also in time in front of the camera. This is not a star vehicle for one of these young actresses. Their relationship is the star of this movie.

FYI - There is a Truly Moving Picture web site where there is a listing of past winners going back 70 years.
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Breaking the trend.
Josh_Molinero21 May 2005
Originally I had to read this book as part of my job reviewing fiction that is aimed at teens through young adults. The most recent trend I've noticed is the current uprise in books that talk about the real B****es of the high school world. The sex scandals, the drug busts, the foul mouthed youth...I'm only twenty and books like these have me saying "What's with those kids today" This book wasn't about that. It was about something really admirable that I would hope to read more of, an honest friendship. Plus it was well written to the point I was *EAGER* to finish it. (A note to those who haven't read...the audio book is one of the best read I've heard in ages and is worse the listen, it has the same actress as the initial trailer announcer) So I became a fan of the book and have been following this movie ever since, and as a fan I have to say that their are elements I would have liked to see in the movie, but the cut (or at least the cut at the screening) was lengthy but appropriate and did the best I think they could have to capture the book.

The real heart of this movie though is between the chemistry of the main actresses. Most of them are playing parts a good five to six years under their actual age, and yes they don't all fit the images I had in the book...but it's what they present that shows off. I think it's the added and personal experience these girls have had to go through in real life, mostly from age and experience that helps them to really develop these characters. I admire these girls friendships and connections, and at the same time I envy them...and even further on, it's seems a little too hopeful for it's own good. The world would be a better place if people could hold on like these girls do, through thick and thin, death and marriage.

Still, this movie is an excellent movie for teen audiences, and it has a lot more depth than recent fluffbits based on novels and old stories (See Ice Princess, A Cinderella Story, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, etc.) It also has enough older audience humor to relate to all ages, but not to the dark (albeit a twisted sort of way) point of popular hits such as Meangirls. Personally I think it would have done better to have been released around mothers day as it's a movie definitely targeted at the female group. Mom''ll like this, because it's not quite to the sappy point of the notebook and retains a lot of good-natured humor. (at the same time you may not because it does discuss some teen issues...and it might insight conversations with the offspring) As a guy though...I still think it was pretty damn funny, in a heartfelt sort of way.
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pghpunk113 November 2005
I want my two hours back! I'm a married man who somewhat prides himself on actually liking what is commonly known as the "chick-flick". i've always been a sucker for the "boy meets girl, girl teases boy, boy goes nuts trying to capture the heart of girl" tales. films recently such as "the notebook" really captured me while watching them. but this film - it's a mess. it's amateur. it's painful to watch. cheesy over dramatization of the leading characters is embarrassing. line's such as "the pant's did perform a miracle... they brought me to you" are waaaaay to cliché for my tastes. even my wife hated it. her exact quote after sitting through the flick was "feel free to destroy that DVD". if my penny pinching wife is willing to toss out a $19.95 DVD, that should tell you something.
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Great Movie...
StarWarsRcksMyWrld3 June 2005
You know how sometimes when you go to the movies and you wonder if the movie you are seeing will be worth your money? Well, this movie was definitely worth my money and maybe even more so. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" was a great movie, quite possibly one of the best that will come out this year because of--among other things--the friendship it upholds, and I highly recommend it. There should be more movies out there like this, that show that no matter what, your friends truly matter. This movie teaches us that we should make sure that we have friendships like the sisterhood, and if we don't, we should do everything in our power to make all of our relationships with others stronger to last through anything that could happen.
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Gionnij6 May 2005
This movie seems to have spunk, mixed in with drama and comedy. For anyone who reads the books, this movie will probably not disappoint you. With a great cast, this is the perfect chick flick for anyone who feels like laughing, crying, or to just have a good movie experience. It is also the perfect date movie. For any couple who just feels like seeing a great movie to sit back and to great ready to laugh and cry. This movie is also a perfect combination of comedy and drama as well as a perfect movie to see with a bunch of friends. See this movie on a free Saturday. Grab the popcorn, the soda, and the candy. Get ready for a fun movie experience that will surely not disappoint, only enlighten. So everyone, if there is one movie you must see, make sure this movie is at the top of your list.
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Interesting adaptation
bluemidnight13 May 2005
For starters, i have to admit that i'm 21 and really enjoy the books (all 3 of them). Because of that i was pretty excited to see the film, even though i know it couldn't live up to the book. Sadly, i was correct.

