The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

pants vacation
jeans friendship
sisterhood soccer
mexico greece
time summer vacation
south carolina love
friendship between girls blue hair
white panties mediterranean
mortality paramedic
stars siren
greyhound bus jogging
ambulance drawing
stretcher candle
video camera coffin
priest stage
pianist funeral
wedding gown pregnancy
cemetery ballerina
aerobics class bride
photograph airliner
pet dog remote control
video cassette puerto rican
watching tv greek island
nightclub bra
tears headphones
computer death
mailman windmill
maid church
bedridden music band
department store clerk cruise ship
babysitting loss of virginity
voice over narration kitchen
family relationships clumsiness
childhood friend death of a child
teen movie teenage girl in underwear
teenage girl in swimwear swimming in underwear
sports bra girl in bra and panties
cleavage teen angst
summer job self discovery
ensemble film death of parent
adolescent friendship between women
panties coming of age
terminal illness tailor
supermarket summer camp
string quartet soccer player
soccer match soccer coach
sleep over singing in a car
sick child party
motor scooter mother daughter relationship
loss of mother loss of loved one
loss of friend little girl
letter latina
island life group of friends
green hair goodbye
fishing boat first love
first kiss female artist
family feud donkey
dancing cigarette smoking
bus ride boyfriend girlfriend relationship
beach american abroad
wedding ceremony tennis
teenage girl wedding
leukemia hospital
filmmaking filmmaker
documentary footage documentary filmmaking
documentary crew dating
blonde airport
young filmmaker trousers
teenager father daughter relationship
based on novel

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