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Wonderfully Encapsulating

Author: James Alex Neve from London, UK
21 February 2006

The Movies was the first game I had played in years that had me giggling at the computer monitor with ardent glee. I was fascinated by it, and could hardly get going as a player, because I was so perplexed by just how unique it is. In a time where Hollywood is struggling with ideas and music is manufacturing pop idols after pop idols for destitute cover versions, it's great to know the gaming industry comes up trumps with things like this, when it gets constantly criticised for ripping off the film industry.

There's so much to do. As the producer of your studio you must hire actors, extras, writers, crewmen and directors to film your movies. And builders, janitors and Scientists to help upkeep your studio. The music played throughout very nicely suits whichever decade you are playing in, be it the jazzy 30s or the rockin' 60s. The PA is wonderfully ironic. Early days you here a man frowning upon the movie industry, as he was once on the stage, don't you know. In the 50s it is at it's most hilarious with a Joe McCarthy style anti-communist paranoia. Little touches like this are what give "The Movies" it's genius. But the real genius lies in the film making. I was just sitting there wondering how on earth we had got to this. It's so much fun. And really funny. There are obvious problems, but I'm sure they'll be tended to in the inevitable sequels. The main problem with the game is it'll probably take over your life. I can't remember the last time I went to sleep.

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Movie Making Magic!

Author: Walt_Jr_is_Retarded from United States
15 January 2007

Yes you can make your own movies. Yes there are limitations. There are two main aspects of this game.

1. Making movies 2. Running a movie studio "The Sims" style

1. Making movies. This part of the game is the best in my opinion. You have total control over the movie making process. You pick your actors and customize their clothes, names, hairstyles, makeup, body type, facial hair, and much more. You then can begin creating your movie. You pick the sets (which range from a beach, city streets, alien planets, westerns, war movies) and then you can customize the sets in case you want to add a coat hanger in the room or a set of chairs. Then you chose from hundreds of scenes to put in your movie (some as small as a person looking to the left, some as big as a western cowboy shootout). you pick which actors you want to be in every scene. you can also change their clothes or look for every scene. there are romantic scenes, fight scenes, funny scenes... you get to chose. when you are finished, you then go to "post production" on your movie. you can add music to your movies (the game provides sample music and you can upload your own as well), you can cut scenes for length (in case a fight scene is lasting too long, you can edit the length of each scene. you can add in sound effects which the game provides. finally you can put your finished movie online or just export it to your computer in windows media viewer format to show your friends. you have 99% total control over the movie.

2. the studio. i don't use this part too much. you can chose to either build up your studio from the ground up... hiring actors, directors, building sets, trying to win awards in the game, budget your money, etc. for people like me who just want to make movies, there is an option where your studio is already built and you have tons of money and don't have to worry about your actor's mood swings (like in The Sims).

overall i give it a 9/10. i take only 1 point off because there is no blood (the game might report blood, but the only blood in the game is on a costume where the blood is splattered on the front)

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An amazing achievement in the realm of videogames.

Author: MrX2848 from United States
5 November 2006

This game is brilliant. In addition to having incredibly deep movie and star-making engines, this game features a historically accurate (and quite funny) satire on American history in the form of radio announcers. I might only like this game because I'm a total film buff, but I've wanted this game since it was first released, and it has barely disappointed me (I wish you could put the camera ANYWHERE you wanted. That would be awesome). Now, it is common knowledge among gamers (especially subscribers of "Electronic Gaming Monthly") that film critic Roger Ebert doesn't see video games as a form of art. I like and respect Ebert, and I'm not so sure whether games are a form of art or not myself, but I'd like to see what he thinks about this game. It's probably as close to art as a game can get.

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A Fun Game with Some Flaws

Author: Jack Sessna from United States
7 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Movies was a game that seemed so interesting to me. I've been trying to make machinamas since I could figure out a computer. With this game, Lionhead Studios gives you the power to sit in the directors chair and direct your own films. Hire people to write scripts, or make your own with the Custom Scriptwriter. Make feature-length movies, include your own cast and give them make-overs, names, and put them in your movies.

CONCEPT - 10/10 - An Awesome concept for a game. It really is a wanna-be director's wet dream, excuse the terminology.

GRAPHICS - 8/10 - The graphics are semi-par. Not the best, but not the worst. Think The Sims. People are well designed, you can see stubble on male faces and the hair on people's heads have strands instead of being one plop on bushy hair. Movie props are a bit boxy, especially the cars. But, nothing to really complain about.

INTERACTIVITY - 7/10 - While they do give you the chance to make your own movie, the scenes are mostly compiled of pre-animated sets instead of custom animation, which makes movie creation a little odd and editing especially difficult. But you learn to get used to it and you can make wonderful movies. If all else fails, you could make the most ridiculous movie every compiled of random out-of-place scenes.

SOUND - 9/10 - Some of the sound is brilliant, while other songs are a little annoying. The radio DJ's that pop up every once in a blue moon are semi-humorous and crack a few funny ones.

OVERALL - 8/10 - As for the game itself, it's an awesome idea with some minor flaws. I can't wait for the sequel.