The acting was actually quite good, as was the casting. The only character i didn't like the casting choice, regardless of the fact that she did a fine job, was Tibby. Tibby, in the book, is described as small, meek, and undeveloped. She didn't look/act that way, really.

The stories themselves were decent. Carmen and Bridget's were almost dead on (minus the fact that they left out a vital scene in the end of Bridget's). Tibby's pretty accurate, but they left out a whole lot. Lena's was completely changed, which i didn't understand why they did.

It's a teen chick flick so you expect insane cheesy moments. And the film is full of them. The soundtrack was horrible, in my opinion, making the film even more ridiculous at times. There were laugh out loud parts that probably shouldn't have been that funny.

I think if you're a 12-15 year old girl, this movie is great for you (or if you like teen chick flicks). It covers the crucial topics addressed in the book, but lacks the depth Brashares originally had. I suggest seeing it just to see it, but don't expect too much.

Also, if you're a guy, stay away. There were maximum 10 guys in the theatre when i saw it and each one looked 1/2 dead in the end.
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Very Bad
babyangel_maria26 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I would just like you all to know that you should read the book before the movie. "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" is a horrible movie but a good book. i agree with pghpunk1 "the pants did perform a miracle they brought me to you" is one of the most cheesiest things I've every heard , how could you get luck out of a pair of stinking pants ?! "wow they fit all of us lets all wear them and never wash them!" and i also agree with teonanacatl where Carmen asked god to bless the pants thats really disgraceful. Well i would love to stay here and chat about this crappy movie but i have better things to do. PS: have you noticed there are more people who liked this movie then hated it , thats what really pisses me off the most.
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Trebline21 June 2005
Anyone else feel the need for some nachos to go with all that cheese? I felt like this movie was just one giant rip off of now and then... with a few scenes from titanic and any combination of lifetime movies thrown into the mix.

Even though I'm not a fan of 'chick flicks' i felt this movie could have some potential. Apparently i was wrong. The majority of the movie was predictable... plot line to the actual spoken lines.

In the movies defense however, the acting was pretty good, although, i not sure any amount of convincing acting can make up for the gushy-ness of the overall film.
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A beautiful movie
Ginger8712 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" was a truly enlightening movie. I saw it in theaters last weekend with my mom and my sister. It was a beautiful movie that I immediately fell in love with.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" told the story of four friends: Lena, Bridget, Tibby, and Carmen. They have been friends for their entire lives and never been separated. Now when they are teenagers for the first time in their lives, they are going there separate ways. Before they separated they discovered a pair of pants that fit them all. They decided to share the pair of pants during the summer and each experience the 'magic' of the pants.

Overall this was a really good movie and everyone should see it. I give this movie 10/10 stars.
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Endearing accounts of four girl friends - how their friendships endured and enriched one memorable summer by the sharing of a pair of jeans
Besides the fascinating documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom," another worthy attraction that probably got 'buried' by the Hollywood summer blockbusters is director Ken Kwapis film, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," based on the novel by Ann Brashares.

It is a cleverly edited, heart-warming travelogue/diary of four good friends during their first summer apart after graduation. America Ferrera (fantastic in "Real Women Have Curves" 2002) as Carmen, Alexis Bledel as Lena, Blake Lively as Bridget, Amber Tamblyn as Tibby, who ran into young Bailey - portrayed by Jenna Boyd (brilliant in director Ron Howard's "The Missing" 2003 opposite Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood and Tommy Lee Jones). There are life lessons from watching the different experiences each of them goes through - new places, new faces, new emotions that each of them encounters/discovers in their segments. The link between each of their summer adventures/activities is a pair of jeans they 'sworn' to share.