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Fun but doomed to become repetitive

Author: petra_ste
6 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have mixed feelings about this game. On one hand it's an easy, relatively powerful movie-making tool and allows players to make films of many genres, like action, western, war, horror, sci-fi. But it becomes repetitive - once you've made a couple of movies for genre (which is, admittedly, fun), you'll find yourself using the same scenes over and over again.

How does the movie-making tool work? First you pick a set among those available; then you choose a possible scene, for example one with characters shooting at each other; then you make secondary choices about the sequence (how people die, which props and costumes are used…); finally, you assign actors to the roles. Assemble enough scenes together and you get a movie; you can even dub it.

Making your first films is entertaining. The limit inherent in this system is its lack of flexibility: once you have used, say, all possible ways in which a monster kills a character (let's say five-six scenes, each one with three-four relevant variations), your horror movies will start to look identical; when you have tried all possible duels, your westerns will become repetitive, and so on. Sure, you can have rain or fog, different hats and guns, but the scene will be more or less the same, no matter how you play with editing.

Still, The Movies - and its expansion Stunts & Effects, which introduces new sets, scenes and a major tool, the Free Cam (to choose camera movements) - is enjoyable for a while.


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The Best Movie-Making Sim around!!!

Author: Climinator from United Kingdom
6 March 2013

Got this on Christmas day 2005 and the expansion pack, Stunts & Effects, six months later. This came out after years of delays and was well worth the wait. I like many others still play this game today and don't feel it has aged one bit.

Gameplay-wise it allows you to not just create movies (upon unlocking the custom script-writing office) but you can also take control of actors mood-swings, wages, drinking and food problems in the campaign mode. However you can tweak these options in sandbox mode if you want to just go straight into making movies. A great touch is that every once in a while the game hosts it's own Oscars ceremony (campaign mode only). The only downside is that the developer's website, The Movies Online, is now kaput because of not enough users. Netherless the game is still excellent in single player mode. Escpecially good as it's at a cheap price with it's Stunts & Effects pack. I highly recommend it.

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fun creative game

Author: illusiongalway
23 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excellent game every time I watch anything about Hollywood I remember playing the movies,great Sim,love training my actors % actresses and building new studio lots.very addictive & fun game,the movie making is really good adding your own audio is very fun also and adds a touch of creativity to the game which others don't have.achievements and awards(Oscars) keep you pushing your actors % actresses to improve so you can unlock new items,such as plastic surgery and PR,plop a script or movie into the PR office for it to get publicity and thus boost it's income,you can also plop your characters into the PR shop to boost their popularity.Other features include stunt training if you buy the expansion.this helps your actors become better at doing their own stunts in movies this game will give you plenty of fun for years like it has for me and many others. :)

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Best program ever!

Author: andrew eyre (andrewjaulewraed) from United States
11 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This in my opinion has to be one of the greatest computer tools ever made and it is not a "video game" like the idiots who control this website think it is. it is far more than a "game" and with modding tools and such you can make even better movies it may be a "game" in normal mode but in sandbox it's mostly just having fun (especially when you know how to mod)it can be frustrating sometimes but it is very fun and is a great thing to spend time on anyway it's a great program and certainly is one the most creative entertaining fun funny great fantastic and complex programs of all time! 10stars! it's great it's fun and it is not a "video game"

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A great game about the movies industry!

Author: Destroyr3 from Greece
3 February 2008

It is one of the very few attempts where a game is about the movies industry. The game is very detailed, and it represents the whole movie making process very well. It is very accurate concerning the movies history and the technology used in your movies fits in the era you are. I really enjoyed the idea of a radio station broadcasting the news and giving you information about the movies industry.

However, it is not so simple, and it might take you some time to play the game without difficulties. You will have to take care of many things at the same time, such as movie making, lot maintenance, taking care of your stars etc. The competition also, during the award ceremonies is tough, and you'll have to be tolerant in order to achieve your goals.

There is also the choice of making your very own movie. In fact, you must chose carefully scenes that are relevant. You can not chose a standard plot and work on it, however, you can work on ready movies and improve them. You can also add soundtrack and other sounds, as well as subtitles. It is a good attempts that gives the player the chance to make his own movie, but if you think you can create something like "Lord of the Rings" or "Godfather", you'll be a bit disappointed.

To conclude, it is a great game that everyone should play, especially Sim game and movies lovers.

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The Movies: Stunts and Effects: Expansion Pack... Wow!!!

Author: Bradboy1029 from United States
13 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, who ever has played The Movies original game and you have not tried it yet. Either borrow it, buy a copy. This is tons much better than the original game.

You may think it is a brand new game, but the only way you can play it is if you bought the original because it is an expansion pack. It is just giving you more choices to choose from then the original. You can either start in like in the original game, or do a quick start, which has you able to start in 1960, which is when you are able to start with all the effects. Or if you go to sand box, and go over year 1960, you will have more stuff and all the stunts things will be set immediately for you.

It is a whole lot better. You can have buildings blow up, cars blow up. Heck, you can have people blow up. You can have stunt men and a hospital for the injured. Stunt man or not. You can have movies like Godzilla with the miniature city set. You can have blue screens, or green screens. And tons and tons and tons more for you to choose for.

This game is a whole lot of fun, you have so much stuff. It is just so cool. The game-play is a lot better. The sets are better. And Heck, the expansion pack is better.

A whole lot more. So get the game soon. It is definitely worth it.

Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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