What a novel idea to present the various aspects of growing young women: Lena's Greek adventure spending with distant relatives and meeting Kostos, turned into a mini-version of Romeo and Juliet with family feud (verbal/non-verbal arguments vs. physical conflicts). Blake's energetic sporting camp environment with new companions eventually forces her to break out of her 'façade' of bravado behavior and the truth of parental longing surfaces. Carmen's journey raises emotional havoc as she struggles with the unexpected event of her father re-marrying, having to deal with new family members vs. her wish of spending quality time alone with Dad. Tibby may be doing nothing exotic or literal travels, but staying in hometown, working at the Mart, with the surprised 'intrusion' by Bailey the precocious 12 year old becoming her self-invited video assistant, somehow provided enriched life lessons. Unanticipated, the four friends bonded deeper and helped each other through stumbling hurdles, maturing expansively this one memorable summer.

I enjoyed this film better than the 1995 "Now and Then," a movie also about four girlfriends, with two sets of known actresses: Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffmann and Ashleigh Aston Moore as the young Rosie O'Donnell, Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore and Rita Wilson. "Traveling Pants," even though with budding young actresses, provided more in-depth emotional journeys, life wisdom, and picturesque romantic Greece for added value. This may be more of a 'girly' film, but certainly a family entertainment (likened to Disney quality productions like "The Parent Trap").

Also highly recommend a similar theme of five girlfriends (actually three plus a pair of twin sisters) film in Korean, written-directed by Jae-Eun Jeong, "Take Care of My Cat" 2001. It has a more gritty approach, included tough scenarios/facts of life to each girl's family background influences, the trials and tribulations of keeping up friendships fresh out of school. Heart-wrenching at times yet the youthful energy retained, the hopes and dreams, little romances and arguments, along with their (pager/email) cell phones constantly ringing/reaching for 'connections.'
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philsadvns23 July 2008
I feel like this kind of movie is what is wrong with our country, and the world in general. It reinforces the idea that everything will work out for every teenage girl, if only they can find a pair of jeans that makes their ass look good. I almost can't believe the materialistic nature and despicable social values portrayed in this movie. The producers, director, and entire cast should be publicly lynched and have their corpses used to fill in speed bumps. Furthermore, I am disgusted at the overwhelming popularity this movie has seen at the box office and since. I suppose over all, this is about the worst movie I can ever imagine being made, the biggest problem is that you can tell that people who like it and the people who made it, honestly believe this kind of garbage. This kind of movie is what drives young girls to become anorexic and cut themselves every time a new "Teen People" comes out. Shame.
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A Sweet Tale of Friendship, Love and Loss
Claudio Carvalho21 December 2008
Tibby Tomko-Rollins (Amber Tamblyn), Lena Kaligaris (Alexis Bledel), Carmen Lowell (America Ferrera) and Bridget Vreeland (Blake Lively) are best friends since they were children. In the beginning of their summer vacations, they find a pair of jeans that fits each one of them perfectly; they decide to share the pants as a magic symbol of their friendship and form a sisterhood with a manifesto of ten rules. Bridget travels to a soccer camp in Mexico and she has a crush on the coach Eric (Mike Vogel), who is older than she. Lena visits her family in Greece and has a crush on the local fisherman Kostas (Michael Rady) and finds that there is a feud between their families. Carmen travels to South Caroline to spend the vacation with her father and she finds that he will marry the divorced Lydia Rodman (Nancy Travis). Tibby stays in town working in a department store to raise money to buy new equipment for her documentary and is befriended by the twelve year old Bailey (Jenna Boyd) that is very ill. After their vacations, they grow-up and their friendship remains solid as never.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is a sweet tale of friendship, love and loss of four girlfriends. I saw the good sequel in a flight two days ago, and both movies are great. The chemistry among Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera and Blake Lively is amazing and they really seem to be close friends. The movie is delightful, the performances of the actresses are fantastic, but I particularly liked the dramatic and never corny relationship between Tibby and Bailey. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Quatro Amigas e um Jeans Viajante" ("Four Friends and a Traveling Jeans")
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Nice actresses in coming of age movie
SnoopyStyle8 June 2014
Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Lena (Alexis Bledel), Carmen (America Ferrera), and Bridget (Blake Lively) are lifelong friends from birth. They find a second-hand pair of jeans that magically fit them all. They are separating for the summer but vows to stay connected by sharing the magic pants. Lena has a Greek holiday with her Greek relatives. Bridget misses her dead mom and is away at soccer camp. Carmen is meeting up with her dad (Bradley Whitford) but he surprises her with a wedding to girlfriend (Nancy Travis). Tibby is stuck working the summer and finds Bailey (Jenna Boyd) passed out in the aisle.

The biggest fundamental problem for this movie is that the girls spend most of the movie apart. The point of these types of movies is for the group to develop chemistry together. This one assumes the chemistry and split the girls up. There is a reason why the best story is Tibby and Bailey. They are actually allowed to build up a relationship. Lena's story probably the weakest. It's way too light like a frivolous Greek holiday movie. The biggest asset in the movie are the four girls plus Jenna Boyd. They are all charming. They are all compelling actresses. Each one has something to contribute to the movie. The best scenes occur when the girls have a heart felt one on one. All in all, this is a sweet melodrama.
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Be aware, it's a chick-flick!
Boba_Fett11385 August 2008
It must be really hard to make a chick-flick. Take a couple of young female leads, some strong and some insecure characters, throw in a couple of love stories, preferably one about a forbidden and/or impossible love, some personal problems and death and you have basically all the ingredients you need. But then again, all genres are of course more or less like this. Throw in a couple of scares in a horror movie, some explosions in an action flick, etcetera. You just either dig a genre or you just don't. Chick-flicks are obviously just not my thing.

Of course chick-flicks are more or less all the same, because they feature all of the usual ingredients, which I just mentioned. The movie also knows this, so it tries to throw in an original concept about a pair of pants that travels between 4 different befriended owners, who are spending their summer holiday for the first time away from each other. To me this whole pants thing just felt like an excuse to connect all of the 4 different stories within the movie, which are focusing on the 4 main characters.

Basically when you put 4 episodes of a random similar American TV-series in a row, you'll have a movie just like this. The story features all of the- and as much drama as you could expect.

Still the movie is not an horrible one and yet is also knows to become an original one with its approach and story, which in my opinion is mostly due to the leading actresses of the movie. They give the movie some life and emotion. It's also no coincidence that these actresses are leading ones in some successful TV-series, of which some got launched after this movie, while others already had a successful television career prior to this movie. They are also acting well with each other in this movie, which makes them look convincing as a group who has been friends since childhood. I especially liked Alexis Bledel very natural seeming acting style for this movie, even though normally I'm not a too big fan of her acting skills in many other things. Basically credit needs to go to all of the leading actresses but lets also not forget the young Jenna Boyd, who is a child-star that isn't annoying for a change and can also really act, as she proofs in this movie, with a very difficult and hard to play role at such a young age (She was only around 12 at the time of this movie.).

Thing with chick-flicks or most romantic movies for that matter, is that they pretend to be just like life and realistic with its story and approach but of course life as portrayed in these sort of movies just isn't true. You could say that the movie are 'falsy-realistic'. But apparently this is just a thing to seems to attract (teenage)woman, making these sort of movies and this movie in particular also a perfectly watchable one for them.

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Dark_Angel_20062024 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK look. My name is Fraya, 16, and like i have read all 3 books by Ann Brashares. and i fell in love with them. Now don't get me wrong the movie was great and ya i know the movie wasn't going to be like the book cuz it would be to long. but ya know, you didn't have to totally change it. In the beginning they were suppose to be at Carmens cuz they were all getting ready to leave for the summer. and second when Carmen goes to he dads it is suppose to rain... and Lidia wasn't suppose to come out. they were suppose to walk up to the house and he dad was suppose to say something like honey we are home.. and then... Lenas grandparents are suppose to Love Kostos, not hate him. he was suppose to be like a grandson to them.... god... it made me so0o0o0o mad. but it was good. i watch it all the time.. but you totally ruined the whole point of the book.. it just bothered me thats all... Loves, Fraya
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a good little movie
lannychuck9 June 2005
Saw this movie with wife and two grand daughters. I was the only male in the audience--but, hey, there were only four people in the theater. And I think this is too bad. While I suppose this is a teenage chick flick, I thought it transcended most of that genre in that the main characters were intelligent, genuine human beings and not MTV stereotypes. The four actresses were up to the material and were able to convey their characters' strengths and weaknesses effectively. I also appreciated (as a male) that the young men in the film were shown as caring and decent--not just "dreamboats", funny sidekicks, or sex-crazed drunken frat boys--the other male stereotypes in so many films aimed at teens. This is a movie I think most females can relate to and that most mature viewers could enjoy except, maybe, for the guys who are still in arrested development and think that the only good movie is one where people and things get blown up or otherwise destroyed. And, hey, I like those movies too when they have a good script and good direction.
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Great book, but the movie left out/changed important plot points.
Whats_Updog4 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' is a great book. In the movie, Lena is portrayed by Alexis Bledel (of 'Gilmore Girls'), Carmen by America Ferrera (of 'Real Women Have Curves'), Tibby by Amber Tamblyn (of 'Joan of Arcadia') and Bridget by newcomer Blake Lively. These four girls have been best friends since before they were born and have never been apart, until the summer after their sophomore year of high school, when they're 15 going on 16. Carmen, expecting to have a great summer with her dad, begins to feel invisible when she finds out that he's engaged to a rich woman with two perfect blonde children. Lena goes to Greece and meets a boy. Bridget goes to an all-girls summer soccer camp and seduces one of the male coaches. And Tibby, left at home, gets a job and meets a girl who teaches her a valuable lesson.

The reason I give the movie a 7 is because they changed too much of the plot for my liking. First of all, Bridget has a twin brother named Perry. Lena was born first of them all, not Bridget. Lena's grandparents try to set Lena up with Kostos, but in the movie, Lena's family and Kostos's family hate each other, making Lena's love a forbidden one. Lena also has a sister named Effie. A minor thing is that Tibby has a two-year-old brother and a one-year-old sister in the book, not a four-year-old sister and a one-year-old brother. However, the one that gets me the most of the storyline for Lena.

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Movie review
swimmerfan19851 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was good although I wish they didn't change Lena plot so much. Some people are complaining that the guys aren't good looking but once you see the movie you will disagree!!! I really think that they screenwriters should kept a bit more things that had to do with Lena. Her and Kostos' families are fighting so they aren't supposed to be with each other. That was definitely not in the book. They also forgot about Tibby's hamster which to me sort of defined her. Other than that the movie was good and they kept with the book. I read the book a while ago but I do believe they changed Bridget's story the smallest bit. They actresses played very well. Each actress did put parts of herself in but it worked very well.
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Good movie, didn't stray far from book.
Livana9 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie at a screening way back in November, in Phoenix, with my mother. I had gotten her to read the book before we saw it, and we both enjoyed it, so when we heard about the screening, we jumped at the chance to go.

The movie is about four friends: Carmen, Tibby, Lena, and Bridget. They've been friends since even before birth, as their mothers took Lamaze classes or something like that together. Throughout the movie, there are flashbacks to when they were little kids. The movie takes place in the summer, the first one they've really spent apart. Before they take off in different directions, they discover a pair of jeans that magically fit each of them perfectly. They decide to send the pants to each other on and off throughout the summer. Carmen goes to visit her divorced (or so she thinks) father, Tibby makes a documentary, Lena visits her family in Greece, and Bridget goes to a soccer camp in Mexico.

Big things happen to each of them over the summer. Carmen finds out that her dad is engaged a woman with two kids who's opposite to her mom: white, southern, and kinda bland. After spending some time with them, she freaks out and leaves. Tibby thinks she's going to be bored to death working at Walmans, even if she does film everything, but when she meets a dying girl, her summer isn't so boring after all. Lena almost drowns while sketching on the docks in Greece, but then she falls in love with her savior, who unfortunately her family hates. Bridget makes a big mistake at her soccer camp when she goes after a coach too strongly, and he responds, leaving her to regret her decision. But by the end of the movie, everything is all right, and the girls have come together again at Carmen's father's wedding.

All of the acting in this movie was great. Some of the story lines and characters in the book were changed, sometimes actually making the movie better. I would recommend this to a friend.

8 out of 10 stars.
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